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I became a villainess and was pestered by beautiful girls – chapter 4

[Option 1: Push Elder Linghua down and engage in unspeakable activities.]

[Success rate: 1%, reward: Upgraded Ten Thousand Swords Body, failure: instant death.]

[The Upgraded Ten Thousand Swords Body not only allows one to master all sword techniques and comprehend all spiritual swords, but also enables them to unleash their effects up to 200%.]

To be honest, this option is very cost-effective.

The success rate of pushing down a Qi Refining cultivator is 1%, and the success rate of pushing down a Nascent Soul cultivator is also 1%.

If we cancel out the same characters, doesn’t it mean that we have gained a Nascent Soul cultivator for free? Isn’t this a huge profit?

Even a mere Foundation Building disciple still has a 1% chance of pushing down a Nascent Soul expert…

I should seriously consider whether this is the only opportunity in my life.

[Option 2: Slap Elder Linghua and angrily rebuke, “You, who only knows about eating and being lazy, dare to comment on me?”]

[Success rate: 10%, reward: One Perfect Healing Pill, failure: no reward, 90% chance of receiving ten slaps in return.]

[The Perfect Healing Pill is one of the strongest pills in the Foundation Building stage, capable of allowing a person to advance to the ninth level of Foundation Building within three months.]

Finally, it’s not a damn 90% success rate anymore.

Xuanling Sect’s Senior Sister’s character should be “scheming and cunning,” so she wouldn’t do something as outrageous as “slapping an elder” unless necessary.

Normally, she would indirectly retaliate against the elder by reporting to the sect leader.

Although there have been some changes in the options, this doesn’t seem too good either.

[Option 3]

Seriously, I hope it’s not calling her a little pig again… Xuanling Sect already has enough pigs!

[Crossing my arms and glancing at Linghua, saying to her, “Hmph, woman!”]

[Success rate: 100%, reward: “A pillow that can help people sleep peacefully.”]

“Are you okay?”

Seeing Tang Xin remain silent, Elder Linghua asked in a somewhat strange tone, “Hmph, woman.” The girl replied, “Hmm,” seeing Tang Xin in this posture, speaking to herself in this tone, Elder Linghua nodded in satisfaction. “The taste is right, this is the way you should be.”

“Well, now that you’ve returned to normal,” she said seriously, “let’s talk about business.” “Su Ling is my disciple. Are you oppressing her, harassing her, bullying her… because you look down on me?” As she spoke, a power far surpassing that of a Foundation Building cultivator burst forth from Elder Linghua’s body.

“I know you are highly regarded by the Sect Master,” Linghua said calmly, “but before you choose to bully someone, it’s best to think carefully, understand?” The classic “protecting the calf” plot appeared, one of the reasons why Tang Xin and Su Ling became enemies! Before this, Tang Xin only found Su Ling somewhat annoying, and the most she did was dirty her clothes, spill her food, and send her to sweep the mountain. But after being threatened by Elder Qi, annoyance turned into “hostility,” and the way Tang Xin was treated became even more severe.

The animosity between the two deepened, and in the end, they could not reconcile and became mortal enemies. Of course, the result was naturally in favor of Su Ling, who stood on the side of “justice” and ultimately emerged victorious… “Then please ask Su Ling not to come looking for me in the future,” Tang Xin said. She couldn’t wait to have no relationship with the future Sword God, so she wouldn’t be stabbed to death with a sword. “Hmm…?” Elder Linghua raised her willow eyebrows. Why is it different from what she expected? According to this guy’s personality, shouldn’t she have said a few harsh words and then left, going to the Sect Master to report? Something’s not right, very wrong.

What does it mean to not go find her? Is it implying that this time is forgiven, but if it happens again, we will completely tear our faces apart?

With her personality, there’s no need to be so subtle, right?

As an elder who has seen and experienced a lot, I can’t believe I can’t understand the meaning behind my disciple’s words!

This little guy is even more formidable than I thought? No wonder she dares to mock me, a Nascent Soul cultivator.

An interesting girl…

“Well,” she said in a deep voice, “Su Ling has her own thoughts, and I won’t interfere in this matter.”

Hmph, women…

Coming down from the peak where the seventh elder resides, back to the main mountain gate, Tang Xin heard a commotion in the nearby training ground.

“You, who hasn’t made any progress in three years, dare to defy our senior sister!”

“If I were you, I would have hidden on the quiet peak and never come down!”

“Trash, trash!”

This conversation…

Several inner disciples at the Qi Refining advanced stage surrounded a girl with a ponytail, constantly insulting her with their words.

It’s Su Ling, and from the conversation, it seems that those disciples surrounding her are from the same faction as me.

Conflicts between disciples are normal within the sect, so unless things escalate, the elders generally won’t intervene. Behavior like Linghua’s is actually quite unusual.

If disciples are dissatisfied, they can apply to the martial arena to settle their differences and earn respect through strength.

These guys don’t know how to speak without setting flags for themselves, huh? Aren’t they just asking to be beaten and cry for their parents in three months?

Although I don’t want to have too much contact with the protagonist, I still have to take care of this kind of thing.


Tang Xin opened her mouth and deliberately waited for a while.

There are no more options this time, right? Can I speak normally now?

“Release that girl!”


[Options generating…]

[Option 1: Unbutton Su Ling’s clothes from behind, making her feel embarrassed.]

[Success rate: 1%, reward: an ancient secret book. Failure will result in being counter-killed.]

[Option 2: Kick Su Ling from behind, making her crawl on the ground.]

[Success rate: 90%, reward: a high-grade spiritual weapon. Failure will result in no reward, with a 10% chance of having the dantian shattered by a punch.]

[Option 3: Embrace Su Ling’s waist from behind with one hand and say, “This is my little pig, only I can bully her.”]

[Success rate: 99%, reward: a ‘scented sachet that can help people sleep peacefully’. Failure will result in no reward, with a 1% chance of getting the opponent’s vomit on oneself.]


Tang Xin walked forward and embraced the girl’s waist from behind, expressionless and without hesitation.

“This is my little pig, only I can bully her.”

The training ground instantly fell silent.

After a while.

“You…you….you villain! I will definitely defeat you!”

Su Ling screamed in agony, broke free from her restraints, and disappeared in a flash.

The several inner disciples still had dumbfounded expressions.

“What are you looking at?” Tang Xin’s face turned cold. “Why aren’t you doing what you should be doing!”

Several people hurriedly left the scene, one after another…

“Sister Senior is truly wicked!” “This is the best way to play pranks!” “Compared to Sister Senior, we are just innocent little lambs!”


Senior Sister from Xuanling Sect also revealed a sinister (painful) smile today.

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I became a villainess and was pestered by beautiful girls

I became a villainess and was pestered by beautiful girls

Score 9.7
Status: Ongoing Type: Native Language: chinese
After crossing over and becoming the Xuanling Sect's "badass" senior sister Tang Xin, she wanted to make a good relationship with the beautiful female protagonist, the future sword god of the Nine Provinces, Su Ling, but she was forced by the system to continue to be an "evil person"... ...Eh, something's wrong, why does she like me more the more when I scold her? Why are there more and more beautiful girls around me?!


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