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Women in ancient times are so scary – chapter 37

“Boss, what did you just say? Can you repeat it?” Li Gaosheng had calmed down a bit, not as agitated as before. However, he was afraid he had misheard, so he asked Meng Xiaoyu again.

“Uh! I said, I might have a way to help your magistrate father clear up this case.” Meng Xiaoyu spoke softly, looking at Li Gaosheng’s eager face.

“Really? Boss, what’s the plan? Tell me quickly so I can inform my father!” Hearing Meng Xiaoyu repeat her words clearly, Li Gaosheng got excited again and reached out to grab Meng Xiaoyu’s hand.

Noticing Li Gaosheng...

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Women in ancient times are so scary

Women in ancient times are so scary

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Meng Xiaoyu: Even running an errand, I can run into trouble. God, Buddha, Allah, what did I do to make you dislike me so much? It’s bad enough to be transported to another world, but why do I have to encounter so many “scary” women? Mom, these women are terrifying, I want to go home…

  TL: The synopsis is pretty short but this is also a pretty short novel, enjoy!


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