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Senior sister is on top – chapter 1

Chapter 1

The frost-white long sword was engraved with nameless flowers, exquisite and sharp, shimmering with dazzling brilliance under the scorching sun, like a perfect immortal treasure.

Blood slowly flowed down the blade, delicate like fine silk, soon dyeing the carved flowers red, adding a touch of madness to its enchanting figure.

A beauty dancing with a sword, what a delightful sight it was.

If not for the fact that one end of the long sword tore through Tang Muxi’s heart, she would surely have admired and praised it at this moment.

Her vitality rapidly fading, consciousness on the brink of dispersing, like a wilting flower, could fall into the underworld at any moment.

In such a situation, the pain unexpectedly was not as unbearable as expected.

Tang Muxi felt her body becoming lighter, as if walking on clouds.

Perhaps sensing her imminent death, the power that had bound her for lifetimes gradually weakened, briefly allowing her to regain some control over her body.

She no longer remembered which lifetime this was, as time had gradually blurred and faded through countless cycles of reincarnation.

But the guilt she felt grew stronger, almost suffocating her.

No matter how many times she was reborn, no matter how many times she reincarnated, in every lifetime Tang Muxi was forced to commit many wrongs, and her senior sister – the terrifying demon in front of her, was always the victim of her countless misdeeds.

Tang Muxi humiliated her, made things difficult for her, and ultimately destroyed her appearance, crippled her cultivation, leading her step by step into the abyss.

Finally, she fell into darkness, returning for revenge, repeatedly killing her with her own hands.

Perhaps in this lifetime, she was somewhat lucky, not subjected to the torture of being skinned alive and having tendons pulled out, just a sword piercing her heart, which could not be considered painful.

Her arm felt heavy, her vision gradually dimming.

Tang Muxi knew her life was about to end, and there was no turning back.

Yet, she did not give up.

Weakly, she raised her hand as if she had done countless times before, wanting to touch Jiang Yin.

With a sword through her heart, Jiang Yin sneered lightly in her heart.

Just as she was about to pull out the long sword to end this boring revenge, she suddenly saw Tang Muxi reaching out, trembling, wanting to touch her face.

Her movements were slow and heavy.

If Jiang Yin wished, with a single thought, she could destroy the presumptuous hand that did not know its place.

However, today, she surprisingly did not act.

Whether it was an illusion or not, a gentle smile appeared on the blood-stained pale face, the black hair fluttering in the wind, revealing a fragile and delicate beauty that was hard to forget.

She hesitated for a moment, and at that moment, Tang Muxi’s cold fingertips touched her face, her pale lips trembling slightly, as if saying something.

Jiang Yin strained to listen, but the voice was as fine as sand, impossible to catch.

She wanted to find more clues, but the previous action seemed to have exhausted Tang Muxi’s last bit of strength.

She hesitated slightly, then fell weakly.

At the same time, a blinding lightning bolt suddenly descended from the dark and cloudy sky, deafening, tearing through the sky like a force of nature.

In an instant, the world lost its color, all living beings froze in place, like a watercolor painting, capturing everything, with only layers of ink drifting.

A dazzling supreme golden light descended, enveloping Tang Muxi’s dying body, tender and intimate, lovingly calling her back to the heavens.

Everything vanished, the fierce wind howled, and a new life began again.

If someone could transcend the six realms, at this moment, they would see a cold and sinister aura also entering the clouds, crossing time, returning to the initial encounter together.


Her head spun for a moment, and Tang Muxi knew she was about to be reborn again, because only at this moment could she have the autonomy to control her body.

In a little while, that strange power would forcibly entangle her again, leaving her no room for resistance.

Memories flashed by like a galloping horse, not just from the previous life, but mixed with vague memories of past lives.

Tang Muxi was grateful for her strong will, or she might have been lost in this sea of memories long ago.

A strong light came towards her, forcing her to close her eyes.

When the intense feeling of weightlessness subsided, the discomfort in her body had completely settled.

Tang Muxi trembled as she opened her eyes, seeing a magnificent and noble high platform building, shrouded in light mist, with gentle sunlight.

Birds chirped and frolicked on the branches, and in the distance, people came and went on the high platform, various magical treasures and mounts appearing endlessly.

This was the starting point of her countless lifetimes, a member of the thousands of sects in the spiritual cultivation world – Tianji Sect.

She had witnessed the decline and destruction of many sects, and now seeing this peaceful scene once again, she was slightly stunned.

Without the scorched earth and the broken bodies under the ruins, the place truly exuded an ethereal and prosperous atmosphere, reminiscent of the aura of immortals.

