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After flirting with the male lead’s harem… I messed up – chapter 1

“Long Aotian, thank you.” The delicate and fragile woman gently accepted a pill, her eyes filled with unspoken words as she shyly looked at the man in front of her.

“It’s nothing, as long as you like it.” The man laughed heartily, his handsome face and burly physique creating a stark contrast.

The woman blushed slightly, turning her head away without saying anything more.

Seeing the blush on her face, the man felt a wave of satisfaction.

However, since their relationship was still just friends, he couldn’t stay too long. After lingering a bit reluctantly, he finally left.

Watching his departing figure, the woman, Song Cha, let out a small sigh of relief in her heart.

Song Cha had transmigrated into a book.

A harem cultivation novel, to be precise, and the male lead of this book was the man, Long Aotian. He was the legitimate son of a small family, originally destined to live an ordinary life in his small town.

But as the protagonist, Long Aotian was different. He was discovered to have spiritual roots, entered the cultivation world, faced challenges, gathered a harem and followers, and ultimately ascended to immortality, living a life of unparalleled success.

As a woman, Song Cha shouldn’t have read such a book.

But this book was written by a man Song Cha was stringing along.

To show her interest in him, the manipulative Song Cha forced herself to read the book multiple times. Even after transmigrating for eighteen years, she still had a deep impression of it.

Yes, Song Cha had been transmigrated for eighteen years.

At first, she thought she had simply traveled to an ancient world. She pretended to be a virtuous lady, occasionally flirting with others, planning to choose the best suitor from her admirers. Even in ancient times, she wanted to live comfortably.

But she was wrong. When she was ten, people from the Qingfeng Sect came to the capital to test for spiritual roots. Song Cha naively went for the test and was found to have a single wood spiritual root.

She was then taken to the prestigious Qingfeng Sect.

It was then that Song Cha realized this was not an ordinary ancient world but a cultivation world where one could train to become immortal.

Song Cha was immediately captivated by this new world and began to focus on cultivation, determined to achieve immortality.

For eight years, Song Cha did nothing but cultivate in seclusion and flirt with potential suitors.

Just when she thought her days would be spent cultivating and nurturing her backup plans, she discovered a new person in the sect named Long Aotian.

Upon hearing this name, Song Cha immediately recalled a book she had read, written by one of her backups. In that book, Long Aotian, who came from a small family in a small town, joined the Qingfeng Sect and began a life full of cheats and hacks.

To verify her suspicion, Song Cha specifically sought out a core disciple backup to ask about the world’s background. After inquiring about various sects, Song Cha concluded that this world… was indeed a book. And it was the book written by that backup.

Moreover, the person Song Cha had transmigrated into was a character who did not appear in the original plot.

Song Cha didn’t know how others would react to transmigrating into a book. But as a green tea girl, her first reaction was to win over Long Aotian and develop a ‘one life, one pair’ romance with him.

The key was Long Aotian’s luck; she wanted it. Long Aotian’s opportunities; she wanted those too! At least until the plot was complete and Long Aotian’s cheats were exhausted, she intended to keep leeching off his luck.

So, the action-oriented Song Cha began to deliberately get acquainted with Long Aotian and started borrowing his pills.

Although Long Aotian looked a bit shivering, with a delicate face and a burly build, she could refrain from sleeping with him but couldn’t resist flirting.

After chatting with Long Aotian to build some rapport, Song Cha happily returned to her cave dwelling.

As an inner disciple with a single wood spiritual root, Song Cha had her own cave dwelling.

Upon returning to her cave, Song Cha closed her eyes and began to cultivate.

Currently, Song Cha was at the mid-stage of Foundation Building. Once she broke through Foundation Building and formed her Golden Core, she could become a core disciple and gain access to better cave dwellings and resources.

Song Cha had always been looking forward to that day.

Life in a cultivation sect was rather monotonous, with nothing but cultivation every day.

However, as a green tea girl who loved to dress up, Song Cha would go out to buy some beautiful robes and accessories from time to time.

And today was one of those days when Song Cha went out to buy clothes.

The woman stood on a slender flying sword, with the wind blowing, making her white robes flutter and appear even more delicate. Her slightly disheveled hair brushed against her pale face, making her look extremely fragile.

The flying sword was very fast and quickly brought Song Cha to Qingfeng City.

