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Transmigrated as a Scumbag in a Post-Apocalyptic Novel – chapter 1

When Chen Wan woke up, she felt a dull pain in her head.

She had only stayed up a bit late last night, so why did her head feel like it had been split open?

She forced herself to endure the discomfort and opened her eyes, only to find herself in a simple and unfamiliar room.

The room was empty, without even a bed, and there were even mottled bloodstains on the walls.

Chen Wan glanced around and saw a woman holding a child in the corner of the room.

Even though Chen Wan had seen a lot in her life, she had never experienced something like this—waking up in a different place?

She closed her eyes again, trying to calm herself down.

She counted to ten in her mind, and then a strange voice echoed in her head.

“Welcome, host, to the RV Upgrade System. The system is now running. Would you like to bind to this system?”

As the mechanical voice sounded, two buttons appeared in Chen Wan’s mind: “Yes” and “No.”

In her previous life, Chen Wan was a member of a female special forces team, with sharp skills and a calm mind.

Although everything now was beyond her understanding, she tried to stay calm and used her finger in the void to press “No.”

After all, having a system suddenly appear in her mind felt off.

Chen Wan pressed “No” several times, only to find that it was just a decoration that couldn’t be pressed.

She then used her finger to press “Yes,” and the cheerful mechanical voice of the system sounded again: “Congratulations, host, for successfully binding to the system. System No. 111 is now at your service.”

Chen Wan almost laughed in anger.

Wasn’t this a scam?

If she could only choose “Yes,” why bother with two buttons?

The system seemed to realize its shamelessness and awkwardly cleared its throat before speaking: “Host, you died of sudden shock due to staying up late. Because your mental strength exceeded 99% of ordinary people, you were chosen by the Cosmic Bookstore to become a character in the book ‘I Rely on the RV System to Dominate the Apocalypse.’ Since the original author went off-topic, the book did not mention the RV system, so you will modify the main plot. The content of the plot is not important; what matters is highlighting the importance of the RV system. You will also gain a second life in the book.”

“So, I basically got a free life. What’s my identity now? Are there any tasks I need to complete?”

Chen Wan asked, wanting to understand her current situation.

“Well, there’s no time to explain. In short, you are a scumbag Alpha here. The woman and child in the corner are your wife and daughter.”

After saying this, the system’s voice abruptly stopped, replaced by a loud knocking on the door.

Chen Wan’s headache had mostly subsided.

As soon as she stood up, she saw the woman in the corner staring at her intently, with the child in her arms looking at her with red-rimmed eyes.

Chen Wan wanted to check on the mother and daughter, but the knocking was too loud.

She decided to open the door first.

She didn’t know anything yet, only that she was a scumbag Alpha?

But what did that even mean?

“Tsk, Chen Wan, why did it take you so long? What were you doing with your wife in the room?”

The bald man gave Chen Wan a lewd smile, his gaze drifting past her to the woman in the corner.

Chen Wan smiled without saying a word, subtly shifting her position to block the bald man’s view.

“I just woke up. I got up in a hurry and felt a bit dizzy. My head still hurts.”

“You must have drunk too much last night. Why don’t I have your luck? If I had a pretty wife like yours, I’d be set for life, even if I had to give her to Brother Qiang after getting tired of her.”

The bald man gave Chen Wan a knowing smile.

Chen Wan kept smiling, but inside, she was in turmoil.

This bald guy said she had a wife?

Was this world so advanced that same-sex marriage was legal?

But she had been a straight woman in the special forces in her previous life, never having been in a relationship!

She didn’t know the bald man’s name, so she suppressed her thoughts and responded with a light laugh, “Is there something you need?”

“Oh, Brother Qiang wants you and your family to go to the hall on the first floor. He wants an answer now.”

The bald man looked at Chen Wan with disdain and continued, “Hurry up. Brother Qiang doesn’t like to be kept waiting.”

“Alright, we’ll be down in a moment.”

Chen Wan replied, her mind racing.

From what the bald man had said, Chen Wan had a rough idea of the situation.

The original owner of this body likely wanted to give her wife away in exchange for a better life.

They were on the second floor, and escaping through the window would be easy for Chen Wan.

But taking the woman and her child with her was impractical.

It seemed she couldn’t use force; she needed to go down and assess the situation first.

With that in mind, Chen Wan turned back to the room and said to the mother and daughter, “Let’s go downstairs first. I’ll carry the child.”

The woman in the corner clutched her child tightly, not letting Chen Wan touch her.

She gritted her teeth and said, “I can’t believe you would actually do this, Chen Wan. I’m still your wife, and you want to give me away?”

“I have no intention of giving you away. Let’s go down and see what’s going on first. I promise I won’t hurt you or the child.”

Chen Wan tried to sound as gentle as possible.

The woman’s already pale face turned even more ashen at Chen Wan’s words.

“Ha, Chen Wan, you’re just a worthless scumbag who sells out their wife. I hate you.”

After cursing, the woman picked up her child and walked downstairs with unsteady steps.

Chen Wan glanced at the woman’s thin back and quickly followed her.

The first-floor hall was chaotic, with several alphas slumped in chairs playing cards, surrounded by a crowd of betas watching the commotion.

