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Criteria for choosing a wife – chapter 8

N.S Building.


“Secretary Gao, you will follow up on the matter with the Xia Corporation.” Meng Xiyue closed the planning proposal, her gaze landing on the capable woman to her left: “Manager Zhang, I want the collaboration plan with Qianghua within a week.”

Zhang Mian nodded: “Understood, President.”

“Meeting adjourned.” After assigning tasks, Meng Xiyue left with the planning proposal in hand, Assistant Li following beside her, reporting the upcoming schedule.

Just as Secretary Gao was about to leave, several department heads gathered around her: “Secretary Gao, you’re always by the president’s side. With the company making such big moves, what does the president plan to do next? Give us a hint.”

Lately, every N.S employee has been as busy as a spinning top, with some departments even working overtime until late at night. Although the overtime pay is quite generous, it’s still physically exhausting.

Pushing up her glasses, Secretary Gao smiled and said: “N.S needs to expand its scale. After this busy period, the president won’t let us down. Promotions and raises won’t be a problem.”

With those words, smiles appeared on everyone’s faces.

Secretary Gao, still smiling, excused herself from the group. In reality, she understood that Meng Xiyue wanted to turn passivity into initiative. Tianyu’s overt and covert suppression of N.S, although resolved, inevitably caused some turmoil for N.S.

However, fortunately, if the cooperation with the American side is successful, Tianyu would have to think twice before attempting to suppress them again.

When Xia Yuan received a distress call from her friend, she was dancing in a bar.

Rushing to the hotel room, she pushed open the door only to see her friend sitting there, looking pitiful, weak, and helpless, surrounded by greasy, middle-aged men coaxing her to drink.

In that instant, Xia Yuan exploded. In a few swift moves, she grabbed the wine glass that was about to hit her friend’s face and, without hesitation, splashed it on the man’s face, sneering, “You like drinking so much, drink it yourself.”

Xia Yuan’s actions were so fast that it took a moment for the people in the room to react after the man was splashed in the face.

“What are you, daring to splash me with wine?”

Hearing the director’s furious voice, Xia Yuan’s friend, Hua Yingying, scared, hid behind her and whispered, “Yu’an, he’s the chief director.”

Hua Yingying, who was trying to make it in the entertainment industry, had always been relatively unknown. She was delicate and pretty. Meeting Xia Yuan was just an accident. Today, her agent brought her here, and only then did she realize she had been set up. She couldn’t leave even if she wanted to. Confronting them would affect her future career. In her network, the only influential person she knew was Xia Yuan, so she had no choice but to seek help from Xia Yuan, whom she had met a few times.

Unexpectedly, Xia Yuan actually came.

At this moment, Hua Yingying was filled with mixed emotions. In her eyes, Xia Yuan had always been a high and mighty young lady, who even spoke to her with an air of arrogance and indifference.

Staring at the other’s enchanting face, she felt nothing but moved and fortunate.

Hua Yingying’s mutterings were also heard by the director. This dinner was just for the crew members, and they were a small crew. The biggest figure was the director himself, who was openly and secretly flattered by everyone. Suddenly being splashed with wine by Xia Yuan in public, he lost face and his expression turned terribly gloomy.

Seeing Hua Yingying’s timid appearance, and then looking at Xia Yuan’s exquisite and beautiful face, her figure wrapped in a tight red dress that highlighted her beautiful body and delicate skin under the lights, and her slender waist, the director felt envious.

His gloomy face immediately changed, and he smiled amiably, “You must be Yingying’s friend, right? You might have misunderstood. We’re just looking for some fun and joy. Here, this cup is my way of apologizing. Let’s drink to that.”

After saying that, he drank a cup of wine in one gulp.

Xia Yuan watched coldly from the side, not taking the other’s tricks to heart. However, for Hua Yingying’s sake, she didn’t want to make things too ugly.

She glanced at the still uneasy Hua Yingying and said, “It’s getting late. Let’s go.”

The director gave a look to the person next to him, who was Hua Yingying’s agent. The agent immediately understood and hurriedly said with a smile, “Yingying, leaving so early means you have to drink three cups as a penalty.”

