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After flirting with the male lead’s harem… I messed up – chapter 24

Breaking through the Golden Core, Song Cha was already somewhat impatient.

She had just closed her eyes for a moment when she felt the twelve-grade lotus she had ingested begin to emit a rich spiritual energy. As soon as this rich spiritual energy appeared, it started to circulate through her body and meridians. This spiritual energy was very pure, and each time it passed through Song Cha’s meridians, they were nourished by it. The meridians that the spiritual energy passed through became wider. And the toughness of the meridians was also strengthened.

Noticing the changes in her body’s meridians, Song Cha became even more engrossed in her cultivation. As Song Cha continued to cultivate, the spiritual energy from the twelve-grade lotus circulated even faster. Feeling the increased speed of the spiritual energy circulation, Song Cha felt a bit of joy in her heart, believing that she was one step closer to breaking through to the Golden Core.

Song Cha also began to absorb the spiritual energy from the outside world. There was a Spirit Gathering Array set up by Song Cha using top-grade spirit stones. The spiritual energy within the top-grade spirit stones was very dense and pure, and as Song Cha, who was in the midst of a breakthrough, absorbed it continuously, it did not deplete immediately.

During her cultivation, Song Cha entered a state of inner vision. In this state, she could see the composition of the meridians and bones within her body. Song Cha discovered that with the absorption of spiritual energy, her body’s meridians became stronger and more resilient, and her bones became more like jade.

Seeing the transformation of her bones, Song Cha was somewhat surprised. Jade-like bones are very important for cultivators. Generally, jade-like bones are something cultivators achieve when they reach the Great Vehicle cultivation level, approaching immortality. This is because jade-like bones are free of impurities, and only through repeated enhancements of one’s cultivation level, allowing the body to be in a state like that of a baby, can one achieve it.

Being able to make her bones more jade-like was something Song Cha had not anticipated.

This signifies that her cultivation speed will reach new heights in the future.

After expanding her meridians and her bones becoming more jade-like, Song Cha felt a surge of energy in her dantian.

Watching the surging dantian, Song Cha knew it was because she was on the verge of a breakthrough.

Song Cha’s entire focus was on her dantian.

Since she was at the peak of the Foundation Building phase, her dantian was already filled with spiritual energy.

This spiritual energy was sufficient to condense a decent Golden Core.

However, a Golden Core condensed under these circumstances would only be considered decent.

Song Cha wanted the best.

The speed at which Song Cha absorbed the spiritual energy from the outside world was increasing rapidly.

Gradually, the spiritual energy from the top-grade spirit stones began to gather in Song Cha’s dantian. This energy quickly filled her dantian.

Under these circumstances, Song Cha consciously began to expel the original spiritual energy within her dantian.

As Song Cha expelled it, the spiritual energy that had been condensed in her dantian was pushed out, leaving only the energy from the top-grade spirit stones.

With only the energy from the top-grade spirit stones remaining in her dantian, Song Cha began to compress the spiritual energy.

The originally fist-sized mass of spiritual energy was compressed to the size of a soybean.

After compression, Song Cha continued to absorb spiritual energy and began to compress it again.

This process repeated until the condensed spiritual energy in Song Cha’s body was enough to fill her entire dantian.

The purest spiritual energy is always the best and most powerful.

After condensing the spiritual energy, Song Cha felt an incredibly dangerous sensation coming from her dantian.

Such spiritual energy would surely be formidable in battle.

With that thought, Song Cha finally began to solidify these energies into a tangible form.

In the world of cultivation, this step is also known as Core Formation.

Core Formation is a dangerous process, and as Song Cha formed her core, she absorbed the spiritual energy from the surroundings.

It was a lengthy process.

Song Cha felt as if an eternity had passed, as if centuries had gone by.

During this lengthy period, Song Cha finally reopened her eyes.

The first sensation upon opening her eyes was like being reborn.

Song Cha felt light all over, an indescribable sense of comfort.

Is this what it feels like to be in the Golden Core stage?

While Song Cha was in high spirits, she looked down and discovered something unexpected.

A layer of dust-like substance had formed on her skin.

This was not unfamiliar to Song Cha. It had occurred once when she broke through the Foundation Building stage.

In the cultivation world, this process is known as Cleansing Marrow and Purifying Veins, and it is always a good thing for cultivators.

After her last Cleansing Marrow and Purifying Veins, not only did her physical fitness improve, but her skin and appearance also became better.

