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About this project

Howdy! Yami here~ Some of you might know me as the translator for Mistress I was wrong. In the past year I have been working with AI in a variety of ways and have decided to pursue this project in order to give more love and faster updates to underserved novels in the LGBTQIA field of Chinese novels.

These novels are already rare to find in the Chinese web novel scene and specific scenarios like yuri harems etc are even rarer. I’ve started off this site with just a couple of novels and I want to gauge how much faster translations can be done.

This project will be run under a premium subscription model as it will require testing on my end and also I would like for this project to be something long-term so ideally, it generates the revenue needed to have someone doing it fulltime.

My ideal scenario is having this website host a large variety of underserved novels in this space. Novel translations will be weekly the same as Mistress I was wrong, however premium users will get access to advanced chapters for all novels on the site.

The number of chapters that come out every week will be variable for now until I work out a proper process that I’m happy with but I am hoping to do 1 free chapter for each novel each week and 2-3 for premium every week xo

Feel free to leave a comment or email me directly for any issues you have.

Frequent Asked Questions

  1. Why use MTL if you can speak Chinese?
    The answer is actually quite simple, time savings. I am not a native speaker and am at most acceptable level, that said I understand the context perfectly for almost all of these Chinese novels hence I can easily edit and fact check as necessary. If you haven’t noticed from reading the novel chapters available, they’re as high quality as my previous translations with Mistress I was wrong
  2. What is the “AI” part of your site?
    The AI part of the site is classified! JK, it is mostly a combination of trained models and ChatGPT along other tools like DeepL and a bit of programmatic magic. Using my method I am shaving off at least 1-2 hours of work for a long novel which is insane considering this wasn’t possible 3 years ago when I first started translating for the community.
  3. Why didn’t you just keep it on your old site?
    Simply because I want to differentiate it, if this project works out well, I will likely be moving Mistress I was wrong to this website as well because my dream is to build the best of the best curated LGBTQIA novels~
  4. Do I keep my premium pricing forever?
    If you signed up at a certain price, you’ll keep that if you keep renewing, I don’t intend to make anything too crazy though even if I do raise prices when the novel count reaches a certain number.
  5. Can I cancel my premium?
    Yes, you can cancel anytime, however, you will still be billed and keep it for the entire month. I don’t want to deal with pro-rata and don’t know how to configure it…
  6. Any coin system?
    Personally, I think it is more valuable overall to give access to a bunch of novels instead of just a couple. The only way I can see this being implemented on my site is as a bonus thing like Ko-Fi to give even more advance chapters than originally scheduled.
  7. Discounts for old supporters?
    If you’re someone who has donated to me on Ko-Fi before, please send me a message so I can give you a discount code as a thank you if you’re interested in my new project~
  8. Any BL/Yaoi or other novels in the future?
    Absolutely. I am not familiar with these however I will run a community survey to see what people would like to see added.



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