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Women in ancient times are so scary – chapter 9

“Ah, I’m so bored!!!! Hey, Sister Rubing, when will we reach Fu Yun City? I’m dying of boredom from all this traveling.”

Han Rubing heard Meng Xiaoyu’s complaint and turned to look at her, riding Little Grey behind them.

She thought it was funny—what’s up with this little one now?

Wasn’t she just happily singing while riding Little Grey?

Although the tune was strange, it sounded pretty good.

She said it was a children’s song from her hometown.

After thinking about it, Han Rubing asked, “What’s wrong? You were just happy a moment ago, why are you bored now?”

“Nothing, just feeling really bored,” Meng Xiaoyu replied lazily.

“Oh, then why not keep singing? You sing pretty well, you know,” Han Rubing asked after hearing Meng Xiaoyu’s response.

“Of course, I’m a great singer! Not to brag, but I once won a city-level singing competition. And I also… (several thousand words omitted),” Meng Xiaoyu immediately perked up upon hearing Han Rubing’s compliment and began boasting about the various singing competitions she had participated in and the awards she had won.

Seeing the little one become energetic again after hearing her words, Han Rubing shook her head with a smile and continued walking forward.

Finally, after Meng Xiaoyu had rambled on for a while, Han Rubing timely interjected, “So you’re really good at singing, huh? And you know a lot of songs? Then why did you stop singing earlier?”

“When I was singing earlier, you and Sister Rushuang were just focused on traveling and didn’t pay any attention to me. So I thought you weren’t listening,” Meng Xiaoyu replied to Han Rubing’s question.

“So you felt bored because Rushuang and I were just focused on traveling and didn’t pay attention to you?”

Han Rubing asked with a smile after hearing Meng Xiaoyu’s response.

“Yeah, you guys weren’t paying attention to me. I was really bored by myself,” Meng Xiaoyu mumbled, then thought for a moment and asked, “Hey, Sister Rubing, do you and Sister Rushuang like listening to me sing?”

“Yeah, it’s not bad,” Han Rubing replied, looking at her sister’s slightly upturned mouth.

“Then how about I sing another song for you?”

Meng Xiaoyu asked happily after hearing Han Rubing’s response.

“Sure, what song do you want to sing?”

Han Rubing asked after hearing Meng Xiaoyu’s words.

“What song? Let me think,” Meng Xiaoyu lowered her head to think after hearing Han Rubing’s words.

What should she sing?

This is ancient times, and Sister Rubing and Sister Rushuang are ancient people, not like her who traveled through time.

If she sang those modern love songs, they definitely wouldn’t accept it.

So what should she sing?

Meng Xiaoyu frowned and thought for a while, then her eyes caught sight of the sword in Han Rubing’s hand.

A light bulb went off in her head, and she slapped her forehead.

How could she be so stupid?

Besides those pop songs, aren’t there many songs from online games?

Those songs would be perfect for singing in an ancient martial arts world.

How could she be so dumb?

After thinking of this, Meng Xiaoyu didn’t waste any more time and started singing directly.

“Embracing the wind and rain, who is the hero? Leaning on the sword, laughing at the sky. Wielding the sword, even if traversing the ages, when will the sea and sky be vast? Embracing the wind and rain, the hot-blooded martial world discusses heroes. Leaning on the sword, laughing at the vast sky. Wielding the sword, free to come and go between heaven and earth. From now on, the sea and sky are vast. Meeting on a narrow path, facing this heroic journey together. Burning the fireworks of life. The shadow of the hero, life and death together. In the exchange of glances, tenderness. The shadow of the sword dances, like a song, like a dream. After the wind and rain, the sky is full of flowers. In the eternal world, it is immortal. Embracing the wind and rain…”

Meng Xiaoyu sang happily while riding Little Grey, and the two sisters walking in front, Han Rubing and Rushuang, were slightly surprised.

It wasn’t that Meng Xiaoyu’s singing was bad, nor that the lyrics were poorly written.

They were surprised that this girl, who had never set foot in the martial world, could sing such a powerful song.

Just by listening to the lyrics, one could tell that if it weren’t for a martial arts master or a reclusive expert, it would be hard to sing this song with such grandeur.

But when Meng Xiaoyu sang this song, there was no sense of incongruity at all.

Instead, it felt like this song was meant to be sung by her.

After passionately finishing the song “Heavenly Sword and Rain,” Meng Xiaoyu asked the two sisters, Han Rubing and Rushuang, if her singing was good.

Hearing Meng Xiaoyu’s question, Han Rubing replied, “Little one, you sing very well.”

Hearing Han Rubing’s praise, Meng Xiaoyu smiled happily.

After laughing, Meng Xiaoyu thought of something.

Although she knew the two sisters were going to Fu Yun City, she didn’t know why.

So she asked, “Sister Rubing, why are we going to Fu Yun City?”

After hearing Meng Xiaoyu’s question, Han Rubing was stunned for a moment.

Then she realized that she and her sister hadn’t told her why they were going to Fu Yun City.

After thinking about it, she replied, “My sister and I are going to Fu Yun City to participate in the Hero Conference in two months.”

“Hero Conference? Is it like a martial arts tournament?”

Meng Xiaoyu asked happily after hearing Han Rubing’s words.

“Hehe, yes. This Hero Conference is to select a highly skilled martial artist to become the Martial Alliance Leader.”

“Martial Alliance Leader?”


“Wasn’t there a Martial Alliance Leader before?”

