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Transmigrated as a Scumbag in a Post-Apocalyptic Novel – chapter 2

These people didn’t dare to speak loudly anymore, but they all started to gather around Brother Qiang, waiting to see the joke of this family of three.

After all, Jiang Yanxin was quite beautiful, and everyone wanted a piece of the pie.

Seeing everyone gather around, Zhang Qiang nodded in satisfaction and slightly raised his head to say to Chen Wan, “Have you thought it through? If you let your wife follow me, you won’t have to go out searching for supplies anymore. I guarantee you’ll live happily here every day.”

As if remembering something, Zhang Qiang turned to Jiang Yanxin and said, “Your alpha has given you to me. I don’t like forcing people, but if you leave here, it won’t take ten minutes before you and your daughter become zombie food. Jiang Yanxin, you’re a smart person. Think carefully about your body and your daughter’s life.”

“Brother Qiang, I… I have something to say,” Chen Wan stammered, cold sweat dripping down her face.

“What is it? Speak,” Zhang Qiang didn’t really want to talk to Chen Wan, thinking she was just a useless piece of trash.

“I want to take them and leave. If we really can’t make it, we’ll come back, and Yanxin can’t blame me for giving her away,” Chen Wan said timidly.

As soon as she finished speaking, everyone in the hall burst into laughter.

“Chen Wan, are you crazy? Going out in the middle of the night to become zombie snacks? That’s hilarious,” the bald man laughed so hard he almost choked.

The green-haired man chimed in, “With your weakling appearance, who can you protect? Just hand your wife over to Brother Qiang already, enough with the nonsense.”

He said this while trying to grab Chen Wan.

Chen Wan quickly took two steps back, squatted down, and covered her head.

Zhang Qiang was amused by her cowardly behavior and waved his hand to stop the green-haired man from touching Chen Wan.

“You want to protect them and leave here? Interesting. I don’t like forcing people. I’ll make sure you willingly send your wife to my bed.”

Zhang Qiang chuckled as he looked at Chen Wan, who was still squatting on the ground.

He took a sip of tea and said slowly, “Fine, I’ll let you go. Not only will I let the three of you go, but I’ll also give you an axe. I want your wife to see what kind of person you are. Even with a weapon in hand, you’re still a coward.”

“Brother Qiang, how can you give her a weapon?”

The bald man was clearly anxious upon hearing that Jiang Yanxin was leaving.

He still hoped to have a chance with her.

Zhang Qiang glanced at the bald man, who immediately shut his mouth and didn’t dare to say anything more.

“What are you afraid of?”

Zhang Qiang clearly didn’t take Chen Wan seriously.

Instead, he treated this as an amusing game and continued, “But I have a condition. If you agree to give Jiang Yanxin to me now, I’ll take her to the bedroom right away. But if you get scared and come back later, you’ll have to carry Jiang Yanxin to my bed yourself.”

Chen Wan struggled to get up from the ground, but her legs were so weak that she fell back down.

Seeing her timid appearance, everyone around burst into laughter.

“With your cowardly look, you can’t even stand up, let alone go out. It’s hilarious,” the bald man laughed so hard he was almost out of breath.

He couldn’t understand how Chen Wan dared to say these things to Zhang Qiang.

“Exactly, I think it’s more reliable for you to just carry Jiang Yanxin to Brother Qiang’s room,” the green-haired man echoed.

“You overestimate her. Look at her weakling appearance. Does she look like she can carry Jiang Yanxin?”

a beta named Dongzi said disdainfully.

On the contrary, the few female alphas nearby didn’t say anything, nor did they add insult to injury like the male alphas.

If their strength wasn’t on par with ordinary male betas, they might have been at the mercy of others by now.

Chen Wan acted as if she didn’t hear the mocking around her and mumbled, “Thank you, Brother Qiang. Thank you, Brother Qiang. So, if I take the axe, I can take them away?”

“Dongzi, give her an axe. Go on.”

Zhang Qiang was already eager to start the game, especially thinking about how Chen Wan and the others would come back begging him later.

The thought made Zhang Qiang feel excited all over.

Chen Wan barely managed to stand up by supporting herself on the ground.

She reached out to pull Jiang Yanxin, but Jiang Yanxin shook her off.

Jiang Yanxin didn’t know what Chen Wan was up to.

After all, this person could even disregard the life and death of a child.

But going out was an opportunity.

Even if they ended up being torn apart by zombies with the child, it was better than living in this suffocating environment.

With this in mind, Jiang Yanxin gritted her teeth and followed Chen Wan.

Chen Wan shakily took a rusty axe from Dongzi’s hand.

Dongzi looked at her with disdain, thinking she was the biggest joke in the world.

Chen Wan forced a pale smile and thanked Dongzi, then hurriedly walked out of the hall first.

After the family of three left, Zhang Qiang chuckled and asked the Omega named Sun Yuejie beside him to refill his tea.

He tapped his fingers lightly on the sofa and said with a smile, “Before this tea gets cold, they’ll definitely come back begging me.”

“Of course, Brother Qiang. You always know what’s going to happen. You’re the best at this.”

The bald man immediately flattered him.

Zhang Qiang couldn’t be bothered with them.

He picked up a book and said to his subordinates, “Alright, you guys continue playing your cards. They’ll be back within two or three rounds, and that’s when the real fun begins. Chen Wan is so useless, you might as well have her for fun. If the alphas don’t want to play with her because of conflicting pheromones, you betas can still have her. After all, she’s a woman and not bad-looking.”

As soon as Zhang Qiang finished speaking, the eyes of several male betas, who usually didn’t get a chance with women, lit up.