Qingfeng City is a town that relies on the Qingfeng Sect, with most of its industries belonging to Qingfeng Mountain. Therefore, disciples of the Qingfeng Sect always receive special treatment when they come down the mountain.

Song Cha descended from her flying sword and headed towards the largest clothing store in Qingfeng City.

Along the way, countless people glanced at her, but she ignored them all.

Soon, she arrived at the clothing store.

As soon as Song Cha stepped into the store, a shop assistant greeted her, “Miss Song Cha, you’re here.”

“Yes, I want to buy some clothes,” Song Cha smiled at the shop assistant. “Dazhu, can you show me around?”

The shop assistant eagerly nodded, “Of course.”

The clothing store in Qingfeng City is known for its rapid turnover, with a new batch of beautiful clothes released every month.

“Do you have any white ones?” Song Cha asked.

“Yes, we do,” the shop assistant replied, trying to please Song Cha. “I’ll take you there right away.”

The shop assistant quickly led Song Cha to the section with white clothes.

A large number of white dresses hung on the racks, each one exquisitely crafted and looking like a masterpiece.

Song Cha’s gaze quickly fell on the dress in the center.

That dress was simply stunning, pure white with a faint glow, and its design was incredibly beautiful.

If she could wear such a dress, she couldn’t imagine how amazing it would look.

But just by looking at the position where the dress was hung, Song Cha knew she couldn’t afford it.

The dress in the center was the highlight, and its price was usually very high, at least ten high-grade spirit stones, which Song Cha simply couldn’t afford.

So, after admiring the dress for a few more moments, Song Cha reluctantly looked away and turned her attention to the other dresses.

The other dresses seemed to be mere foils to the one in the center and couldn’t compare to it. Their prices were generally around ten mid-grade spirit stones, which were within Song Cha’s budget.

So, Song Cha’s gaze quickly focused on a simple yet elegant piece of clothing at the edge. She asked, “How many spirit stones for this piece?”

“Ten mid-grade spirit stones, but I have a discount. For you, Fairy Song Cha, it’s only eight mid-grade spirit stones,” the shop assistant said eagerly.

“Alright.” Eight mid-grade spirit stones, saving two mid-grade spirit stones.

Song Cha was quite satisfied and bought a few more pieces of clothing from the magic garment shop, saving several more spirit stones in the process.

Just as Song Cha was about to leave after purchasing her clothes, she noticed the shopkeeper welcoming someone in.

It was another woman dressed in white. However, while the same white clothes highlighted Song Cha’s delicate temperament, they had a different effect on this woman.

Her expression was icy, as cold as winter. Her eyes seemed to contain endless ice and snow, and just one look gave the feeling of being frozen by that frost.

After entering the shop, the woman was led by the shopkeeper to the section with white clothes.

She glanced casually at the clothes in the center of the white section and said coldly, “Wrap all of these up.”

There were ten pieces of clothing in the center section, each more expensive than the last. The cheapest one cost five high-grade spirit stones, yet this woman wrapped them all up at once.

Song Cha: “…”

Watching the shopkeeper call several assistants to wrap the clothes, Song Cha felt a pang of envy.

This woman was not only beautiful but also so wealthy!

If only she had that much money.

Envy… This word had a special meaning for a green tea girl.

If an ordinary person felt envious, they would at most take a silent glance and then look away.

But as a green tea girl, Song Cha was not that kind of person.

Song Cha walked delicately to the side of the aloof woman and said, “Sister, you are really beautiful.”

The woman looked up at Song Cha, unmoved.

Song Cha: “……”

Song Cha: “The clothes on these hangers would definitely look great on you.”

Woman: “……”

Song Cha: “Sister, I really like the clothes you bought. Could you try them on for me?”

Woman: “……”

After the woman looked at Song Cha for the first time, she ignored her completely. She took her purchased clothes and turned to leave.

Song Cha, left behind by the woman, felt a bit unhappy. Seeing Song Cha’s displeasure, the shop assistant who had been following her also became upset.

“Fairy Song Cha, that woman was really too much, daring to ignore you,” the assistant said indignantly.

Song Cha shook her head gently, “Dazhu, don’t speak ill of that sister. I believe she didn’t do it on purpose.”