“There was, but he has been missing for over ten years.”

“Then why didn’t they hold the Hero Conference earlier? Why wait over ten years?”

“Hehe, many people wanted to hold it earlier, but the token representing the Martial Alliance Leader, the ‘Xuan Feng Token,’ disappeared along with the previous leader. It wasn’t until a little over a month ago that the second master of ‘Ling Yu Manor’ found the ‘Xuan Feng Token’ in a remote village. My sister and I received the Hero Invitation from the master of ‘Ling Yu Manor’ a few days later.”

“Oh, I see. So anyone with martial skills can participate?”


“Even if they are from an evil sect?”

“Yes, so many martial artists, including those from evil sects, will gather in Fu Yun City in the coming months.”

“Oh, I see. Is being the Martial Alliance Leader that desirable?”

“Hehe, many people want the position of Martial Alliance Leader, but more people want the ‘Xuan Feng Token.'”

“Does the ‘Xuan Feng Token’ contain a treasure map or martial arts manual?”

“Little one, you’re quite smart. Yes, the ‘Xuan Feng Token’ contains a set of internal martial arts techniques called ‘Xuanwu Heart Sutra.'”

“Xuanwu Heart Sutra? Is it really powerful?”

“The ‘Xuanwu Heart Sutra’ was created by an extraordinary figure in the martial arts world over a hundred years ago. It’s said that this person was a prodigy, a once-in-a-century martial arts genius. By the age of sixteen, she had mastered the martial arts of various schools and had few rivals in the martial world. By the time she was twenty-four, her skills had reached an unparalleled level, making her a legend in the martial arts community.

However, at the age of twenty-five, when she had already become a myth in the martial world, she retired and secluded herself in a valley.”

“Wow, she’s like the ‘Dugu Qiubai’ of her time!”

Meng Xiaoyu exclaimed after hearing Han Rubing’s words, then asked, “So what about the ‘Xuanwu Heart Sutra’?”

“The ‘Xuanwu Heart Sutra’ is said to be an internal martial arts technique that the legendary martial artist created during her thirteen years of seclusion.”

“Then the ‘Xuanwu Heart Sutra’ must be really powerful. Otherwise, why would so many people want it?”

“Well… it should be, considering it was created by that legendary figure.”

“Should be? Don’t you guys know for sure?”

“Yeah, none of us have actually seen the internal martial arts technique.”

“Sigh… Has no one ever seen that internal martial arts technique? Not even the previous leaders of the martial arts alliance? And if you don’t know whether the ‘Xuanwu Heart Sutra’ is powerful, why are you all fighting over it?”

“Well… to be honest, as far as I know, no one has actually seen the ‘Xuanwu Heart Sutra.’ Even if someone defeats all the other martial artists and becomes the leader of the martial arts alliance, obtaining the ‘Xuanfeng Token,’ it’s still very difficult to decipher the secrets within the ‘Xuanfeng Token.’ As far as I know, none of the previous leaders of the martial arts alliance have been able to unlock the mechanisms inside the ‘Xuanfeng Token’ to retrieve the ‘Xuanwu Heart Sutra.’ Moreover, the ‘Xuanwu Heart Sutra’ was created by that legendary figure over thirteen years. Even if no one has seen its power, the fact that it was created by such a mythical person is enough to make everyone in the martial world covet it.”

“Sigh! This is probably what people call the ‘celebrity effect.'” Meng Xiaoyu sighed after hearing Han Rubing’s words.

But at the same time, she couldn’t help but think to herself, “They don’t even know if the ‘Xuanwu Heart Sutra’ is really powerful, yet they still fight over the ‘Xuanfeng Token.’

Even if they get it, they might not be able to decipher the internal mechanisms.

After all, as Ruobing just said, no one has been able to decipher those mechanisms from the past to the present.

Even if someone gets lucky and manages to decipher the mechanisms, opening the ‘Xuanfeng Token’ to retrieve the ‘Xuanwu Heart Sutra,’ how can they be sure it’s not a trap?

What if that legendary martial artist was just a fraud?

What if she deliberately wrote some martial arts technique and created the ‘Xuanfeng Token’ to store it, then pretended it accidentally got into the martial world?

Then, some fool goes through all the trouble to get the technique, only to find out it’s just an ordinary martial arts manual?

Even if the ‘Xuanwu Heart Sutra’ is a very advanced and powerful internal martial arts technique, many martial arts novels say that the more advanced the technique, the harder it is to practice and the easier it is to go astray.

If someone accidentally goes astray, they might end up like Ouyang Feng, or worse, they might die. And even if the ‘Xuanwu Heart Sutra’ is not hard to practice and doesn’t easily lead to going astray, such a powerful and advanced technique must have some conditions or side effects.

Like the ‘Bixie Sword Manual’ that requires self-castration to practice, or like Dongfang Bubai who practiced the ‘Sunflower Manual’ and became a eunuch.”

So, in conclusion, those who don’t even know what the ‘Xuanwu Heart Sutra’ is but still fight over it must either have too much time on their hands or have been kicked in the head by a donkey!

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Women in ancient times are so scary

Women in ancient times are so scary

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Meng Xiaoyu: Even running an errand, I can run into trouble. God, Buddha, Allah, what did I do to make you dislike me so much? It’s bad enough to be transported to another world, but why do I have to encounter so many “scary” women? Mom, these women are terrifying, I want to go home…

  TL: The synopsis is pretty short but this is also a pretty short novel, enjoy!


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