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I became a villainess and was pestered by beautiful girls – chapter 27

After tracking for a while, Tang Xin found that Shui Qiu’s performance was unexpectedly satisfactory.

Although it was her first time participating in the Spirit Beast Hunting Battle, she did not show too much fear when facing the ferocious spirit beasts.

Shui Qiu had combat strength, and if she could avoid showing fear in battle, then these “carefully selected” spirit beasts wouldn’t cause her too much trouble.

However, the highlight of the Spirit Beast Hunting Battle wasn’t the spirit beasts.

The Yan family certainly wouldn’t want their promising juniors to face real threats, so the spirit beasts they let in weren’t that dangerous.

In the hunting grounds, what one needed to be extra cautious of was other people.

After a whole night of hunting, the participating juniors had more or less obtained some tokens.

Chasing points through hunting spirit beasts had become very difficult.

To stand out, one of the few methods was… to rob.

Shui Qiu removed a token hanging on a Qi Refining ninth-grade spirit beast, furrowed her brows, and spoke to someone behind her.

“Come out.”

Rustle rustle rustle—

From the bushes, two men and a woman slowly emerged, their realms either Qi Refining eighth-grade or Qi Refining ninth-grade.

“It seems you know,” the female cultivator said with her arms crossed and a sneer, “what’s meant to come will always come. We can’t possibly let you obtain any of the family’s techniques!”

“And why should an outsider take advantage of the Yan family?” the tall male cultivator mocked. “The Yan family has already been generous enough to let you grow up; you’re really shameless for wanting more!”

“Truly disgraceful!”

The three of them took turns speaking, their words sharp and voices grating.

If it had been the blue-eyed girl who ran away from home, she probably would have been cowed by their words, biting her lip and not daring to make a sound.


Shui Qiu looked at her tightly clenched hand.

But I have already learned from my senior sister what it means to be “self-reliant”!

“Cut the crap,” she said in the cold tone Tang Xin usually used, addressing the three of them, “My affairs are not for you to judge! If you want to fight, then bring it on!”

Perhaps because they had never seen such an “oppressive” demeanor from Shui Qiu before, the three of them were taken aback by her shout.

This girl, she’s only been gone for half a year, how could she have changed so much?

“Hmph, I think you’re overestimating yourself!” the female cultivator said in a sharp voice, “Then let’s use strength to bring you back to your senses!”

Tang Xin observed the changing situation of the battle from a distance.

Shui Qiu was fighting one against three, surrounded by three of the top disciples from the Yan family, at a disadvantage, only relying on the advantage of “instantaneous water attribute spells” to maneuver.

“Alas, the special training was still too short!”

The chief senior sister sat on a tree trunk, watching the struggle from afar, munching on an apple and commenting.

“She should have been told that the most important rule in combat is to use every trick in the book, pulling hair, stepping on toes, attacking vital parts… whatever is underhanded, use it. She’s still too naive…”

She could almost instantaneously cast water arrow spells, so why not aim between the opponent’s legs? Shooting at the upper body, that’s where they defend best!

But even with this kind of “honorable” combat, Shui Qiu still didn’t show signs of defeat, and even gradually turned the tide of the battle.

This is the difference between a genius and an ordinary person; the latter will lose steam as the fight goes on, while the former only gets stronger.

“How can this guy be so powerful?!” “Don’t worry, just wear her out!” “She won’t last much longer.”

The Yan family disciples seemed to want to prolong the battle, using their higher cultivation level and numbers to exhaust Shui Qiu.


“Playing a war of attrition with someone who gets more excited and produces more water?” Tang Xin casually tossed the apple core to the ground, “No need to say which side will end up exhausted…”

After a period equivalent to the burning of an incense stick.

“How, how is this possible? Her water arrow spell seems like it can be used without limit!” “Monster, this girl is simply a monster!” “Incomprehensible!”

“I am no longer who I used to be.”

Shui Qiu looked indifferently at the boys and girls who used to bully her, speaking in a calm tone.

“You will no longer be the focus of my attention, because… my future achievements will far surpass yours!”


Streams of water converged from all directions, forming a huge pillar that descended from the sky, sweeping up the three exhausted Qi Refining cultivators.

“Ah!” “Ugh!”

The water pillar thrashed them around before dispersing, leaving the three unconscious.

The girl took a breath, walked up without any expression, and took all their tokens.

As for the people, she didn’t spare them a second glance.

Seeing this, Tang Xin, who was in the distance, also flipped off the tree and walked towards the edge of the arena.

The first place in the hunting battle was set in stone.

The hunting battle ended.

When Shui Qiu returned to the gathering point unscathed, the expressions on the faces of the Yan clan leader and the elders were not very pleasant.

Obviously, even without the final tally, they knew the outcome.

“The first place, Shui Qiu…”

If the mysterious figure who returned with the blue-eyed girl made them wary, then the strength Shui Qiu displayed in the hunting battle was utterly astonishing to them.

Was she still that fifth-grade Qi Refining practitioner, the one who couldn’t even cast a fireball spell?!


Shui Qiu completely ignored the elders and disciples, her cheeks flushed as she ran towards Tang Xin.

“It seems,” Tang Xin feigned ignorance about the incident, raising an eyebrow, “you did quite well, didn’t you?”

“It was okay…” Shui Qiu said shyly.

“As long as I keep my senior sister in my heart, I feel like I’m filled with strength!”

【Main Quest “Help Shui Qiu Obtain First Place in the Hunting Battle” Completed】

【Reward “Sublimation of Temperament”】

“It’s such a simple thing, not worth getting so excited about,” Tang Xin deliberately used a bland tone to belittle her, “By the way, have you noticed any changes in me?”

What exactly is this “Sublimation of Temperament”?

“Senior sister seems even worse than before, hmph, really, you should be praising me…”

Shui Qiu grumbled, pinching her nose.


Tang Xin looked at her reflection in the pool on the ground.

Oh my…

Why do I look even more like a villain now? I don’t even need makeup to play the role of a ‘cruel and vicious’ antagonist in a period drama!

Where exactly is this temperament supposed to be sublimating to?

Just then—

“Miss Shui Qiu?”

An abrupt male voice sounded in the midst of the crowd.

Looking in the direction of the voice, there stood a young man in his mid-twenties, accompanied by several older cultivators who appeared to be quite powerful.

Upon seeing him, Shui Qiu’s brows furrowed.

“Who?” Tang Xin asked.

“The legitimate eldest son of the Zhou family,” the girl whispered, “the one the Yan family wants me to marry… Their coming at this time definitely means no good.”

“Is that so…”

Tang Xin’s mouth twitched, and a “villainous evil” expression automatically appeared on his face.

This temperament, it seems, is unchangeable…

“Don’t worry, I’m still here!”

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I became a villainess and was pestered by beautiful girls

I became a villainess and was pestered by beautiful girls

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Status: Ongoing Type: Native Language: chinese
After crossing over and becoming the Xuanling Sect's "badass" senior sister Tang Xin, she wanted to make a good relationship with the beautiful female protagonist, the future sword god of the Nine Provinces, Su Ling, but she was forced by the system to continue to be an "evil person"... ...Eh, something's wrong, why does she like me more the more when I scold her? Why are there more and more beautiful girls around me?!


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