On the sofa at the front of the hall sat a refined-looking man, slowly flipping through a book.

Two Omegas sat beside him, occasionally serving him tea.

As soon as Chen Wan and the woman holding the child descended the stairs, the hall fell silent for a moment.

The alphas playing cards whistled lewdly at the woman, their eyes brazenly appraising her.

Chen Wan rubbed her thumb against the base of her index finger, feeling her fists clench.

However, she maintained a calm exterior, even managing a slight smile.

In her previous life, she had been a special forces operative who had carried out numerous missions, and her mental fortitude was far beyond that of ordinary people.

The woman seemed unfazed by their reactions, glaring at them fiercely.

The bald man from earlier noticed Chen Wan and the others coming down and chuckled, saying to Chen Wan, “Finally down? Brother Qiang has been waiting for a while. Go on over.”

A green-haired man beside the bald one glanced at Chen Wan with disdain and loudly said to the alphas playing cards, “How can a useless person like her have an Omega like Jiang Yanxin? What a waste of Jiang Yanxin.”

“Well, it’s not a total waste. Once Brother Qiang gets tired of her, Jiang Yanxin will be everyone’s wife. Then we can all have a turn with her. Just don’t play too rough, or she won’t last long,” the bald man said with a lewd smile, causing the alphas to burst into laughter.

These people clearly didn’t take Chen Wan seriously.

They openly fantasized about the woman in front of her, making Chen Wan clench her right fist tighter.

However, she couldn’t act rashly.

Despite her combat experience from her previous life, her current body’s physical condition was poor.

She might handle two or three people, but taking on everyone in the hall would surely end her second life.

She followed the woman to the man sitting on the sofa.

The man, whether genuinely reading or just pretending to be refined, didn’t look at Chen Wan and the others until they had stood in front of him for a full ten minutes.

Only then did he finish the page, place the book on the coffee table, and look at them with an air of superiority.

During those ten minutes, Chen Wan tried to act as timid and submissive as the original owner of her body, not daring to look at the man.

Jiang Yanxin looked at Chen Wan with disdain.

Their relationship had never been good.

After having their child, they had lived apart due to work.

Jiang Yanxin knew Chen Wan had someone she liked outside, and they were planning to divorce.

However, before they could finalize the process, a sudden mutation on their R2 planet caused a massive zombie outbreak.

Within months, the planet was in chaos.

At that time, Jiang Yanxin happened to be with Chen Wan, and they had been fleeing with their daughter ever since.

Initially, Chen Wan would share the food she found with Jiang Yanxin and their daughter.

Later, she started eating most of it herself, leaving only scraps for them.

A month ago, while searching for food, they encountered Brother Qiang’s group.

Brother Qiang insisted they join his team, treating them well at first with food and drink.

But soon, his true intentions emerged, wanting Jiang Yanxin for himself.

At that time, Chen Wan still had some conscience left and refused Brother Qiang’s demand.

Since then, their situation had been worse than that of dogs.

Unable to bear the hardship, Chen Wan eventually went to Brother Qiang, returning to persuade Jiang Yanxin for ten days straight, using both threats and bribes.

During this time, she even considered abandoning their child, but Jiang Yanxin always managed to stop her.

In this broken world, an ordinary Omega like Jiang Yanxin had little chance of survival, especially with a three-year-old child.

She knew that if she died, her daughter’s fate would be sealed.

For her daughter’s sake, she had to endure and survive.

The man looked at Chen Wan and the others with a mocking gaze, finally fixing his eyes on Jiang Yanxin with an inscrutable smile.

The Omega beside the man stood up and shouted to the noisy hall, “Brother Qiang is about to speak. Quiet down, everyone.”

Sure enough, as soon as the Omega finished speaking, the previously noisy hall fell silent.

The reason was simple: not long ago, a male beta had been chatting during one of Brother Qiang’s speeches, and both he and his companion had been thrown to the zombies.

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Transmigrated as a Scumbag in a Post-Apocalyptic Novel

Transmigrated as a Scumbag in a Post-Apocalyptic Novel

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Status: Ongoing Type: Native Language: chinese
Chen Wan wakes up to find herself transmigrated into a dog-blood post-apocalyptic novel, becoming a scumbag with the same name who gave her wife to others to play with and suffocated her child because she thought the child was a burden. In the original book, Chen Wan had no abilities. To please the team leader and secure a way to survive, she willingly gave her wife to several alphas in the team to play with. She also thought the child was a burden and suffocated the child while her wife, Jiang Yanxin, was away. This scene was witnessed by the heroine, Jiang Yanxin. Later, Jiang Yanxin escaped from this insane team, met her destined alpha Wei Siyu, and together they avenged those who had humiliated Jiang Yanxin, cutting the original Chen Wan into hundreds of pieces and feeding them to zombies. Chen Wan: I definitely won't be a scumbag! Fortunately, in her previous life, Chen Wan was a member of a female special forces team, so her skills and physical abilities are top-notch. Plus, she inexplicably gains an RV upgrade system. In the apocalypse, she leads her child and the heroine to hoard supplies and avoid zombies, living quite a flavorful life. During this process, Chen Wan also regains the trust of Jiang Yanxin and the child...


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