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Senior sister is on top – chapter 3

Jiang Yin was severely injured, already weak and covered in blood. Her neck was bitten by the fiercely poisonous Soul-Eating Gu. If it weren’t for Tang Muxi sealing her meridians and acupoints in time, she would have already passed away. Tang Muxi carried Jiang Yin in a hurry towards the Spirit Gathering Peak. Although there was a residence at the foot of the mountain belonging to Jiang Yin, she didn’t place her there but instead took her directly to a small building halfway up the mountain.

The small building was close to the center of the Spirit Gathering Array, where the spiritual energy was rich, convenient for Tang Muxi to suppress the poison. Moreover, there were many medicinal gardens nearby. She dared not pick from others’ gardens, but it was different for the gardens of the elders and her master. After temporarily suppressing the poison in Jiang Yin’s body, Tang Muxi hurried to her master’s medicinal garden to look for herbs. Celestial Fairy Herb, Dew Grass, Purple Smoke Fruit, Falling Blossom Flower – as long as it had something to do with detoxification, regardless of the grade, Tang Muxi took them all. By the time she left, nearly one-fifth of the garden was empty.

Looking at the bare soil, Tang Muxi felt a bit guilty. She clasped her hands in prayer, then erased all traces of her presence, disguising it as the work of thieves, and ran away without looking back. She sped up as much as she could, but the round trip still wasted several hours. By the time she returned to the small building, the sky was filled with golden light and thin clouds, marking the dusk of the setting sun.

“Sister, I’m back!” Tang Muxi pushed open the door, rushed to the bedside in a flurry, and seeing that Jiang Yin had not yet awakened, her excitement faded by half. After checking the poison and wounds and finding no worsening signs, she finally relaxed and cast a spell to light the gauze lamps in the room. The bed was small, with Jiang Yin lying on it, leaving no room for anyone else to sit. Tang Muxi had no choice but to move a wooden chair from the table to the bedside, then carefully pondered how to detoxify.

The Soul-Eating Gu was not difficult to solve. Once, when she was captured by Jiang Yin and taken to the Demon Realm, she was tortured with this poison. In the place where the demon insects grew, there was a demonic plant called Ghost Face Flower, which was foul-smelling, but the tiny seeds in the center of the flower were the antidote to the Soul-Eating Gu. Unfortunately, the Ghost Face Flower only grew in the Demon Realm, and its seeds would rot if not planted Within three days of falling, making it impossible to find in the cultivation world.

Tang Muxi was headache-ridden, her gaze unintentionally falling on Jiang Yin’s fragile and slender neck, feeling restless and uneasy. The black patterns seemed to have a life of their own, trembling lightly from time to time, with the rich poison penetrating deep into the flesh/body, making even the blood faintly discolored.

Tang Muxi steeled her heart, no longer caring about the consequences, and took several plants with the best detoxifying effects from the spiritual plants, putting them whole into the casserole and boiling them over a high fire. She didn’t know how to detoxify without the antidote, but since she had locked the poison from spreading, as long as she drew out the poisoned blood and suppressed it with spiritual plants, it should alleviate the situation somewhat.

“I’m sorry, Sister, please don’t blame me…” Tang Muxi said as she made a small cut on the edge of Jiang Yin’s neck with a knife, then stripped her clothes, exposing her entire neck and shoulders before stopping her actions, her gaze flitting uncertainly, wanting to look but not daring to stare blatantly as she hugged her.

Perhaps because the meridians were sealed, Jiang Yin’s body was somewhat cold, cool and refreshing like a fruit soaked in ice water, very comfortable to hold. Her skin was delicate, smooth, and fragile, emitting bursts of cold fragrance, like the finest mutton fat jade, exceptionally moving. At this moment, with her clothes disheveled and her undergarments half-open, a hint of spring was faintly visible.

Tang Muxi felt a surge of heat, and when she blinked again, a drop of fresh red blood fell on Jiang Yin’s fair neck. The blood droplet burst open, dividing into tiny beads that slowly rolled down. She tensed up, quickly covering her nose “No way, I’m actually having a nosebleed… How embarrassing.”