However, isn’t Cleansing Marrow and Purifying Veins something that only happens during the Foundation Building stage? She had never heard of it occurring after breaking through to the Golden Core stage!

Even though it was strange, it did not prevent Song Cha from being happy.

After using a cleansing spell, Song Cha took out a bath tub and began to bathe.

She bathed for a long time; although the cleansing spell could clean her body, she always felt psychologically that it wasn’t clean enough.

Song Cha continued bathing until she felt completely clean before stopping.

The first thing Song Cha did when she stopped was to look in the mirror.

The last time she underwent the Skin and Bone Cleansing, her skin and appearance improved a lot, and she wondered how it was this time.

As soon as she came in front of the mirror, Song Cha was stunned.

The girl in the mirror had waist-length black hair, soft and delicate. Her skin was fair and flawless, and her clear eyes seemed to allow one to see into their deepest depths.

The girl seemed to think of something, her eyes slightly curved, bringing a hint of a smile. With that smile, it was as if there were little stars in her eyes.

Looking at the girl in the mirror, Song Cha felt even better.

This cleansing had improved her appearance even more.

Her already perfect skin became even more flawless, and her facial features became more exquisite. Especially her eyes, they became clearer and brighter.

As a modern person, Song Cha had a clearer understanding of human appearance.

The most important aspect of a person’s appearance is their eyes, bright and kind. With a pair of clear and beautiful eyes, even if the other features are average, one can still be considered beautiful.

And Song Cha’s features were already good, ranking her among the top beauties in the cultivation world.

Such a top beauty not only had more exquisite features now, but her eyes had an added charm…

Song Cha felt that she could advance further on the path of being a green tea b*tch.

After looking in the mirror, Song Cha then turned her attention to her cultivation.

She felt that the spiritual energy inside her body was more than ten times denser than before.

Is this what it feels like to have a Golden Core cultivation?

But although she was satisfied, simply discussing spiritual power was not enough to analyze it concretely. To determine her current combat strength, it would be best to draw conclusions through battle.

Song Cha returned to her meditation spot, picked up the top-grade spirit stones that had not yet been absorbed from the Spirit Gathering Array, and put them away.

After storing the spirit stones, Song Cha began to walk towards the entrance.

Stepping out of the cave, Song Cha heard the lively noises outside.

Seeing the bustling scene outside, Song Cha was somewhat puzzled.

What happened?

With a curious mind, Song Cha followed the direction of the noise and walked over.

The journey was somewhat long, and Song Cha kept walking forward until she reached the arena of the Cultivation World Tournament.

Looking at the familiar scene, Song Cha was stunned.

Because she found that the Golden Core stage cultivators participating in the Cultivation World Tournament were drawing lots.

Why are they drawing lots now?

Song Cha thought that she had broken through to the Golden Core stage a long time ago, and the Golden Core stage competition of the Cultivation World Tournament had already reached halfway. But looking at the current situation, it had just begun.

With confusion, Song Cha turned to a young man standing beside her: “Excuse me, has the Golden Core stage competition of the Cultivation World Tournament just started?” She asked somewhat doubtfully.

“Yes,” the young man replied to Song Cha with a shy smile: “The Golden Core stage competition always takes place eight days after the Foundation Building stage competition.”

“Delayed by eight days?” Hearing this, Song Cha became even more puzzled.

The young man was not someone with a good temperament, and he would have become impatient if an ordinary person kept asking questions.

But Song Cha was different.

Song Cha was already extremely beautiful, and after undergoing the cleansing and marrow-washing process, her appearance became even more dazzling.

The young man, who originally had a bad temperament, lost his bad mood instantly upon meeting Song Cha. He began to explain patiently: “Nine is the supreme number in this world, the most revered. The other cultivators did not wait for nine days. However, Golden Core stage cultivators are already considered entry-level cultivators, and to highlight their difference from the Foundation Building stage cultivators, they are separated by this interval.”

At this point, the young man seemed somewhat indignant: “Hmph, what’s so great about the Golden Core stage? One day, I will also break through to the Golden Core stage!”

Song Cha: “……”

“Thank you,” Song Cha thanked the young man, “I’m going to take a look at the arena now.”

The young man nodded as a response.

After the young man nodded, Song Cha made her way to the arena.

Although Song Cha was somewhat speechless about the Golden Core cultivators making a fuss over the distinction between the Golden Core and Foundation Building stages, deliberately waiting an additional eight days before resuming the competition, she still felt a bit of excitement.

