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I became a villainess and was pestered by beautiful girls – chapter 21

After taking down the bandit leader, the group of thieves instantly became headless dragons.

They were controlled by poison and didn’t truly obey the Green Wind Fairy, so they lacked any real sense of loyalty.

After defeating the mini-boss, it was natural to search for any potential spoils of war according to habit.

A few spirit stones, a tome titled “Bone Snatching Technique,” and some unlabeled bottles and jars.

Most of the Green Wind Fairy’s possessions were invested in her research on changing one’s root bone, leaving not much of value for Tang Xin.

“The Bone Snatching Technique, through secret medicines and blood refining methods, allows one to take another’s root bone for oneself, not only fundamentally altering one’s appearance but also gaining the other’s cultivation talent… Isn’t this purely a demonic cultivation method?”

On the Nine Provinces continent, mainstream cultivators practice all sorts of bizarre techniques, but they usually don’t break certain taboos just for the sake of cultivation.

The more taboos one breaks, the greater the obstacles they will face during Transcending Tribulation, which is definitely not worth it in the long run.

But the demonic path doesn’t care about these things. What were future problems in the face of the temptation of great power?

What is the belief of the demonic path?

Live each day to the fullest!

[You have obtained “Bone Snatching Technique,” with a 100% compatibility rate… You have learned “Bone Snatching Technique.”]

Hey, I just glanced at it, and I’ve already learned the technique? This is clearly mocking something!

As for the Green Wind Fairy’s bottles and jars, Tang Xin picked out some that didn’t look like poison and some that clearly looked highly toxic, and collected them.

The majority of the rest were destroyed safely, as their exact effects were unknown, to prevent harm to others or oneself.

The female cultivators who had been captured and imprisoned in the stronghold were all released to return to their homes.

“Sister!” Shui Qiu ran over, her eyes almost turning into the shape of hearts, “Sister is so amazing, taking on the enemy leader single-handedly!”

“It’s nothing, just a trifle…”

“I couldn’t be of any help…” The blue-eyed girl said dissatisfied with herself, “Although I feel very happy being taken care of by Sister, I can’t keep holding Sister back…”

“It’s okay,” Tang Xin spread her hands, “You’re already doing fine as you are!”

Nonsense, what if you become stronger and then turn around to strike me with a sword? Of course, it’s best if you never become stronger!

“Uh, senior sister is so gentle!”

【Current Affection Level: 99.99999】

Damn, how can anything I say increase the affection level?

“The small task is done, and there’s nothing valuable here, let’s…”

Just as Tang Xin was preparing to pack up and continue on the road with her junior sister, a warm current suddenly emerged in her abdomen.

The next moment, her cheeks were burning like fire, and her whole body began to heat up.

Something’s not right!

She called up the system panel, and a line of red characters at the top was strikingly conspicuous.

【Status: Poisoned】


It couldn’t have been when I was handling those bottles and jars; I was careful. It could only be…

When I punched Green Wind Fairy in the face!

Damn it, was her face poisonous?

“Senior sister, what’s wrong?”

Shui Qiu saw her expression suddenly turn serious and asked softly.

“Come into the room with me and close the door.”

Tang Xin said gravely.

There were too many prying eyes outside, and they were still in the bandits’ den; she couldn’t let anyone know she was in a bad state.

As for the poison, Tang Xin didn’t have much research on it, and considering that Green Wind Fairy had been studying this field for a long time and had profound knowledge, the poison used was probably extraordinary.

If it were an ordinary Foundation Building cultivator, they might have fallen for her trick.


[Opening the system store…]

Before leaving, Tang Xin had quite a few persecution points in hand, thanks to the selfless and enthusiastic contributions of the Xuanling Sect disciples…

[The system intelligently recommends for you: one opportunity for poison analysis and countermeasure advice.]

[Would you like to spend five hundred points to exchange?]

Heh, with points in hand, there’s no need to panic!

[Analysis result: Holy Maiden’s Softening Powder, specifically developed for those with high poison resistance, a poison that makes one involuntarily seek pleasure. The timely monitoring panel has been opened for you.]

[Developer: “The Holy Maiden is too strong, I can’t hold on, no more please!” The developer has passed away.]

[Countermeasure advice: Open your mind, embrace with open arms, unlock knowledge, and step into a new world. If you just vent this directly, it won’t hurt anyone.]

Can’t you come up with something new?!

Is it always this kind of poison whenever one is poisoned??? Are there no other types of poisons in this world???

Status panel:

[Toxicity: 41 (↑)]

[Sanity: 59 (↓)]

This is bad, very bad. If sanity drops to zero, one doesn’t need to think to know what will happen…

“Sister?” Shui Qiu blinked and placed her small hand on her forehead, expressing concern, “Are you feeling hot? Your face is all red…”

The cool palm on the hot face was a stark contrast, and the fragrance of the young girl was even more tantalizing.

Silly girl, are you still playing with fire at a time like this?!

[Searching for antidotes… Sorry, there are currently no products available to resolve this poison.]

As expected…

[Generating options…]

[Option 1: Say to Shui Qiu, “Junior Sister, let’s do something fun!” and then tackle her.]

[Success rate 100%, reward “subsequent happy feeling increased by 200%”.]

[Option 2: Say to Shui Qiu, “Junior Sister, save me, only you can do this!” and then get tackled by her.]

[Success rate 100%, reward “subsequent happy feeling increased by 50%”.]

Forget these two, hurry up and list a third, normal option!

[Option 3: Say to Shui Qiu, “Junior Sister, can you help me relieve some stress?” and then go to the bed together.]

[Success rate 100%, reward “subsequent happy feeling increased by 1%”.]


Sometimes people have to face difficult choices.

[Toxicity: 51 (↑)]

[Sanity: 49 (↓)]

“Junior Sister,” Tang Xin placed a hand on Shui Qiu’s shoulder, speaking with a grave expression, “Can you help me relieve some stress?”

Shui Qiu was initially startled, then her cheeks rapidly turned red, twisting her body shyly as she spoke.

“If it’s for Senior Sister… I can do anything!”

Is it really that easy… Would you also go if asked to move bricks?

Tang Xin nodded seriously, patted the bed, and gestured for her to come over.

“Senior Sister, can I really do it?”

Shui Qiu nervously fiddled with her hands, tiptoeing closer.

“You are the most suitable for this task,” she replied. “Don’t underestimate yourself. Although I haven’t taught you these things, you should be able to learn them on your own!”

“I’m not as amazing as senior sister…”

Shui Qiu took a deep breath to calm her excited heart before sitting down next to Tang Xin.

“First step, take off your shoes.”

Tang Xin instructed, guiding her by hand.

“Second step, undo your belt and take off your outer garment.”

The two girls, now only in their white undergarments, looked at each other.

“Third step, stretch out your hands, yes, gently, slowly…”

“Senior… senior sister!”

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I became a villainess and was pestered by beautiful girls

I became a villainess and was pestered by beautiful girls

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Status: Ongoing Type: Native Language: chinese
After crossing over and becoming the Xuanling Sect's "badass" senior sister Tang Xin, she wanted to make a good relationship with the beautiful female protagonist, the future sword god of the Nine Provinces, Su Ling, but she was forced by the system to continue to be an "evil person"... ...Eh, something's wrong, why does she like me more the more when I scold her? Why are there more and more beautiful girls around me?!


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