Hua Yingying looked at her agent’s smiling yet sinister face, slightly turned her body, and lowered her head without speaking. The agent smiled and said to Xia Yuan, “You’re Yingying’s friend, right? This… Could you persuade her? Leaving early doesn’t look good for everyone, and it might affect Yingying’s popularity in the crew later…”

The director also added, “Yeah, this is the kick-off dinner. If Yingying always keeps to herself like this, it will affect the harmony of the crew in the future.”

“If Yingying doesn’t want to drink, as her friend, maybe you can drink for her.”

After all the nagging, Xia Yuan, who was already short-tempered, looked at Hua Yingying shrinking beside her, picked up the three full cups of wine on the table, drank them one by one, slightly lifted her chin, her moist and rosy lips carrying a hint of enchanting charm, “Are we good now?”

The director laughed so hard his eyes nearly closed, “Yes, yes, we’re good now. Since Yingying is leaving early, let me just say, for tomorrow’s shooting, Yingying, you…”

Listening to the director ramble on and on, Xia Yuan, with her arms crossed, became extremely impatient. The more he talked, the more she felt dizzy and irritable, wanting to lose her temper.

In a daze, she felt Hua Yingying’s exclamation and realized she had fallen into Hua Yingying’s arms. In her confusion, she saw the director’s malicious gaze and knew she had been tricked.

She dared not faint, mustering the last of her strength, her voice was as thin as a thread, “Take me away.” She said this to Hua Yingying.

Hua Yingying, not daring to stay any longer, tried to leave with Xia Yuan but was stopped by the agent, who warned, “Yingying, put her down. Do you still want to stay in the crew?”

This was Hua Yingying’s first time playing the female lead, a rare opportunity.

Looking at Xia Yuan’s vulnerable face at this moment, she shook her head firmly. The agent, furious, reached out to snatch Xia Yuan away from her.

Hua Yingying was so scared that she was pushed to the ground directly.

The people in the private room and the director were in cahoots, sitting there as if it was none of their business, watching the drama unfold.

Xia Yuan propped herself up, grabbed a wine bottle nearby, and smashed it on the agent’s head. Taking advantage of his delayed reaction, she stumbled to the door and ran out.

The chief director couldn’t care less about his dignity and chased after her directly, while Hua Yingying held back the agent on the side, preventing him from pursuing.

Xia Yuan’s legs were weak, her body was hot, and her head was dizzy. Hearing the noise behind her, she didn’t dare to stop. Just as she was about to be caught after running a few steps, a door opened.

With weak legs, she plunged directly into the arms of the person, the cool fragrance bringing some clarity to her mind. Half-opening her eyes, she looked at the surprised woman and murmured.

Even at this moment, she maintained the pride of a lady.

“Sorry, this is my friend. She’s drunk, so I’ll take her away,” the director said upon seeing Meng Xiyue’s demeanor and the cold, elegant aura around her, with two men in suits following, clearly not to be trifled with.

Meng Xiyue stared at his sleazy appearance, restraining Xia Yuan’s restless hand from reaching her face, her voice very cold: “I wasn’t aware she had a friend like you.”

The director wanted to say something else.

Xia Yuan murmured, “Meng Xiyue, I’m hot.”

At that moment, the chief director understood that the two knew each other, standing aside, awkwardly watching Meng Xiyue help Xia Yuan leave.

However, before Meng Xiyue left, her cold gaze made him shiver uncontrollably.

He rushed back to the private room, asking Hua Yingying about Xia Yuan’s identity.

The moment he learned that she was the daughter of the Xia family, he collapsed onto a chair, his soul seemingly leaving his body. He was done for.

Ruined, completely ruined.

All because he was blinded by lust.

Hua Yingying looked at the people in the private room with gloomy faces and left with a cold laugh.

At this moment, Xia Yuan was so dizzy she couldn’t see clearly, her mind filled with the coolness she was embracing, her body so hot she wished she could strip and press against it.

Watching Xia Yuan, whose neck was also flushed with crimson, Meng Xiyue grabbed the other’s mischievous hand. Her hair was a bit messy, but her face remained cool and elegant: “Go to the hospital.”

