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I became a villainess and was pestered by beautiful girls – chapter 22

The Body of Pure Water, this constitution has many characteristics, one of which is that it is very suitable for helping people to reduce their internal heat.

“I will channel my energy to gather the toxins in my palms, and what you need to do is to use the ability of the Body of Pure Water to automatically gather the water attribute spiritual qi scattered in the world, to help me evaporate the toxins.”

Tang Xin pinched the girl’s small hand and instructed her methodically.

“Remember, you need to use the water attribute spiritual qi to neutralize the toxins and then evaporate them, not absorb them into your body, otherwise, you will be poisoned too.”

“What if I get poisoned as well?”

Shui Qiu asked curiously.

“Then we can only… cough cough, little girl, you don’t need to know so much!”

Using the Body of Pure Water to “reduce heat” is the best plan right now.

Dog System, can’t you make things clearer when listing the options…

Shui Qiu knew that she had the Body of Pure Water, but it was a recent discovery, and she was completely clueless about how to control this constitution.

But in theory, self-teaching shouldn’t be a problem.

Those with special talents should also have much stronger comprehension abilities than ordinary people.

“I understand, Senior Sister,” the little girl nodded vigorously, “I will try my best!”

【Toxicity: 69 (↑)】

【Sanity: 31 (↓)】

“Good luck,” Tang Xin’s mouth twitched, “Whether I lose control or not depends on how well you perform…”

Either successfully reduce the heat, or fail to “reduce the heat”…

Damn, if I had known it would be like this, should I have chosen the “safe and boring duo journey” before setting off, instead of this “potentially regrettable duo journey?”

The two girls sat cross-legged on the bed, palms facing each other, regulating their breaths.

Moments later, droplets of water began to seep out from the center of their palms.

【Toxicity: 78 (↑)】

【Sanity: 22 (↓)】

I am a good person, I am a good person, junior sister smells so good, I am a good person…

Detoxification can’t be rushed, otherwise it’s very easy to make mistakes.

Tang Xin is aware of this, so even though her sanity continues to drop, she still maintains a calm and composed appearance on the surface.

【Toxicity: 85 (↑)】

【Sanity: 15 (↓)】

Junior sister smells so good, junior sister smells so good, I am a good person, junior sister smells so good…

Isn’t it over yet?

At this rate, even if sanity doesn’t drop to zero, if it falls to a single digit, something terrible is likely to happen!

Just when Tang Xin’s 【Sanity: 10 (↓)】…


The droplet oozing from the palm finally changed color, a faint green tint mixing in.


Sanity successfully stabilized in the double digits, and the urge to immediately play a game with the girl in front of her did not intensify further.

Well done, junior sister!

“If I hadn’t helped senior sister detoxify… with senior sister’s personality, she would take responsibility for me, right? Then, that would be, quite, quite…”

Hey, what kind of dangerous thought is that! I definitely won’t take responsibility for you, okay!

Tang Xin vehemently complains in her mind, but because the detoxification is at a critical stage, she can’t open her eyes to say all this out loud.

If the detoxification fails, she can already imagine what the plot will be like next.

After enjoying the company of my junior sister → letting loose → ** → becoming the villainous boss → standing against the protagonists → ** death.

It’s definitely like this, there’s no mistake!

“No, no, I can’t do this to my senior sister who has been so kind to me…”

【Toxicity: 89 (↓)】

【Sanity: 11 (↑)】

Junior sister, you truly are a good person…

The detoxification process was monotonous and lengthy. After most of the day, Tang Xin finally came out of her meditative state with closed eyes.

【Status: Normal】

The poison that could weaken the body of a holy woman has been completely cleared.

In the room, the girl, drenched and exhausted, collapsed onto the bed and fell into a deep sleep. The filthy sheets displayed the intensity of their earlier… detoxification process.

Tang Xin put on her outer garment, opened the window, and took a breath of fresh air.


Wouldn’t it be perfect to have a cigarette in hand right now?

The incident with the Green Wind Fairy was just an interlude. The two girls resumed their journey, continuing towards the Seven Stars City.

Fortunately, the caravan from the Hidden Dragon Carriage Service hadn’t gone too far, and they were still able to enjoy the ride.

After leaving the bandit’s hideout and entering the southern part of Qingzhou, the journey became much smoother. The caravan moved at a leisurely pace, occasionally stopping in market towns for repairs, without encountering any more trouble.

Damn it, isn’t this just like a romantic trip?

Watching Shui Qiu’s favorability remain high, the chief senior sister of the Xuanling Sect felt quite helpless.

She had basically tried every trick she could think of.

For instance, when she was eating, Tang Xin would deliberately lean over to take a bite, contaminating her food; or when she was resting, Tang Xin would intentionally scratch her to prevent her from resting; or when she was changing clothes, Tang Xin would suddenly appear behind her, giving her a fright…

I’ve already done all these wicked things, so why hasn’t her affection for me decreased at all!

It’s even harder than trying to win over a spirit or something!

【Current Affection Level: 99.999999】

And so, the convoy safely delivered the two of them to the gates of the Seven Stars City.

The reverse conquest operation, a failure!

Right, besides the “journey for two that might be regretted,” wasn’t there also a “young girl’s complaint”?

“Really,” Shui Qiu muttered as she watched the departing convoy, “why couldn’t they travel slower? Opportunities to be alone with senior sister are so rare…”

So it was that kind of complaint, better not to have it at all!

Damn, it seems like I’m complaining too…

“This is Seven Stars City.”

Shui Qiu introduced.

Unlike the purely cultivator-populated cultivation markets, cities like this one, mainly managed by cultivation families, usually have a mix of cultivators and ordinary people living together, hence they are larger in scale.

Seven Stars City was not monopolized by a single family, but rather it was a tripartite stand-off between the Yan, Zhou, and Wang families, with constant friction between them, maintaining a very fragile balance.

Half a year ago, the Yan family head wanted Shui Qiu to marry into the Zhou family to form an alliance and together swallow up the Wang family’s assets, but the plan fell through due to Shui Qiu’s departure.

The two entered the city, and Shui Qiu, familiar with the place, led her straight to the Yan family’s residence.

Tang Xin took a deep breath.

【Main Quest: Without revealing your identity as a disciple of the Xuanling Sect, obtain the Yan family’s clan-protecting technique, the “Blazing Flame Art,” together with Shui Qiu.】

Success will reward you with the Cloud Piercing Hand, failure will lead to the “Cutting Off Earthly Ties with Junior Sister” storyline.

Let’s get to work!

She walked with Shui Qiu to the mansion’s main gate, where several guards immediately approached them.

“Who… wait, it’s her!”

Despite half a year having passed, Shui Qiu was still recognized by the guards at a glance. Someone quickly entered the mansion to spread the word.

Before long, a woman who appeared to be in her early twenties, with phoenix eyes and a melon-seed face, and a sharp voice, accompanied by several guards, appeared before the two of them.

As soon as she opened her mouth, she spoke to Shui Qiu without any mercy.

“You trash, you still have the face to come back?”

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I became a villainess and was pestered by beautiful girls

I became a villainess and was pestered by beautiful girls

Score 9.7
Status: Ongoing Type: Native Language: chinese
After crossing over and becoming the Xuanling Sect's "badass" senior sister Tang Xin, she wanted to make a good relationship with the beautiful female protagonist, the future sword god of the Nine Provinces, Su Ling, but she was forced by the system to continue to be an "evil person"... ...Eh, something's wrong, why does she like me more the more when I scold her? Why are there more and more beautiful girls around me?!


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