Normally, the women Zhang Qiang got tired of were first given to the alphas.

After the alphas were done, most of the women were already dead, so it never got to them.

Female alphas had similar strength to them, or even stronger, so they couldn’t do anything to them…

Now that Zhang Qiang had spoken, how could they not be happy?

The atmosphere in the hall heated up, and no one worried that Chen Wan and Jiang Yanxin would disappear.

They were all certain the three of them would be back begging within ten minutes.

After the three of them left the lit building, they were met with endless darkness outside.

The once prosperous city was now a dead silence.

Chen Wan tightened her grip on the axe in her right hand, planning to first lead Jiang Yanxin and the child away from the building.

The system, which had been silent, suddenly spoke in Chen Wan’s mind with a mechanical voice, “Host, you did well. Please keep it up.”

“Say something useful, or shut up.”

Chen Wan didn’t dare let herself get distracted.

While dealing with the system in her mind, she grabbed Jiang Yanxin’s arm with her left hand and walked into the vast darkness.

“Let go of me.”

Jiang Yanxin, holding the child, couldn’t easily free her arm.

Chen Wan turned her face.

In the faint moonlight, she could only see a bit of Jiang Yanxin’s outline.

Her voice, which had been timid in the building, now sounded clear and firm, “If you don’t want to die, follow me quickly.”

For a moment, Jiang Yanxin was stunned and involuntarily followed Chen Wan for quite a distance before realizing it.

But what was the use of breaking free from Chen Wan?

She was holding a child and had nothing to defend herself with.

How could she survive?

Jiang Yanxin felt only despair.

At least Chen Wan had an axe.

Following her might delay death a bit, or maybe she would really deliver her to Zhang Qiang’s bed.

Jiang Yanxin’s heart had long turned cold.

In such an environment, living cleanly for one more day was a gift from heaven.

Seeing that Chen Wan was genuinely angry, the system hurriedly said in her mind, “The RV system’s initial setting can scan for dangers within a twenty-meter radius. But since the host hasn’t bound the RV yet, it can only scan for dangerous people or things within a ten-meter radius centered on the host.”

“Then what are you waiting for? Hurry up.”

Chen Wan urged in her mind.

She tried to walk in one direction.

In the distance, there seemed to be a building, barely visible in the moonlight.

Chen Wan thought of finding a place to rest first and dealing with other matters later.

After all, encountering zombies in such an open area at night would be a dead end.

They had made little noise along the way and hadn’t encountered any zombies.

Just as they continued forward, Chen Wan saw a red light flashing in her mind to her left front.

She whispered to Jiang Yanxin, “Cover the child’s mouth and don’t scream. There’s a zombie ahead.”

The planet R2 had only been in an apocalyptic state for three months, so the zombies weren’t as terrifying as Chen Wan had imagined.

The zombie moved slowly, shuffling towards the three of them.

Through the system scan in her mind, Chen Wan could clearly see the distance between herself and the zombie, as well as its exact location.

After instructing Jiang Yanxin, she noticed the zombie was still eight meters away.

Chen Wan didn’t want to waste too much time.

If Zhang Qiang realized she hadn’t returned with Jiang Yanxin for a while, he would definitely send someone to look for them.

In such an open area, it was too easy to be discovered.

Instead of waiting for the zombie to come closer, she walked towards it.

Just as the zombie reached out to grab her, Chen Wan swung her axe at its neck.

She knew the structure of the human body and where to strike to sever it more easily.

With the force of inertia, she decapitated the zombie in one swift motion.

As soon as she beheaded the zombie, a mechanical voice from the system echoed in her mind: “Congratulations to the host for obtaining a Level 1 Zombie Crystal Core. It can be used for subsequent RV upgrades and modifications, or consumed to enhance the physical fitness of ordinary people. The system has automatically acquired it.”

Chen Wan didn’t dare to linger, but from the system’s report, she understood that the crystal core would be very useful to her in the future.

Jiang Yanxin, on the other hand, was a bit stunned.

She had just bitten her lip hard to keep from screaming and was still covering the little one’s mouth.

Normally, Chen Wan would be terrified at the sight of a zombie’s leg, so how could she have gone over to chop one down?

While Jiang Yanxin was in a daze, Chen Wan had already returned.

Seeing the little one standing on the ground with a look of surprise, Chen Wan bent down and picked her up.

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Transmigrated as a Scumbag in a Post-Apocalyptic Novel

Transmigrated as a Scumbag in a Post-Apocalyptic Novel

Score 9.8
Status: Ongoing Type: Native Language: chinese
Chen Wan wakes up to find herself transmigrated into a dog-blood post-apocalyptic novel, becoming a scumbag with the same name who gave her wife to others to play with and suffocated her child because she thought the child was a burden. In the original book, Chen Wan had no abilities. To please the team leader and secure a way to survive, she willingly gave her wife to several alphas in the team to play with. She also thought the child was a burden and suffocated the child while her wife, Jiang Yanxin, was away. This scene was witnessed by the heroine, Jiang Yanxin. Later, Jiang Yanxin escaped from this insane team, met her destined alpha Wei Siyu, and together they avenged those who had humiliated Jiang Yanxin, cutting the original Chen Wan into hundreds of pieces and feeding them to zombies. Chen Wan: I definitely won't be a scumbag! Fortunately, in her previous life, Chen Wan was a member of a female special forces team, so her skills and physical abilities are top-notch. Plus, she inexplicably gains an RV upgrade system. In the apocalypse, she leads her child and the heroine to hoard supplies and avoid zombies, living quite a flavorful life. During this process, Chen Wan also regains the trust of Jiang Yanxin and the child...


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