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Women in ancient times are so scary – chapter 24

Seeing Meng Xiaoyu flash a bright smile at the waiter, the temperature around Han Rushuang instantly dropped several degrees.

Her gaze towards the waiter grew even colder.

The waiter felt the surrounding air become even chillier.

Noticing Han Rushuang’s icy stare, he shivered involuntarily.

He couldn’t understand when he had offended this guest.

After thinking for a moment, the waiter glanced at Meng Xiaoyu again.

He thought to himself that this girl in purple, who was both pretty and adorable, was much better.

Not only did she smile at him, but she also kindly helped him set the table.


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Women in ancient times are so scary

Women in ancient times are so scary

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Meng Xiaoyu: Even running an errand, I can run into trouble. God, Buddha, Allah, what did I do to make you dislike me so much? It’s bad enough to be transported to another world, but why do I have to encounter so many “scary” women? Mom, these women are terrifying, I want to go home…

  TL: The synopsis is pretty short but this is also a pretty short novel, enjoy!


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