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I became a villainess and was pestered by beautiful girls – chapter 19

After choosing the “Path of Light,” Tang Xin and Shui Qiu blended into the crowd and were taken away by a group of bandits from the convoy.

In fact, without considering others, Tang Xin had the ability to create chaos and then look for a chance to escape.

However, since she chose the “Path of Light,” she naturally wanted to avoid unnecessary casualties.

“Senior Sister, what are they planning to do…” Shui Qiu followed closely beside her, asking in a low voice.

“Nothing good, that’s for sure,” Tang Xin looked around and said, “If things go south, just run and that’s that.”

These bandits seemed experienced in such matters, controlling the crowd in an orderly fashion, with guards on all sides to prevent escape.

After walking through winding mountain paths and crossing several peaks, the bandit’s stronghold appeared before them.

Having a fixed hideout indicated that these guys were living quite well.

“If you want to live, behave yourselves,” the bandit leading the way pulled down his mask, speaking fiercely, “Don’t even think about running. There are traps and our people everywhere. Running will only lead you to a dead end!”

After intimidating them, the group of female cultivators was pushed into the stronghold, and then the guards closed the tall gates tightly.

Having done this, the person in charge seemed to relax, leaving them there and only assigning two or three subordinates to watch over them.

“It seems they’ve captured quite a few people,” Tang Xin observed the surroundings and said in a low voice, “But the news hasn’t spread to the outside world, which means this must have started recently…”

Robbery was common in the cultivation world, and aside from a few powerful sects, it was generally not well-regulated.

But kidnapping was different; it involved personal safety and violated the universally recognized rules, which would lead to a joint siege.

Inside the stronghold, one could see many cultivators who were clearly not with the bandits, especially female cultivators.

“Don’t panic, Junior Sister. Let me quietly find out more about this stronghold, identify the real leader, and then figure out a plan…”

“This stronghold is called Green Wind Stronghold, and the leader is a female cultivator who calls herself the Green Wind Fairy. Her cultivation doesn’t seem to have surpassed the higher stages of Foundation Building, but she is skilled in using poison. The purpose of capturing female cultivators seems to be to test some kind of new poison.”

Shui Qiu said.

“Where did you learn this?”

“The people next to us have been communicating the whole time,” Shui Qiu pointed at the few guards, “I thought senior sister was listening too…”

Playing around, huh… And here I was, devising a thrilling plan, with all the information spilling from the NPC’s mouths!

【Option Generation in Progress…】

【Option One: Act cool as the wind, always by my side. Say to Shui Qiu, “Find a safe place to stay, I’ll be right back.”】

【Success Rate Probability 50%, Reward Technique upgrade to “Acting Cool, Just Hmm Acting”, failure results in the penalty “Act Cool and You Can’t Escape”】

A fifty-fifty chance of success?

And again, with this kind of reward without explanation?

【Option Two: Little sisters are there to be cherished. Say to Shui Qiu, “Don’t worry, I will definitely protect you!”】

【Success Probability 70%, Reward Technique upgrade to “Senior Sister’s Tenderness”, failure results in the penalty “Liars Must Swallow a Thousand Needles”】

This punishment can’t be literal, right?

【Option Three: Little sisters are there to be sold. Say to Shui Qiu, “You go distract the other enemies, I’ll take out their leader.”】

【Success Probability 100%, Reward Technique upgrade to “I Always Run Faster Than My Teammates”】

Judging from the reward, Option Three seemed almost like a divine skill…

But what kind of principle is selling out teammates? Isn’t that the very behavior of a villain?

Setting a trap with options, huh? You think I’ll always choose the third one?

Hmph, that’s underestimating me!

“I understand now.”

Tang Xin turned her head, gently patted Shui Qiu’s shoulder, and said indifferently.

“Find a safe place to stay, I’ll be right back.”

“Senior sister…”

The girl listened to her words, her eyes brimming with affection, admiration, and respect that couldn’t help but show.

Strong, confident, independent… Senior Sister Tang Xin was the person she aspired to be in her heart!

Ah, why, why can Senior Sister be so perfect!

[Special Move Three has been changed to “Act, Just Act”]

Being on the righteous path does have its benefits, for instance, luck tends to be better at times like this…

[Act, Just Act: By using facial expressions, speech, and actions, significantly increase the success rate of “Bluffing as a Master”.]

[Bluffing as a Master: Pretending to be a master to make the enemy overthink and scare themselves.]

“Finally got a normal special move, huh…”

With the special move, Tang Xin felt much more confident.

She smiled, gesturing for Shui Qiu to step aside, and under the watchful eyes of the guards, she left the crowd.


Just as the guard was about to step forward to stop her, he was interrupted by Tang Xin’s indifferent tone.

“Save it,” she activated her Mystic Eye Technique, her eyes naturally glowing as she glanced at the guard, “Is it worth it to be so loyal to a master who would poison you?”

Under the penetrating ability of the Mystic Eye Technique, she could see the guard’s arm hidden in his sleeve, covered with green lines that looked like a reaction to poison.

Combining the information she had just received, she could guess the situation quite accurately.

“What?!” the guard instinctively stepped back, “How did you see that..?”

Not only did Tang Xin possess the Mystic Eye Technique, but she had also previously taken the Celestial Brand Clear Eye Pill that kept her eyes “bright”.

Even without considering the aura she pretended to have, these “penetrating” eyes were enough to bamboozle these cultivators who hadn’t seen much of the world.

“Looking at the situation, you too must have been coerced,” Tang Xin continued in her indifferent tone with her hands behind her back, “I won’t pursue your mistakes… Now, take me to meet her.”


The two guards exchanged glances.

Such a strong oppressive force!

This young girl was not only able to discern their physical condition out of thin air but also see through their thoughts!

Could it be… Could it be that she’s a great senior from some cultivation sect?

It is said that those with exceptional talent in the cultivation world, due to their especially early Foundation Building, can maintain a youthful appearance even at the age of over a hundred.

This person was detained in the stronghold, yet there was not a trace of panic on her face, completely different from other female cultivators.

One of the universally acknowledged rules in the cultivation world: Do not judge by appearance, especially with female cultivators, because you never know how old they might be.

Tang Xin looked at the guards who weren’t making any moves and raised an eyebrow.

Would her ultimate move work or not?


She snapped her fingers, controlling her expression from “calm and composed” to “indifferently cool.”

“What’s the matter, unwilling?” She glanced at the largest building in the stronghold and said, “Just this little distance, has it tired you out? Fine, I’ll go by myself.”

How did she know the leader was there?

A master, definitely a master!

“Pre-predecessor,” the guard stammered, “please don’t be angry, we, we will lead the way right now!”

“You were absolutely right just now, we really don’t want to associate with her, it’s all because that guy poisoned us… We beg the senior to take action!”

“Mhm,” Tang Xin nodded nonchalantly, “Whether I take action or not will depend on whether your performance is satisfactory to me…”

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I became a villainess and was pestered by beautiful girls

I became a villainess and was pestered by beautiful girls

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Status: Ongoing Type: Native Language: chinese
After crossing over and becoming the Xuanling Sect's "badass" senior sister Tang Xin, she wanted to make a good relationship with the beautiful female protagonist, the future sword god of the Nine Provinces, Su Ling, but she was forced by the system to continue to be an "evil person"... ...Eh, something's wrong, why does she like me more the more when I scold her? Why are there more and more beautiful girls around me?!


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