Now that Song Cha had reached the Golden Core stage, she could participate in the Golden Core competitions.

Even though Song Cha was only at the early stage of Golden Core, with a low chance of winning, it was still a form of training!

Of course, the most important thing was that Song Cha, now competing in the Golden Core stage, wouldn’t affect her admirers’ perception of her even if she lost.

After all, Song Cha had just claimed the first place in the Foundation Building stage and was currently in the limelight. At this moment, her breakthrough to the Golden Core stage meant she was an eighteen-year-old Golden Core cultivator, a typical genius and beautiful girl.

Even if she were to lose immediately upon stepping onto the stage, people would say it was because she had just broken through and her realm was not stable.

If she could defeat a few opponents, her aura of being a genius would shine even brighter.

Having made up her mind, Song Cha walked towards the arena.

She also needed to draw lots.

As soon as Song Cha reached the arena, she encountered Shao Yumiao.

“Beautiful sister!” Song Cha exclaimed with delight upon seeing Shao Yumiao.

Seeing Shao Yumiao, Song Cha was not surprised. After all, she had never been able to discern Shao Yumiao’s cultivation level and had long guessed that Shao Yumiao was more advanced than her.

Under such circumstances, it was quite normal for Shao Yumiao to be at the Golden Core stage.

“Cha Cha,” Shao Yumiao seemed pleasantly surprised to see Song Cha, her voice softening, “Have you been breaking through these past few days? You’re already at the Golden Core stage.”

“Yes,” Song Cha nodded, “Beautiful sister, I’ve reached the Golden Core stage, so I wanted to try participating in the Golden Core competitions.”

“Participating in the Golden Core competitions?” Hearing Song Cha’s words, Shao Yumiao’s brows furrowed. Song Cha had just broken through; how could she participate in a competition?

“Cha Cha, you shouldn’t go,” Shao Yumiao said seriously, “You’ve just broken through, and your realm isn’t stable. It would be better to participate next time.”

Song Cha: “……”

Shao Yumiao’s words indeed made a lot of sense.

If Song Cha hadn’t consumed a Body Building Pill before her breakthrough, hadn’t eaten a Twelfth Grade Lotus, or used top-grade Spirit Stones, she would have agreed.

“I want to give it a try,” Song Cha said with a lowered head, her voice tinged with grievance.

Shao Yumiao: “……”

Seeing Song Cha’s aggrieved expression, Shao Yumiao was somewhat at a loss for what to do.

Shao Yumiao was a sword cultivator, and in all those years past, she had never feared anything. She thought that there would be nothing she would fear in her lifetime.

But now, looking at Song Cha’s pitiful state, insisting that she just wanted to try, Shao Yumiao realized she was wrong.

In this world, there was something she feared. She feared seeing her only friend being wronged.

Even if that grievance wasn’t really much of a grievance.

She wanted to protect Song Cha, to ensure she would always be happy and joyful.

“Alright, just a try,” Shao Yumiao said, her voice somewhat hoarse.

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After flirting with the male lead’s harem… I messed up

After flirting with the male lead’s harem… I messed up

Score 8.9
Status: Ongoing Type: Native Language: chinese
Song Cha was known as the "Queen of Green Tea". When Song Cha traveled through time. She finds herself in a stallion text where the male lead has a harem of 3000?! Regarding this, Song Cha says: As long as there is life, green tea women will never stop winning. She secretly sets two small goals for herself:
  1. Make the male lead fall for her green tea scent.
  2. Turn all the male lead's harem into cannon fodder!
The first small goal is completed very smoothly, more than half of the plot has also passed, and through green tea woman's emotional skills, she gained numerous good feelings from the male lead, and also successfully became besties with the female leads. Song Cha felt that she has simply reached the pinnacle of life. Just when she thought her future days could go on this smoothly, something unexpected happened. Female Lead: "Cha Cha, what do you think about being with me?" Male Lead's True Love: "Cha Cha, sister has never liked anyone, but today she fell for you." Song Cha panicked: "Don't come over! I really have no feelings for you!"   Green Tea in this context refers to a woman who presents herself as innocent, sweet, and kind in order to approach guys who she finds useful, potentially in the sense of money, power, or purely fulfilling. (This is the green tea part). This type of woman is actually calculating and all her good qualities are fake merely in order to appeal to other people both men and women~


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