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Criteria for choosing a wife – chapter 9

“The medication dosage is kept low to prevent any subsequent issues. Hospitalization for observation is recommended.”

Meng Xiyue looked at Xia Yu’an, who was lying on the hospital bed. Her usually bright and lively eyebrows now showed a hint of vulnerability, “I understand, thank you, doctor.”

The doctor, with his hands in his pockets, nodded and left.

Meng Xiyue gazed out the window. It was already deep into the night. She turned to Secretary Gao and Assistant Li, who were with her, and said, “You guys go back first.”

Assistant Li, who essentially served as Meng Xiyue’s personal assistant...

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Criteria for choosing a spouse

Criteria for choosing a spouse

Score 9.2
Status: Ongoing Type: Native Language: chinese
Meng Xiyue unintentionally traveled into the book "Deep Love: The Delicate Wife Runs with the Ball," but fortunately, she was just a passerby. Watching the frustrating love between the male and female leads, Meng Xiyue set her standards for a partner: someone with correct principles, a sound mind, calm in situations, and preferably not obsessed with love. Then one day, Meng Xiyue encountered the vicious female supporting character from the book... Guide for consumption:
  1. A sweet story, approximately 180k words in total.
  2. The unemotional Meng Xi Yue × the imaginative drama king, Xia Yu An.
  3. 1V1


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