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I became a villainess and was pestered by beautiful girls – chapter 25

[Option 1: Throw a punch and say, “What kind of test is this? Have you never been hit before?”]

[Success Rate: 49%, Reward: a top-grade Golden Core period spiritual weapon, the Overlord Hammer. Failure leads to the “Unrivaled Grass Cutter” storyline.]

[Option 2: Take an aggressive stance and say, “Do you think we’re fools?”]

[Success Rate: 100%, Reward: “All Attributes Comprehension Ability +1”.]

[Option 3: Attempt to reason patiently with the other party.]

[Success Rate: 100%, Reward: one Nine-Flavor Sovereign Pill.]


What’s the point of reasoning at a time like this!

Tang Xin immediately frowned, her gaze icy.

“Do you think we’re fools?” she said. “The Yan family will surely gather the other disciples participating in the test to target Shui Qiu. This is clearly an attempt to prevent her from obtaining the technique!”

[You have obtained “All Attributes Comprehension Ability +1”.]

“In a typical family trial, the first place is also targeted,” the middle-aged man said solemnly. “That’s the rule. If you don’t accept it, then there’s no point in discussing the technique.”

“Hmph, putting on airs…”

Tang Xin rolled up her sleeves.

“Sister… Sister Tang Xin,” Shui Qiu took a deep breath and spoke, “I think it’s fine. Let’s just go through with the test.”

[Main Quest Triggered]

[Quest: Help Shui Qiu obtain first place in the family trial.]

[Reward: Temperament Sublimation.]

Here comes another strange reward… What is Temperament Sublimation? Do I have a problem with my temperament?

But on second thought, temperament is indeed quite important for a master. If it could be sublimated, that would feel pretty good.

“Hmph, since Shui Qiu has already said so,” Tang Xin said coldly, “when does the test start, and where will it be?”

“Three days from now, in the designated area outside the city,” the Yan family head said, “the use of talismans, elixirs, and other external forces is prohibited. As for the rules, Shui Qiu should know them.”

“Understood,” the girl with blue eyes nodded firmly, “I will take the first place in the Spirit Beast Hunting Battle!”

The Spirit Beast Hunting Battle is a traditional custom of the Yan family held every year.

The Yan family would capture various spirit beasts of Qi Refining and Foundation Building levels beforehand, place specially made tokens on them, and release them into a planned area.

The younger generation within the clan needs to hunt continuously inside, and when the time is up, points are tallied based on the number and level of tokens collected.

Those with high scores will receive various rewards, while those who do not meet the standard will be punished.

This method of testing is quite popular among cultivator families, as it can test the cultivation results of the younger generation in actual combat.

Most of the younger generation of the Yan family are at the Qi Refining fifth or sixth rank, with some weaker ones at the third or fourth rank.

If it were before entering the Xuanling Sect, with Shui Qiu’s Qi Refining fifth rank, barely able to cast a fireball spell, there would be no chance of standing out in the hunting battle.

But now, with her Qi Refining seventh rank and the gradually emerging talent of her Pure Water Physique, she might have a chance.

Still, it would be difficult.

“Qi Refining eighth rank, and there’s one who is suspected to be at the Qi Refining ninth rank, not to mention that you will become the target of everyone…”

Tang Xin went out for a stroll and gathered the necessary information from some cooperative individuals.

Being lifted into the air by one hand, with the other hand’s glowing fist ready to strike, those Yan family members found it hard to refuse her requests…

“Is there still time to cultivate the ‘Ancestral Water Scripture’ now?”

Shui Qiu frowned.

【Would you like to spend ten points to calculate the success rate?】

【Calculating… The success rate is 17%, with the main obstacle being the Pure Water Physique that has not fully recovered.】

“It’s not going to work,” Tang Xin pondered. “Your Pure Water Physique has not been fully developed. A cultivation method with an extraordinary origin like the ‘Ancestral Water Scripture’ definitely isn’t something you can practice just because you want to.”

“I’m sorry, Senior Sister,” Shui Qiu said softly, “I was impulsive again…”

“What’s the big deal,” she waved her hand dismissively, “be confident, believe in your own potential!”

Even without a fully recovered Pure Water Physique, the power she could exert was still quite astonishing.

On the way here, didn’t she learn the art of quelling fire all by herself?

In Tang Xin’s opinion, what Shui Qiu lacked was not cultivation methods or experience, but… the will to fight.

And the corresponding solution, naturally, was… special training!

“For the next three days and nights, I won’t let you sleep,” Tang Xin’s lips curled up, revealing a very villainous evil smile. “Don’t cry and beg me to stop, because I won’t…”

In the following days, from the courtyard where Shui Qiu lived, the sounds of a girl’s “mm,” “ah,” and “mm-hmm” could occasionally be heard.

“Go see what that girl is up to!”

Madam Xu had sent several servants to secretly scout the courtyard, but before they could even get close to the wall, Tang Xin appeared behind them with her hands behind her back, without making a sound.

“Tell your master,” she said indifferently, “if you dare to spy on this place again, you will bear the consequences.”

Then, with a punch through the air, she struck the servant’s face, the sheer force of the punch knocking him back several meters, seemingly without any effort.

A true expert, without a doubt!

Such a punch could not be mastered without having sparred with hundreds of people!

She didn’t cause a scene at the Yan family’s place, probably out of consideration for Shui Qiu’s feelings!

After the warning, Madam Xu was in a state of constant anxiety, no longer daring to entertain the thought of prying.

The small courtyard had completely become a world for just the two sisters.

As for the results of the training…

Shui Qiu was a quick learner; even without practicing any profound techniques, she could manipulate water elemental spirit energy as easily as moving her own limbs.

Swoosh, swoosh, swoosh—

Three Water Arrow Techniques struck the target accurately. An ordinary Qi Refining seventh-grade cultivator might not be able to withstand them.


Against a stronger target, there was the Water Pillar.

She could condense a large amount of water and smash it directly into the opponent’s face. It might not kill them, but it would certainly leave them in a dazed and confused state.

To achieve this level in just three days was truly the mark of a genius among geniuses.

But… but Tang Xin felt something was still missing!

“Is it because there’s not enough water? But I can’t make her water increase in such a short time, can I?”

Tang Xin pondered.

“I’m sorry, Senior Sister,” seeing her expression, the young girl lowered her head in self-blame, “I’ve disappointed you…”

【Current Favorability: 99.99999…】

Even self-blame doesn’t affect the favorability…

Wait, could this be the key to the problem?

“Shui Qiu,” Tang Xin tentatively said, “if you win first place in the Hunting Battle, I can grant you a request… Of course, it has to be reasonable, something I can accept and fulfill, and I reserve the right to refuse at any time.”

“Wh-what,” the girl with blue eyes instantly blushed like flames, “really?”



A water pillar, even more turbulent than before, splashed directly onto Tang Xin’s face.

In the courtyard, water flooded like a golden mountain…

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I became a villainess and was pestered by beautiful girls

I became a villainess and was pestered by beautiful girls

Score 9.7
Status: Ongoing Type: Native Language: chinese
After crossing over and becoming the Xuanling Sect's "badass" senior sister Tang Xin, she wanted to make a good relationship with the beautiful female protagonist, the future sword god of the Nine Provinces, Su Ling, but she was forced by the system to continue to be an "evil person"... ...Eh, something's wrong, why does she like me more the more when I scold her? Why are there more and more beautiful girls around me?!


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