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I became a villainess and was pestered by beautiful girls – chapter 90

People with conviction are terrifying.

Madmen with conviction are even more terrifying.

That group of people, in order to awaken the “Demon Sovereign Bloodline” within Lian Xin, would stop at nothing and spare no expense.

“Demon Sovereign Bloodline,” Tang Xin touched his chin and said, “Does such a thing really exist?”

For low-level cultivators, their bloodline is of no use. There is no evidence that the descendants of Foundation Building cultivators have higher cultivation talent than ordinary people’s descendants.

The advantage of cultivator families lies in their longer lifespans and greater vitality, allowing them to keep having children.


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I became a villainess and was pestered by beautiful girls

I became a villainess and was pestered by beautiful girls

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Status: Ongoing Type: Native Language: chinese
After crossing over and becoming the Xuanling Sect's "badass" senior sister Tang Xin, she wanted to make a good relationship with the beautiful female protagonist, the future sword god of the Nine Provinces, Su Ling, but she was forced by the system to continue to be an "evil person"... ...Eh, something's wrong, why does she like me more the more when I scold her? Why are there more and more beautiful girls around me?!


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