Tang Muxi was annoyed at her own incompetence, hurriedly took out a handkerchief to block her nose, muttering to herself: “We’re both girls, it’s not a big deal.” Then she thought of wiping the bloodstain on Jiang Yin’s neck, but when she looked down again, she saw a bewildering scene.

As the blood droplet rolled down, it happened to pass through the small cut, which should have fallen into the air, but unexpectedly entered the cracked flesh upon contact, and the black poison patterns around the cut were devoured as if encountering something terrifying.

In less than a moment, the area around the cut was as smooth as new, with no trace of poison visible, and even the torn wound seemed to be healing. Tang Muxi was stunned, rubbed her eyes, and observed carefully.

After confirming that what had just happened was not an illusion, she hesitantly took out a dagger, lightly cut her fingertip , and dropped her blood one drop after another onto the cut.

As she expected, her blood seemed to have a strong healing and detoxifying effect.

Just a few drops in, and the black poison patterns rapidly disappeared.

Even the cut she made was completely healed, leaving no trace behind.

The entire neck and shoulders were delicate and white, showing no signs of abnormality. Tang Muxi stepped back in shock, staring at her also healed finger, her eyes wide in astonishment. She didn’t understand.

She had been through countless reincarnations, suffered numerous injuries big and small, but had never encountered such a situation. Take her previous life, for example, where she was stabbed through the heart, bleeding profusely, yet still saw no healing effect.

But now, just a few drops of blood completely neutralized the deadly poison of the Soul-Eating Gu, which sounded utterly absurd. The reason was unknown, but there was no doubt it was related to the sudden disappearance of the power that bound her.

Tang Muxi looked dazedly at Jiang Yin, who was lying peacefully on the bed, wondering if it was her illusion, but after absorbing her blood, even the scars on her body seemed to have lightened a lot. She shivered, covered her with a blanket, and fled the room, not daring to enter again all night.

* The next morning, before Tang Muxi could unblock the sealed meridians and breath, Jiang Yin opened her eyes on her own.

She had actually regained consciousness very early, but because her breath was sealed, she lay there until almost dawn before breaking through the seal and fully waking up. The first thing she saw was the unfamiliar room and eaves, the bed soft and comfortable, the blanket smooth, clearly made of high-quality materials.

Jiang Yin recalled the scene before she fainted yesterday, and it became clear that this must be Tang Muxi’s room, but she didn’t expect the other party to let her stay. She thought chaotically, suddenly the door was pushed open, and Tang Muxi walked in with a bowl of steaming medicinal soup.

Seeing her awake, she first felt guilty, then switched to her usual smile. “Sister, you’re awake.”

Tang Muxi sat down on the wooden chair by the bed, then handed the foul-smelling medicinal soup to Jiang Yin, “This is the detoxifying medicine. I’ve already fed you twice yesterday. After drinking this bowl, the poison in your body should be almost gone.”

She lied effortlessly. Tang Muxi had spent the night outside in the cold wind and was now much calmer. She decided to keep the abnormality of her blood a secret and attribute the detoxification entirely to these strange medicinal materials.

Although she knew that Jiang Yin was still a vulnerable little thing, far from the heartless demon lord of countless reincarnations, the thought of the tragic endings of Countless reincarnations made Tang Muxi dare not take risks.

She had no choice before, but this life, she wanted to be a good person. She somewhat forgot how many times she had bullied her sister in this life, but it didn’t matter. From now on, she would treat her well, strive to reform, and by clinging to her, she wouldn’t end up dead without a whole corpse.

Thinking this, Tang Muxi’s smile became even brighter, her teeth showing, looking a bit silly and obviously flattering. However, the effect was not good.

Seeing her smile so brightly and calling her “sister” so intimately, Jiang Yin frowned and retreated. Because she was still lying in bed, it looked like a virtuous woman who had strayed into the wrong path.

However, her expression was not panic but pure disgust.

Tang Muxi’s smile froze, and she barely managed not to break down, took a breath, and somewhat forcedly pushed the medicinal soup forward again, saying: “Sister, I was blind before, blinded by lard, and I… I might not have been very nice to you. But now I’ve had a sudden realization! Really, starting today, I’ll be your most, most, most cute and sensible little sister. Whatever you ask me to do, I’ll do it. Let’s forget about the past, okay?”