The assistant continued indignantly, “How could it not be on purpose? She definitely meant to embarrass you. Fairy Song Cha, you’re too kind, that’s why people bully you.”

Song Cha: “…… You misunderstood.”

After buying her clothes, Song Cha didn’t leave immediately but listened to the assistant named Dazhu talk. Although she never spoke ill of others in front of people due to her green tea mindset, it was nice to hear the assistant badmouth that woman.

Even though… she knew clearly that the woman did nothing wrong. But who told her to be so rich, making her jealous?

Song Cha listened to the assistant talk for almost half an hour. It wasn’t until the assistant had said so much bad about the woman that he almost ran out of things to say.

When Song Cha left the shop, it was already noon.

As a cultivator, Song Cha didn’t need to eat every day. So she decided to take this time to visit a jewelry store.

The jewelry store Song Cha went to was also the largest in Qingfeng City. Coincidentally, the shop assistant at the largest jewelry store in Qingfeng City was an admirer of Song Cha and could offer her the lowest discount.

Just as Song Cha was delighted with the discounted jewelry, she saw the same woman from earlier in the store again. She also heard the woman decisively say, “Wrap up all these in the center.”

Song Cha: “…”

Watching the jewelry being wrapped up and placed into the woman’s storage ring, Song Cha felt truly hurt. These pieces of jewelry… each one was something she wanted but didn’t have.

As soon as Song Cha entered the store, the woman noticed her. Unlike the first time when she looked at Song Cha coldly, this time her gaze was not as icy.

“Pretty sister, you’re here to buy jewelry too,” Song Cha said hypocritically.

“Yes,” the woman’s voice was somewhat softened.

“Pretty sister, this hairpin you bought is so beautiful. I’ve always wanted one like this, but unfortunately…” At this point, Song Cha sighed regretfully.

“Here you go.” The woman took a hairpin from her storage ring and handed it to Song Cha.

Song Cha: “…”

Song Cha couldn’t believe what had just happened. Why did the woman, who was so cold earlier, give her an expensive hairpin after just a few words?

Seeing that Song Cha didn’t take it, the woman directly placed the hairpin in Song Cha’s hand before turning and walking out of the jewelry store.

Song Cha was left standing there, a bit dazed.

The departing woman glanced back at Song Cha before continuing to walk forward.

At the clothing store, Song Cha had actively tried to please the woman, but the woman always felt that although Song Cha’s words were sweet, they lacked sincerity, making her seem like a scheming person.

However, just as she was leaving the store and about to walk away, she heard the shop assistant badmouthing her in front of Song Cha.

At that moment, she thought that the hypocritical Song Cha would join the shop assistant in speaking ill of her.

But to her surprise, Song Cha did not join in. Instead, she earnestly defended her, saying she was a good person.

That voice, so gentle and sweet.

For some reason, when she heard Song Cha’s serious rebuttal, the woman’s heart softened.

Song Cha… she wasn’t a scheming person. She was gentle and sweet.

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After flirting with the male lead’s harem… I messed up

After flirting with the male lead’s harem… I messed up

Score 8.9
Status: Ongoing Type: Native Language: chinese
Song Cha was known as the "Queen of Green Tea". When Song Cha traveled through time. She finds herself in a stallion text where the male lead has a harem of 3000?! Regarding this, Song Cha says: As long as there is life, green tea women will never stop winning. She secretly sets two small goals for herself:
  1. Make the male lead fall for her green tea scent.
  2. Turn all the male lead's harem into cannon fodder!
The first small goal is completed very smoothly, more than half of the plot has also passed, and through green tea woman's emotional skills, she gained numerous good feelings from the male lead, and also successfully became besties with the female leads. Song Cha felt that she has simply reached the pinnacle of life. Just when she thought her future days could go on this smoothly, something unexpected happened. Female Lead: "Cha Cha, what do you think about being with me?" Male Lead's True Love: "Cha Cha, sister has never liked anyone, but today she fell for you." Song Cha panicked: "Don't come over! I really have no feelings for you!"   Green Tea in this context refers to a woman who presents herself as innocent, sweet, and kind in order to approach guys who she finds useful, potentially in the sense of money, power, or purely fulfilling. (This is the green tea part). This type of woman is actually calculating and all her good qualities are fake merely in order to appeal to other people both men and women~


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