Before Tang Muxi could fully come to her senses from the complex thoughts and emotions, a clear and bright voice of a young girl sounded in her ears.

“Tang Senior Sister!” Tang Muxi subconsciously turned around and saw a pure, lovely, and lively young girl waving at her as she ran over.

Perhaps running too fast, she didn’t notice the exquisite steps half a foot high, stumbled, and exclaimed as she fell forward.

Tang Muxi instinctively reached out to support the girl, but as she touched her, she froze in place.

She realized that the power that had bound her countless times had suddenly disappeared, and her actions just now had followed her own will.

Before she could think further, Duan Yurong gasped in panic, looking up, and tightly grasped her hands, “Thank you, Tang Senior Sister…”

Tang Muxi blinked, looking at her hands being tightly held, the delicate yet slightly oppressive touch was unprecedentedly real.

Without the involuntary constraints, without the solitary confinement of a cage, she was truly free, no longer forced to commit many wrongs, able to live as she pleased, tears of joy streaming down her face.

“Tang Senior Sister?!” Duan Yurong was startled by her sudden tears, her delicate face losing color, “What’s wrong with you? Are you feeling unwell? Let me find a doctor for you.”

She said, trying to run out.

Tang Muxi dared not let her leave, quickly reaching out to stop her, wiping away her tears, coughing lightly, trying to calm herself, “I’m fine, just got some sand in my eyes. What brings you here today?”

Whether it was her arms or her mouth, all movements were controlled by her will, no longer bound like a puppet, a truly wonderful feeling.

Upon hearing the question, Duan Yurong relaxed, a hint of resentment flashing in her eyes but quickly disappearing.

Standing on tiptoe, she leaned close to Tang Muxi’s ear and said with a hint of grievance, “Senior Sister, the Tianji Secret Realm is about to open in three days. You said last time you would help me get the token, but there has been no news until now…”

After speaking, feeling that her purpose was too strong, she softened and pitifully tugged at Tang Muxi’s arm, “Senior Sister, you must help me.

Recently, that Wang Qu guy has been harassing me again, forcing me to… be intimate with him!”

Duan Yurong’s eyes were teary, tears falling from the corners of her eyes like broken strings, her nose twitching, looking pitifully distressed, “There are many treasures in the Tianji Secret Realm. If I can’t go in and find the Bone-Cleansing Immortal Grass to remove a spiritual root, I will only be a menial disciple forever, allowing that beast to humiliate me…”

After hearing this, Tang Muxi slowly remembered this matter.

Duan Yurong had a low-grade four spiritual roots and could only be a menial disciple at Tianji Sect.

She was beautiful, so she was frequently harassed by the steward Wang Qu, forced to have intimate relations with him

In order to change her current situation, Duan Yurong sought out Tang Muxi, hoping she could help her obtain the token to enter the Tianji Secret Realm, get the Bone-Cleansing Immortal Grass, wash away one of her spiritual roots, and become a lower-grade Triple Spiritual Root.

The Bone-Cleansing Immortal Grass is an extremely precious item.

If one were to purchase it with spirit stones, it would be considered sky-high in price, definitely not something a mere menial disciple like her could afford.

In the Tianji Sect, a lower-grade Triple Spiritual Root is just a relatively common and unremarkable spiritual root.

But it is already enough to get rid of the identity of a menial disciple and become an ordinary outer disciple.

This subtle change in status is like night and day.

No matter how arrogant Wang Qu may be, he would never dare to lay a hand on an outer disciple.

Moreover, she herself could cultivate through the Triple Spiritual Root, ensuring that she would not be bullied forever.

Normally, those who possess the token to the secret realm have considerable strength, making it difficult to snatch the token from them.

However, Tang Muxi’s senior sister, Jiang Yin, is an exception.

Jiang Yin and Tang Muxi both studied under the elder of the sect, but Jiang Yin has a lower-grade Quintuple Spiritual Root, which is considered the lowest-grade spiritual root in the cultivation world, almost no different from an ordinary person.

She was able to study under the elder because her foster father had a connection with the elder, allowing her to take a backdoor approach.

With such a slow cultivation speed due to her talent, but being an elder’s disciple, her status is noble, causing many to hold animosity towards Jiang Yin, frequently humiliating and tormenting her.

Tang Muxi couldn’t help but recall the desolate scene of her heart being pierced by a long sword not long ago, her face turning pale.


Duan Yurong pouted, feeling very dissatisfied with Tang Muxi’s absent-mindedness.

But due to their identities, she didn’t dare to show any dissatisfaction.

