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I became a villainess and was pestered by beautiful girls – chapter 3

Option 1: Push Fang Ling down in front of everyone and do something unspeakable.

Success rate: 1%, reward: Desire Spirit Body. Failure will result in being counter-killed.

The Desire Spirit Body is a talent stronger than the Hidden Yuan Sword Body. After obtaining it, the cultivation speed will increase tenfold!

Why is the first option always something like this, and the reward is even higher than pushing Su Ling down… Is it because this thing challenges the limit of shame? After being completely shameless, you can obtain a talent stronger than the protagonist?

If I were a gambler, I might actually try it!

But I don’t have such a hobby…

Option 2: Slap Fang Ling in front of everyone and scold, “Useless, can’t even handle such a small matter!”

Success rate: 90%, reward: a bottle of Qi Returning Pill. Failure will result in no reward, with a 10% chance of being slapped back.

Enough, the next option should be a normal one, right?

Option 3: Say to Fang Ling in front of everyone, “You are a little pig.”

Success rate: 99%, reward: a lollipop. Failure will result in no reward, with a 1% chance of being spat on.

Isn’t this the same as the previous options! Can’t we have something new and interesting!

“You are a little pig.”

She patted Fang Ling’s shoulder.


The inner disciples in their hearts were first stunned, then shocked, and then puzzled after hearing the words “Master Sister who does all evil”. Is there any direct connection between not completing the task and being called a little pig?

Wait, could this be some kind of secret code? Like “you’re on your own” or “you’re doomed” or “come to my room tonight”?

Tang Senior Sister’s words and actions always have a hidden meaning, so if any words sound vague, it means she has already planned a series of steps behind it!

Seeing Senior Sister coming, the disciples in charge of building the arena no longer dared to be lazy. Without saying a word, they accelerated their speed.

Xuanling Sect is a sect mainly composed of female cultivators. Building an arena takes time, so it’s not fair to blame Fang Ling for not supervising well enough.

Of course, in the eyes of the “Evil Senior Sister,” this is unacceptable…

【Main quest completed, reward: close combat technique “Five Elements Fist.”】

“Tang Senior Sister,” Fang Ling lowered her head and bowed, saying, “I will definitely complete the mission next!”

“Well, work hard and do your best…”

“I will definitely complete it!”

“Okay, okay, I understand…”


“I said,” Tang Xin frowned, her tone becoming more serious, “I understand!”

“Yes, I understand. Thank you, Senior Sister!”

Must she put on a cold face to feel at ease? Can’t she treat everyone gently?

With a lollipop in her mouth, Tang Xin was stopped on her way back by a disciple sent by the Seventh Elder.

The Seventh Elder, who is Su Ling’s master, is currently at the Nascent Soul stage, which is considered a lower level among the higher-ups of the sect.

In the cultivation realms of the Nine Provinces continent, from low to high, they are Qi Refining, Foundation Building, Golden Core, Nascent Soul, Soul Severing, Unifying Dao, and Transcending Tribulation.

Generally speaking, to become an elder in a large sect like Xuanling Sect, one needs to have the cultivation level of Soul Severing.

In the Soul Severing stage, with a single thought, one can split mountains and change the world.

To become the sect leader, one needs to have the cultivation level of Unifying Dao, with profound and unfathomable power that can suppress Soul Severing with a wave of the hand.

It seems inappropriate for someone at the Nascent Soul stage to hold the position of a core elder.


She is Su Ling’s master, the master of the protagonist. How could she be as simple as she appears on the surface!

With the Ten Thousand Swords Spirit Body, she can immediately master any sword technique and effortlessly wield any spiritual sword.

And her ultimate move, the “Ten Thousand Swords Slaying Immortal Formation,” can even kill cultivators in the Soul Severing stage.

It is precisely because of this talent that she sensed the unique qualities in Su Ling with just a faint intuition.

You see, the Hidden Yuan Sword Body is a miraculous talent that even the Unifying Dao stage experts cannot see through. Unless Su Ling wants to reveal it, it is almost impossible for outsiders to know.

“Seventh Elder wants to invite Senior Sister to go over.”

The disciple responsible for delivering the message whispered.

Even though Seventh Elder is a core elder, she has almost no real power within the sect and her status is average. Moreover, Tang Xin is important to the Xuanling Sect as well.

In the eyes of the high-ranking members of the sect, the status of an elder who doesn’t handle any affairs and a chief disciple who handles everything is almost the same.

Of course, Tang Xin is not afraid. No matter how she bullies Su Ling, Seventh Elder would never dare to lay a hand on her.

But what benefit is there in offending a powerhouse who can fight above their cultivation level?

Besides, she no longer wants to bully the protagonist…

“Lead the way.”

Before long, Tang Xin was brought to the Tranquil Peak where Seventh Elder resides.

Among all the peaks where the core elders live, Tranquil Peak has the worst environment. There are no chirping birds or fragrant flowers, and the spiritual energy in the air is also average.

“Disciple Tang Xin pays respects to Seventh Elder.”

Tang Xin bowed outside the door.

“Come in.”

Inside the room, a woman dressed in white robes, with a lazy demeanor, was lying on a bamboo bed, resting her head on her hand, and looking at her with a teasing gaze.

“Greetings, Elder Linghua.”

Unlike Su Ling, who takes things seriously, Elder Linghua is a very “carefree” person. Unless it touches her sore spot, she generally doesn’t bother with trivial matters.

I have to say, her body is just as vulgar as I remember… Oh, no, it’s enchanting.

“You’re quite polite today,” Elder Linghua lazily glanced at her. “You don’t have that usual look of disdain for scum. Honestly, I’m a bit uncomfortable with it.”

Senior Sister Tang really dislikes this Seventh Elder. There were a few times when she almost secretly got rid of Su Ling, but it was because of the Seventh Elder’s intervention that her efforts were in vain.

As everyone knows, giving the protagonist room to grow is equivalent to slow death. Once the protagonist develops and obtains the divine artifact, the antagonist will never have a chance to turn the tables.

“Elder, you’re joking,” Tang Xin politely replied. “Whenever I look at you, it’s always with admiration…”

With such a great figure, it’s only natural to offer some praise.

“Hmm? Did you take the wrong medicine today?” Linghua sat up from the bed and looked at her with a suspicious gaze. “I’ve been so straightforward, why aren’t you cursing at me? Why aren’t you saying something sarcastic?”

Why would I be sarcastic? Why would I curse at someone who is as powerful as a Sword God? Do villains have to be so lacking in intelligence?


[Options generating…]

Oh, it’s coming again?

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I became a villainess and was pestered by beautiful girls

I became a villainess and was pestered by beautiful girls

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Status: Ongoing Type: Native Language: chinese
After crossing over and becoming the Xuanling Sect's "badass" senior sister Tang Xin, she wanted to make a good relationship with the beautiful female protagonist, the future sword god of the Nine Provinces, Su Ling, but she was forced by the system to continue to be an "evil person"... ...Eh, something's wrong, why does she like me more the more when I scold her? Why are there more and more beautiful girls around me?!


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