Tang Muxi finished speaking, recalling Duan Yurong’s pitiful appearance when begging her, and immediately imitated it to seventy or eighty percent.

Her eyes were tearful,pitiful, almost making people want to hold her in their arms and agree to all her requests.

However, the cold-hearted Jiang Yin was an exception. Even if she hadn’t been reborn, she wouldn’t have softened at all at the sight of Tang Muxi like this, let alone now that she had been influenced by demonic energy, once a demon lord above ten thousand people, who didn’t understand the concept of cherishing beauty.

Jiang Yin was somewhat surprised by Tang Muxi’s sudden change, but more so, she was suspiciously interested.

Why did the other party suddenly reform on the day she was reborn? The answer to this question was quite intriguing.

Jiang Yin now highly suspected that this “sister” in front of her, like herself, had somehow been reborn. Otherwise, given her arrogant and domineering nature, she would never be so kind to her, who was still a waste.

If that was the case, she was somewhat surprised. Tang Muxi actually chose such a tactful method. She thought Tang Muxi would want to kill her immediately to eliminate future troubles.


“Sister, where are you talking? Anyone can make mistakes. I, a talentless waste, occupy the name of sister, and it’s normal for you to have grievances. You saved my life yesterday, and I’m grateful, how dare I make demands?”

Jiang Yin played along while getting up to take the medicine, thinking about how to get Tang Muxi to talk. Yesterday, the demon insect was killed by Tang Muxi in one strike, which was a pity, but if she could find the corpse of the demon insect and extract the poison, it would be a great supplement, and it could also be used to transform her spiritual root later.

She had just finished the bitter medicine and was about to ask about the whereabouts of the Soul-Eating Gu when she noticed Tang Muxi’s face suddenly turning red and frequently glacing at her neck.

Jiang Yin felt strange and followed her gaze, only to stiffen. When lying in bed , the blanket covered her, so she didn’t notice anything unusual. Now that she sat up, she realized that her clothes had somehow come undone, the blood-stained undergarments loose and revealing the soft, immature curves, like freshly wrapped flower buds , tender and enticing.

She had fainted yesterday, and her clothes couldn’t possibly have been undone by the Soul-Eating Gu after being full, so the culprit was obvious. Jiang Yin’s expression completely fell, her round fingertips exerting slight force, and the porcelain bowl in her hand shattered.

“Sis, sister… listen to my explanation!” However, as soon as the words fell, the room was filled with a loud slap and a scream.


Author’s note: In this story, there is no celestial realm, so celestial beings, celestial treasures, celestial energy, etc., are expressions of beautiful things. If one reaches the Mahayana level and can go further, it is to ascend to the outer world. The cultivation realms are: Qi Training, Foundation Building,Golden Core, Nascent Soul, Soul Transformation, Union, Tribulation Crossing, Mahayana.

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Senior sister is on top

Senior sister is on top

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Tang Muxi is a cannon fodder villain, bound every day by a strange force, forced to bully Jiang Yin, waste her inner core, destroy her cultivation, and commit all sorts of bad deeds. Later, when Jiang Yin takes her revenge, Tang Muxi naturally becomes the most miserably dead one among them. Rebirth, courting death, being killed, such days kept repeating. Until that day, her rebirth went wrong, and the force that bound her suddenly disappeared. Tang Muxi: Am I free? (Confused.jpg) But before she could rejoice, she saw her former friends had injured Jiang Yin, leaving her bloodied and in a sorry state. Tang Muxi: ...Is it too late to kneel and beg for mercy now? Jiang Yin: Hah, what do you think? Jiang Yin discovers that the always arrogant and domineering junior sister suddenly changed her ways, treating her illness, taking stabs for her, being kind without asking for anything in return, and always greeting her with a soft and cowardly smile every day. Jiang Yin, on the surface, held no grudges, but inside, she couldn't stop the cold laughter, sitting back to see what kind of schemes and tricks the junior sister still wants to play. Later, Tang Muxi: Senior sister, senior sister, I received a love letter! Jiang Yin with a dark face: Then I should really congratulate junior sister.


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