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Women in ancient times are so scary – chapter 4

The sun was shining brightly, and the flowers smiled at me.

The little bird said, “Good morning, good morning. Why are you carrying a small school bag on your back?”

“I’m going to blow up the school, and no one will know. As soon as I pull the string, I’ll run, and with a bang, the school will be gone.”

I walked alone on a small path in the countryside, wanting to bring those pastries to my grandmother to taste…

On a summer afternoon, the sun was shining brightly.

On a certain path outside the suburbs of Fuyun City, three travelers were walking.

Two of them looked identical but had completely different temperaments.

The two beautiful women in white walked lightly in front, while behind them was a girl with a simple ponytail, wearing purple clothes and riding a donkey.

The cheerful singing came from this girl on the donkey.

Yes, the girl riding the black-gray donkey, holding a light pink oil-paper umbrella in her right hand and pulling the rope on the donkey with her left hand, singing a nursery rhyme happily, was none other than our time-traveling Meng Xiaoyu.

Why was there such a scene?

It all started three days ago.

Three days ago, Meng Xiaoyu made up a bunch of excuses to stick with Han Rubing and her sister.

Following them, Meng Xiaoyu thought that since they were in the suburbs of Fuyun City, they would soon reach the city.

But she never expected that the suburbs would be so vast!

They had been traveling for nearly two days without seeing any sign of the city.

Meng Xiaoyu, who had never walked such a long distance in her life, swore that when they reached the small town ahead, as Ruobing had mentioned, she would definitely buy a mount.

Otherwise, she might die of exhaustion before reaching Fuyun City.

After traveling for nearly half a day more, they finally reached the small town Ruobing mentioned before sunset.

They found an inn in the town and settled down.

Meng Xiaoyu finally saw a bed.

Although it wasn’t as good as the one at home, for someone who had slept in the wild the previous night, this bed was like heaven.

Seeing Meng Xiaoyu’s excited expression, Han Rubing teased her with a smile, “It’s just a bed, why are you so excited?”

“It’s not like that. After sleeping in the wild yesterday, I realized how happy it is to have a bed to sleep in.”

“Really? You’ve never slept in the wild before?”

“Yeah, I used to watch people on TV camping in the wild, lying on the ground looking at the stars and chatting. I thought it was quite romantic. Now I know that TV shows are all lies. Sleeping on the ground looking at the stars, what’s romantic about that? The ground is hard and uncomfortable, and there are so many mosquitoes.”

“TV shows? What are those?”

“Ah? TV shows are… how should I explain this…”

Just as Meng Xiaoyu was thinking about how to explain TV shows to Han Rubing, there was a knock on the door…

Meng Xiaoyu stopped talking and looked at Han Rubing, who went to open the door.

“Ruoshang? Not asleep yet?”

Han Rubing asked her sister standing outside the door.

“No, I came to get something from you.”

“Oh, what do you need, little Ruoshang?”

Han Ruoshang glanced at her sister, who was smiling mischievously, ignored her, and walked straight to the bed.

She picked up the bundle Han Rubing had placed on the bed, opened it, and took out a white garment similar to the one she was wearing, along with two small white pieces of clothing.

If Meng Xiaoyu wasn’t mistaken, those two small pieces of clothing should be a bellyband and underwear.

They really liked white, even their underwear was white.

Meng Xiaoyu couldn’t help but think to herself, “These two sisters really like white. I wonder if they have any other colors of clothes.”

After complaining about the sisters’ clothing colors, Meng Xiaoyu said to Han Rubing, who was sitting at the table drinking tea, “Aren’t you going to sleep? Drinking tea at night can cause insomnia.”

“I’m not sleepy yet. You go ahead and sleep. I’ll go for a walk,” Han Rubing said, putting down her teacup and speaking to Meng Xiaoyu, who was already yawning.

Then she got up, opened the door, and walked out.

In fact, Han Rubing wasn’t not sleepy; she just had never slept with anyone else since she could remember, not even her sister.

Although the two sisters had very different personalities, their habits were quite similar.

Originally, when they went to the innkeeper to get rooms, they asked for three rooms.

But Meng Xiaoyu insisted on not sleeping alone, saying she was scared to sleep alone in a strange place and wouldn’t be able to sleep.

The innkeeper also said there were only two rooms left.

Seeing her sister’s frosty face, Han Rubing had no choice but to let the little girl sleep in the same room with her.

After walking outside for a while, Han Rubing felt really tired and returned to the room.

She opened the door and walked to the bed, looking at the person curled up in the blanket.

Han Rubing was speechless.

Wasn’t she the one who said she couldn’t sleep without someone accompanying her?

Then who was this person sleeping like a log in front of her?

After standing for a while, Han Rubing took off her outer clothes, wearing only her inner garments, and lifted the blanket to get into bed.

However, when she lifted the blanket, Han Rubing was taken aback.

What did she see?

Meng Xiaoyu, who was sound asleep on the bed, was completely naked.

Oh, no, she was wearing a pair of light pink kitty cat panties.

But to Han Rubing, it was as if she wasn’t wearing anything.

Han Rubing quickly calmed down and began to examine Meng Xiaoyu’s figure.

She had to admit that this little girl’s figure was quite good, with smooth skin, a flat stomach, a slender waist, and small protruding mounds on her chest, all showing the youth and beauty of the owner of this body.

As she looked, Han Rubing felt a bit hot.

She quickly put down the blanket, walked to the window, and opened it to let the wind in.

After a while, when she felt less hot, she returned to the bed, quickly lifted the blanket, and lay down, trying not to look at the little person beside her.

She then emptied her mind, trying to fall asleep.

But just as she closed her eyes for less than a quarter of an hour, she opened them again.

The reason was simple: Meng Xiaoyu usually liked to sleep hugging a giant teddy bear her mom bought for her when she was little.

So, although Meng Xiaoyu was sleeping deeply because she was tired, she wasn’t sleeping soundly.

When she turned over and touched Han Rubing, she thought it was her teddy bear and snuggled into Han Rubing’s arms with her eyes closed.

Han Rubing looked at the person snuggling into her arms and rubbing against her chest, feeling both amused and helpless.

She looked at the person who finally settled down and fell asleep after rubbing against her, sighed, and thought, “Oh well, let it be.”

With that thought, she hugged Meng Xiaoyu and closed her eyes.

Unexpectedly, Han Rubing, who thought she wouldn’t be able to sleep last night, not only fell asleep but also slept very deeply and soundly.

In the early morning, with the sunlight streaming through the window, Han Rubing slowly opened her eyes, looking somewhat surprised at the person still sleeping soundly in her arms.

She didn’t expect to sleep so deeply.

Looking outside, it was already quite late.

Han Rubing smiled and thought, it seems having a hug pillow improves sleep quality.

She’s never slept this comfortably before.

In the future, when staying at an inn, she’ll book two rooms.

This way, she won’t have trouble sleeping.

“Yes, that’s the plan. Besides, the little girl doesn’t sleep well alone, does she?”

With that thought, Han Rubing happily pushed the person in her arms away and got out of bed.

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Women in ancient times are so scary

Women in ancient times are so scary

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Meng Xiaoyu: Even running an errand, I can run into trouble. God, Buddha, Allah, what did I do to make you dislike me so much? It’s bad enough to be transported to another world, but why do I have to encounter so many “scary” women? Mom, these women are terrifying, I want to go home…

  TL: The synopsis is pretty short but this is also a pretty short novel, enjoy!


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