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After flirting with the male lead’s harem… I messed up – chapter 23

In the world of cultivation, the term “first” is highly regarded.

At the mere age of eighteen, the title of “first” in the Foundation Building stage added a new halo to Song Cha, making those who already admired her worship her even more.

Even cultivators who had reached the Golden Core and Nascent Soul stages looked at Song Cha with new respect.

To reach the pinnacle of the Foundation Building stage at eighteen and to be ranked first, her future was truly boundless.

Even many cultivators in the Golden Core and Nascent Soul stages started to entertain the idea of ​​pursuing Song Cha.

Although Song Cha was still only at the Foundation Building stage, she was a genius!

Such a genius had an immeasurable future.

Who knows, maybe one day when her cultivation level increased, they would be the ones lifted by her.

Song Cha, standing on the stage, was completely unaware of the thoughts of many in the audience.

Having won, she was in high spirits. With her victory, not only did her reputation grow, but she also received the reward for being first in the Foundation Building stage.

The reward for being first in the Foundation Building stage was two thousand superior-grade spirit stones and five top-grade spirit stones.

This was indeed a very generous reward.

In the cultivation world, spirit stones are categorized as low-grade, mid-grade, superior-grade, and top-grade.

One hundred low-grade spirit stones can be exchanged for one mid-grade spirit stone, and one hundred mid-grade spirit stones can be exchanged for one superior-grade spirit stone. This is the official rate.

However, in reality, exchanging low-grade spirit stones for superior-grade ones is not an easy task. Cultivating with superior-grade spirit stones is much more effective than with low-grade ones. Few people are willing to exchange superior-grade spirit stones for low-grade ones.

If that’s the case with superior-grade spirit stones, then even more so with top-grade spirit stones.

Top-grade spirit stones were the richest in spiritual energy and were the best for cultivation.

Using top-grade spirit stones for breakthroughs can make the spiritual energy within one’s body even purer.

Such top-grade spirit stones, even if someone offered thousands of superior-grade spirit stones, might not be enough to make a trade.

“This round, Song Cha is victorious,” the referee announced.

Song Cha, with her particularly gentle and goddess-like demeanor, smiled on the stage.

This was already the last match.

“Would the top twenty cultivators please come up to receive your awards,” the referee said.

As soon as the referee finished speaking, many cultivators eagerly made their way to the stage.

The rewards for the Foundation Building stage competition had been agreed upon in advance: the top twenty would receive two hundred high-grade spirit stones, the top ten would be awarded five hundred high-grade spirit stones, the top five would receive one thousand high -grade spirit stones, and the first place would be rewarded with two thousand high-grade spirit stones and five top-grade spirit stones.

At this moment, these cultivators were already standing on the stage, waiting to receive their awards.

The referee glanced at the twenty cultivators who had lined up and nodded in satisfaction: “Next, we welcome Elder Liu from the Qingfeng Sect to present the awards.”

As soon as these words were spoken, a white-bearded old man quickly made his way from below the stage.

The old man’s cultivation was profound; Song Cha could not discern his level. However, it was clear that being an elder of the Qingfeng Sect and presenting the awards, his cultivation must be significant.

The elder first approached the cultivator in the twentieth place, handed them a storage bag, and then continued forward, distributing storage bags in turn.

Distributing in this manner, it wasn’t long before he reached Song Cha.

The elder handed a storage bag to Song Cha and nodded at her, showing a very satisfied expression and nodding towards her.

The elder did not nod to anyone else, only to Song Cha.

However, Song Cha was not surprised by this.

After all, there was only one first place, and it just so happened that she was from the Qingfeng Sect. It was quite normal for the elder, being from the Qingfeng Sect, to be pleased with her.

After the elder finished distributing the items, he stepped down from the arena.

The other cultivators also followed, stepping down from the arena one by one, and Song Cha also descended.

Song Cha’s mood remained very good as she walked down from the arena.

In her storage bag, she had two thousand high-grade spirit stones and five top-grade spirit stones.

The key were these five top-grade spirit stones. She was already at the peak of the Foundation Building stage, and she could return to her cave dwelling later to use the top-grade spirit stones and the twelfth-grade lotus to break through.

Such a breakthrough would definitely lay a solid foundation for her.

Just as Song Cha was thinking about her breakthrough and feeling pleased, she noticed someone approaching her.

Song Cha looked up and saw that it was Long Aotian.

Seeing Long Aotian’s arrival made Song Cha’s mood even better.

She had just achieved first place on the stage, and Long Aotian must have seen it.

Securing first place was indeed a matter of great honor, and with Long Aotian witnessing her victory from below the stage, he would surely think more highly of her in his heart.