Assistant Li: “Yes.”

As soon as they got in the car, Meng Xiyue pushed Xia Yuan aside to let her cool down.

But in no time, the other person clung to her again, and what’s more, she sat directly on her lap, her head tightly pressed against her neck. The hot and rapid breathing on her neck made her skin crawl, making Meng Xiyue extremely uncomfortable.

And her hands were still moving restlessly.

Meng Xiyue held down Xia Yuan’s hands and scolded: “Don’t move.”

Perhaps it was the coldness in her voice, it sounded a bit fierce.

Already feeling uncomfortable all over, Xia Yuan whimpered a few times, then started to cry softly in grievance, rubbing her head against Meng Xiyue’s neck while crying.

Meng Xiyue: “…”

Assistant Li and Secretary Gao in the front acted as if they saw nothing, like wooden figures.

After whimpering for a while without being comforted, Xia Yuan twisted her body, raised her head, and said, “You’re being mean to me.”

Her eyes were misty, and the lipstick on her red lips had smeared a bit.

She looked utterly wronged.

At this moment, Meng Xiyue seemed like a heartless man who turns cold after getting out of bed: “Feeling better? You’re making me uncomfortable.”

“Move over a bit.”

Xia Yuan was already feeling much better, the heat in her body was within a controllable range, and with her head still a bit dizzy, she became coquettishly soft.

Unable to resist, she wanted to act spoiled towards Meng Xiyue, but as a result…

Annoyed, Xia Yuan got off Meng Xiyue, huffed, and leaned her whole body against the car window. The cool glass made her body feel more comfortable, but her heart felt even worse.

Meng Xiyue looked at her, acting indifferent like a cat that had fallen into water, pitiful to the extreme.

For once, Meng Xiyue reflected and felt she had been a bit too cold-hearted. She took a bottle of water and offered it to Xia Yuan: “Sorry, want some water?”

Xia Yuan was indeed thirsty, she glanced at it but didn’t move.

Meng Xiyue unscrewed the bottle cap and extended it towards Xia Yuan again, but she still didn’t move.

After about thirty seconds, Meng Xiyue was about to retract her hand.

Xia Yuan’s eyelashes trembled slightly, and she quickly grabbed the bottle, drinking almost half of it in one go. Seeing that the other party was staring at her, she glared at Meng Xiyue with wide eyes, but remained silent.

Meng Xiyue smiled and handed Xia Yuan a tissue, “Wipe it off, your lipstick is smudged.”

Xia Yuan was still upset and didn’t want to deal with her, pretending not to hear.

Meng Xiyue’s gaze fell on the other’s smudged lipstick, but ultimately couldn’t resist the awkwardness in her heart. She leaned in close to Xia Yuan, her eyes half-lowered, forming a gentle curve, her slender fingertips holding the tissue, gently and meticulously wiping it for Xia Yuan.

The light and elegant fragrance surrounded Xia Yuan, staring at the other’s cool and indifferent brows and eyes, the half-lowered eyelids casting a beautiful haze, her gaze inadvertently falling on the red mark protruding from the other’s fair neck.

Xia Yuan’s heart raced, that was where she had rubbed against.

Thinking of this, Xia Yuan’s cheeks flushed red, and she quickly snatched the tissue from Meng Xiyue’s hand, “I… I’ll do it myself, stay away from me.”

Seeing the other’s unavoidable demeanor, Meng Xiyue didn’t quite understand the change in attitude, but still cooperated by moving back.

After all, she had already cleaned it up.

“The hospital is here, President.”

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Criteria for choosing a spouse

Criteria for choosing a spouse

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Meng Xiyue unintentionally traveled into the book "Deep Love: The Delicate Wife Runs with the Ball," but fortunately, she was just a passerby. Watching the frustrating love between the male and female leads, Meng Xiyue set her standards for a partner: someone with correct principles, a sound mind, calm in situations, and preferably not obsessed with love. Then one day, Meng Xiyue encountered the vicious female supporting character from the book... Guide for consumption:
  1. A sweet story, approximately 180k words in total.
  2. The unemotional Meng Xi Yue × the imaginative drama king, Xia Yu An.
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