She just sniffed, hugged her arm tightly, and deliberately pressed it against her own budding chest, “Only you can save me…”

She actually didn’t care much about her body and appearance, not wanting to be with Wang Qu, but simply not seeing the benefits he could bring her.

Tang Muxi, on the other hand, is different.

She is a disciple of the sect elder, with a high-grade Heavenly Spiritual Root, just one step away from being a genius, a rare talent in the entire cultivation world.

As she grows, she will definitely become a significant figure within the Tianji Sect.

If she can climb this ladder, no one will dare to bully her again, and her future will be exceptionally bright.

Thinking of this, Duan Yurong moved closer, subtly exuding the fragrance from her body.

In the past seven days, she had gone to great lengths to pick flowers for baths, all to attract Tang Muxi more.

However, her efforts were likely in vain because Tang Muxi’s mind was filled with the scene of a sword piercing her heart, leaving her with no attention to spare for Duan Yurong’s little schemes.

“Yurong junior sister…”

Tang Muxi snapped out of the dreadful memories, her face still a bit pale.

She withdrew her arm from Duan Yurong’s embrace, creating some distance, hesitating, “I understand your difficulties, I will try to think of another way to help you, but I cannot take Jiang senior sister’s token.”

Not only can she not take it, but she shouldn’t even entertain the thought of offending her.

While others may not know, Tang Muxi, who has been killed countless times by Jiang Yin, knows that Jiang Yin will transform her spiritual roots into a very sinister and fierce Ghost Spiritual Root in the future, relying on absorbing moonlight and ghostly energy for cultivation.

Ruthless and domineering, she will eventually become a demon above all others.

Upon hearing Tang Muxi unexpectedly call Jiang Yin senior sister, Duan Yurong couldn’t help but panic, hastily saying, “Senior sister! Jiang Yin is a waste with a Quintuple Spiritual Root! She is not worthy of being above you. You must not be deceived by her!”

Duan Yurong was afraid that Tang Muxi would change her mind, so she tried hard to sow discord.

Tang Muxi had always disliked Jiang Yin, not liking how a waste with a Quintuple Spiritual Root could hold the title of senior sister.

She couldn’t believe that Tang Muxi would willingly submit to her.

Although she said it intentionally, most of it was also her true feelings.

Why should a waste with a Quintuple Spiritual Root, who is not even worthy of entering the sect, be an elder’s disciple, while she could only be a lowly menial worker, harassed daily by Wang Qu.

This time, Jiang Yin must be brought down!

Let this waste taste her bitterness!

But before she could say a few more words, a loud reprimand suddenly exploded in her ears, the voice so loud that it even made her ears ring faintly, causing her to stagger and fall to the ground.

Duan Yurong looked up in astonishment, only to realize that Tang Muxi’s face was filled with anger without her noticing.

“Tang… senior sister?”

Tang Muxi looked at her coldly, but considering this person’s difficulties, she couldn’t bring herself to be ruthless, just advising, “Don’t say these things again in the future, especially in front of Jiang senior sister. I will find a way with the spiritual roots, and I will also ask for help from someone to deal with Wang Qu’s side. You… go back for now.”

After speaking, she didn’t even look back at the person trying to stop her, hurriedly turning and leaving, leaving Duan Yurong behind with resentment in her eyes.

Senior sister is on top

Senior sister is on top

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Tang Muxi is a cannon fodder villain, bound every day by a strange force, forced to bully Jiang Yin, waste her inner core, destroy her cultivation, and commit all sorts of bad deeds. Later, when Jiang Yin takes her revenge, Tang Muxi naturally becomes the most miserably dead one among them. Rebirth, courting death, being killed, such days kept repeating. Until that day, her rebirth went wrong, and the force that bound her suddenly disappeared. Tang Muxi: Am I free? (Confused.jpg) But before she could rejoice, she saw her former friends had injured Jiang Yin, leaving her bloodied and in a sorry state. Tang Muxi: ...Is it too late to kneel and beg for mercy now? Jiang Yin: Hah, what do you think? Jiang Yin discovers that the always arrogant and domineering junior sister suddenly changed her ways, treating her illness, taking stabs for her, being kind without asking for anything in return, and always greeting her with a soft and cowardly smile every day. Jiang Yin, on the surface, held no grudges, but inside, she couldn't stop the cold laughter, sitting back to see what kind of schemes and tricks the junior sister still wants to play. Later, Tang Muxi: Senior sister, senior sister, I received a love letter! Jiang Yin with a dark face: Then I should really congratulate junior sister.


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