While Song Cha was in high spirits, Long Aotian spoke up.

Long Aotian looked at Song Cha seriously, his tone especially sincere: “Fairy Song Cha, congratulations on securing the first place in the Foundation Building stage.”

Hearing Long Aotian’s words, Song Cha’s lips curved into a slight smile: “Thank you, I’m very happy.”

“May I ask you something?” Long Aotian continued.

Ask something?

Hearing Long Aotian’s words, Song Cha felt a bit puzzled.

But since Long Aotian was the protagonist, Song Cha still nodded: “Sure.”

After hearing Song Cha agree, Long Aotian began to speak: “Fairy Song Cha, you’ve just won first place and were rewarded with five top-grade spirit stones, may I borrow one?”

Song Cha: “……”

Long Aotian’s request left Song Cha stunned.

Borrow a top-grade spirit stone?

This was something Song Cha had never considered before.

Seeing that Song Cha remained silent, Long Aotian frowned slightly, “Fairy Song Cha, I am currently only at the fifth level of Qi Refining, and my cultivation has been very slow; I need to speed up my breakthrough. However, if I use other spirit stones, there will be hidden dangers.”

Song Cha: “……”

Song Cha understood the underlying meaning of Long Aotian’s words. The reason Long Aotian wanted to borrow her top-grade spirit stones was to accelerate his cultivation.

But if he used other spirit stones, it would cause hidden dangers. Only with top-grade spirit stones could he level up without any issues.

Long Aotian is the protagonist of this world, and if he came to borrow something, other transmigrators might have agreed.

After all, as the world’s protagonist, Long Aotian would be able to obtain all sorts of good things in the future. In such a case, lending to Long Aotian would be like making him owe a favor.

This situation would be beneficial in every way.

But Song Cha was different.

Green teas were all selfish, and Song Cha was no exception.

The current Song Cha was about to break through to the Golden Core stage. If she had the top-grade spirit stones, she could lay a better foundation and form a superior Golden Core.

But if she lent them to Long Aotian now, who was merely at the Qi Refining stage, it would be a long time before he could obtain top-grade spirit stones to repay her.

By the time Long Aotian managed to get top-grade spirit stones to exchange with her, who knows how many years would have passed?

With these thoughts, Song Cha pretended to be dejected and lowered her head, “Long Aotian, I need to keep my top-grade spirit stones for my breakthrough.”

Long Aotian: “……”

Hearing that Song Cha wanted to keep the top-grade spirit stones for her breakthrough, Long Aotian’s expression turned somewhat ugly.

The reason why a harem protagonist can have a harem and fall for countless women is essentially because he is very selfish.

Selfish and narcissistic, he originally thought that once he asked, Song Cha would immediately give him the top-grade spirit stones for his use, without expecting anything in return.

But unexpectedly, Song Cha said she needed to keep them for her breakthrough.

What’s the use of a woman having such high cultivation? In the end, won’t she still marry a man and rely on him for support?

“Is there really no way?” Long Aotian looked at Song Cha.

“Long Aotian, I really want to lend you the spirit stones.” The moment Song Cha looked up, tears had already fallen. Her eyes, red and pitiful, looked at Long Aotian, her voice filled with unspeakable sorrow: “But.. . I haven’t had an easy time in the inner sect. Because I don’t have a master, people have always looked down on me, and I don’t want to be despised.”

Long Aotian: “……”

A beauty in tears is like a pear blossom bathed in rain.

Seeing Song Cha’s fragile and tearful appearance, Long Aotian’s dissatisfaction with her vanished in an instant, leaving only pity.

Song Cha had a point.

She was alone in the inner sect, isolated and scorned. It was only natural for her to want to break through to the Golden Core stage and find a master.

“Fairy Song Cha, please don’t cry,” Long Aotian said, somewhat helplessly looking at Song Cha.

“Mhm.” Song Cha took out a white handkerchief and gently dabbed her eyes, “It’s just that when I think of the grievances I’ve suffered, my heart feels a bit heavy.”

Hearing Song Cha’s words, Long Aotian felt even more distressed.

He must work harder in his cultivation, improve his cultivation level, and stand up for Fairy Song Cha.

But… to increase his cultivation level, wouldn’t he still need top-quality spirit stones?

“Fairy Song Cha, how about you give me the top-quality spirit stones, and once my cultivation is higher, I can stand up for you,” Long Aotian suggested.

Song Cha: “……”

Song Cha continued to wipe her tears with the handkerchief, but the tears only grew more abundant. Her response to Long Aotian was nasal, “I… I… can handle it myself.”

“Alright.” Long Aotian, seeing Song Cha’s pitiable appearance, didn’t say much more.

“I… I think I’ll head back to my cave dwelling first.” To prevent Long Aotian from saying anything more about the top-quality spirit stones, Song Cha wiped her tears again and spoke up.

“I’ll escort you back, Fairy,” Long Aotian offered.

“No need,” Song Cha shook her head, “I… I want to walk and calm my emotions.”

“Take care on your way, Fairy,” he said.


After bidding farewell to Long Aotian, Song Cha started to walk slowly down the road.

Song Cha’s steps were slow, and she seemed fragile as she walked. From time to time, she would dab at her tears with a handkerchief, looking indescribably pitiable and adorable.

Watching Song Cha’s retreating figure, Long Aotian clenched his fists.

Song Cha was too pitiable; he had to cultivate diligently to support her.

Unaware of Long Aotian’s thoughts, Song Cha continued on ahead.

She had finally managed to avoid Long Aotian’s request for her top-grade spirit stones, and she truly felt relieved in her heart.

Song Cha realized that her understanding of Long Aotian was still too superficial.

Not only could Long Aotian maintain a harem, but he was also shameless enough!

Top-grade spirit stones were incredibly precious, yet Long Aotian had the audacity to ask to borrow them so casually…

This was already shameless enough, but after she refused and explained that she needed the top-grade spirit stones for a breakthrough, Long Aotian had the nerve to ask again!

In such a situation, Song Cha was left speechless.

Even Song Cha herself couldn’t do such a thing.

At most, she would drop hints and imply that others should give them to her. But to ask outright, and to persist even after being refused, was suffocating.

With these thoughts, Song Cha quickened her pace slightly.

As Song Cha moved forward, she was unaware that besides Long Aotian, there was another person watching her from behind.

Shao Yumiao stood in the distance, her face cold as ice, watching Song Cha’s departing figure.

Because of her high cultivation level, Shao Yumiao had heard everything that Song Cha and Long Aotian had said.

But it was precisely because she had seen everything that her mood was so terrible.

Song Cha was indeed fragile and pitiable; her days in the inner sect had been anything but pleasant.

There were even people in the inner sect who looked down on her, forcing her to break through to the Golden Core stage to find a master to protect her.

The moment Shao Yumiao heard her words, she felt as if her heart was about to shatter.

She resolved to protect Song Cha more, to ensure that Song Cha could live a life free from bullying.

Watching Song Cha’s retreating figure, Shao Yumiao made up her mind.

Unfortunately, Song Cha was unaware of the determination Shao Yumiao had set; after entering the cave, she completely let out a sigh of relief.

Finally, she had gotten rid of Long Aotian, who was after her resources.

To prevent any further complications and Long Aotian continuing to demand resources from her, Song Cha decided to use this time to consume all of the top-grade spirit stones and the twelfth-grade lotus.

Soon, Song Cha had arranged a Spirit Gathering Array using five top-grade spirit stones.

Sitting in the center of the array, Song Cha crossed her legs and slowly began to consume the twelfth-grade lotus.

After eating the lotus, Song Cha closed her eyes and began her breakthrough.

She had already known about the benefits of the twelfth-grade lotus and the top-grade spirit stones, but she had no idea what kind of Golden Core would be formed using these items.

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After flirting with the male lead’s harem… I messed up

After flirting with the male lead’s harem… I messed up

Score 8.9
Status: Ongoing Type: Native Language: chinese
Song Cha was known as the "Queen of Green Tea". When Song Cha traveled through time. She finds herself in a stallion text where the male lead has a harem of 3000?! Regarding this, Song Cha says: As long as there is life, green tea women will never stop winning. She secretly sets two small goals for herself:
  1. Make the male lead fall for her green tea scent.
  2. Turn all the male lead's harem into cannon fodder!
The first small goal is completed very smoothly, more than half of the plot has also passed, and through green tea woman's emotional skills, she gained numerous good feelings from the male lead, and also successfully became besties with the female leads. Song Cha felt that she has simply reached the pinnacle of life. Just when she thought her future days could go on this smoothly, something unexpected happened. Female Lead: "Cha Cha, what do you think about being with me?" Male Lead's True Love: "Cha Cha, sister has never liked anyone, but today she fell for you." Song Cha panicked: "Don't come over! I really have no feelings for you!"   Green Tea in this context refers to a woman who presents herself as innocent, sweet, and kind in order to approach guys who she finds useful, potentially in the sense of money, power, or purely fulfilling. (This is the green tea part). This type of woman is actually calculating and all her good qualities are fake merely in order to appeal to other people both men and women~


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