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I became a villainess and was pestered by beautiful girls – chapter 15

“Is that all?”

With just two words, combined with Tang Xin’s expression, tone, and her naturally villainous aura, it was no surprise that Yan Xiao’s face immediately turned extremely ugly.

“Fine,” Yan Xiao said coldly, “since you’re so confident, then taste my full strength!”


Two fiery dragon tornadoes surged in response, their size more than doubling from before. Even disciples standing tens of meters away had their hair tips singed by the flames.

“This is bad,” a disciple from the inner sect of Xuanling Sect whispered, “this guy from Liuyan Mountain really has some tricks up his sleeve. Although Sister Tang is strong, she is still two levels lower in cultivation.”

They were all elite direct disciples from large cultivation sects, with no difference in the level of their techniques, and they all received top-notch guidance. Therefore, what often determined victory or defeat was the level of one’s cultivation realm.

Moreover, the techniques from Liuyan Mountain were clearly more suited for combat. Tang Xin was at a disadvantage from the start.

Hearing the powerful inner sect disciples say this, other disciples from Xuanling Sect also started to worry.

Only the person in question still looked unconcerned.

“Is that all?”

She spoke again.

“Looking down on me, huh? Then taste the power of my fiery dragon tornado!”

With Yan Xiao’s full force, the two tornadoes attacked from different directions, trying to block Tang Xin’s escape routes.

Tang Xin, however, remained calm and composed. She formed a mud wall on her left and conjured several wind blades on her right, blocking the attacks and easily moving to a safe spot.

Of course, she didn’t forget to add one more line.

“Is that all?”

Her dual spellcasting left the disciples of Xuanling Sect gasping in amazement.

Sister Tang’s current main technique was the Five Elements Jue, one of the most commonly chosen techniques by the inner sect disciples of Xuanling Sect. Its advantage was the balance of the five elements, offering strong adaptability. If one hadn’t decided on their future cultivation path, starting with this technique was usually safe, as switching to another later wouldn’t pose much of a problem.

But it had its drawbacks. The cost of having a balance of the five elements was that each was only superficially developed. Compared to those specialized techniques, its upper limit was significantly lower.

To be able to use such a low-ceiling technique so ingeniously, there’s only one possibility… that is diligent practice!

“I originally thought that Senior Sister Tang amused herself by bullying us in her spare time,” a Xuanling Sect disciple said somewhat emotionally, “Who would have thought she was actually secretly cultivating… Did we misunderstand her?”

Hearing this heartfelt exclamation, Tang Xin’s serious expression almost cracked.

What does this have to do with secretly cultivating? Being able to dual-cast spells is because of my exceptional talent… Do they really think the villain boss’s cultivation talent is a joke?

After easily dodging the direct disciple of Liuyan Mountain’s attack, Tang Xin flicked her sleeves, her demeanor as light as a breeze.

“Is that↗↘↗↘↗↘all?”

“Is that the only line you know!”

The impulse accumulated from the continuous mockery finally erupted at this moment. Yan Xiao, giving up on the long-range attacks that were hard to land, concentrated the flames in his hands and charged over with a roar.

What a great opportunity!

As everyone knows, when a villain loses their rationality, they often reveal their weaknesses.

Tang Xin seized the opportunity, concentrated her true qi in her right hand, clenched her fist, and swung it towards his face.

[Five Elements Fist: Face-hit triggers 200% critical damage]


After a loud noise, Tang Xin brought her fist to her mouth and gently blew on it.

The chief disciple never looks back at a defeated opponent…

[Main quest completed, reward: one copy of “Spiritual Eye Technique”]

Tang Xin’s gaze fell on the other disciples of Liuyan Mountain and she said indifferently.

“Does anyone else wish for a friendly exchange?”

No one answered.

Seeing this, she turned around, looked at the direct disciple of Liuyan Mountain lying on the ground with a swollen nose and face, and slowly uttered two words.

“Is that all?”


Yan Xiao’s frustration welled up inside him, and he spat out a mouthful of fresh blood.

Defeat wasn’t scary, what was terrifying was being mercilessly mocked by the opponent after defeat… and being mocked with the same sentence over and over again.

According to the agreement, he hung his head low, gritted his teeth, and in front of all the disciples of Xuanling Sect at the training ground, he uttered those three words.

“I’m… sorry.”

“Hmm,” Tang Xin crossed her arms and stood aside, thought for a moment, and said, “Is that all?”

“I,” Yan Xiao glared at her with twitching lips and said, “shouldn’t have… Pfft!”

Another mouthful of black blood sprayed out, and the direct disciple of Liuyan Mountain fainted on the spot.

“Alas, is that all?” Tang Xin shook her head and said, “Even the disciples of Xuanling Sect have stronger mental resilience…”

After initiating a provocation and failing, only to be mercilessly mocked by the opponent’s chief disciple, even if the elders of Xuanling Sect repeatedly “kindly” asked them to stay, the team from Liuyan Mountain had no face left to remain. Taking the fainted disciple with them, they left the mountain in a dejected manner.

“Sister Tang!”

“Sister is amazing!”

“Sister is forever a legend!”

Amidst the cheers, Tang Xin started to check her system panel.

【Detection of current main quest completion, preparing to update the main storyline “The villain, I’ve long since stopped wanting to be… right?” Please answer the following questions.】

【Being a villain, committing all sorts of evil, and abducting maidens, doesn’t that sound wonderful?】

“What nonsense, I’d end up dead afterward!”

【Why not enjoy everything you can before you die? Isn’t life all about pleasure?】

“What kind of big villain’s idea is that?”

【Host’s response confirmed, updating to the next stage of the main storyline…】

This system is ridiculous, why does it always want me to be the bad guy?

[The main storyline has been updated to “The Villain? I’ve Long Stopped Being One… Right?” Xuanling Sect Arc]

[The main storyline objectives have been updated]

[Main storyline objective one: Before the end of the Xuanling Sect disciples’ competition, make Su Ling snuggle into your arms of her own accord while her shyness value is at one hundred.]

[Main storyline objective two: Before the end of the Xuanling Sect disciples’ competition, make Shui Qiu say “I hate senior sister the most” while her favorability is at zero.]

[Main storyline objective three: Before the end of the Xuanling Sect disciples’ competition, obtain at least ten thousand persecution points from the Xuanling Sect disciples.]

[Failure to achieve any one of the objectives will be deemed as a failure of the current main storyline.]

[Failure penalty: Directly enter the main storyline “I, Am the Villainous Big Boss!”]


What is this? There’s such a main storyline?

“Stop yelling,” she said with a stiff face, looking towards the disciples in the training field, “I’ve told you all along, if you don’t practice diligently on normal days, you’ll only embarrass yourself when the time comes. Yet, you wouldn’t believe it.”

“Still celebrating your victory here? Don’t you know to go and train immediately? Everyone, run around the training field until I say stop, and you’re not allowed to rest!”

Disciples: “?????”

Persecution points +1+1+2+1…

Senior sister really enjoys tormenting us, doesn’t she?

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I became a villainess and was pestered by beautiful girls

I became a villainess and was pestered by beautiful girls

Score 9.7
Status: Ongoing Type: Native Language: chinese
After crossing over and becoming the Xuanling Sect's "badass" senior sister Tang Xin, she wanted to make a good relationship with the beautiful female protagonist, the future sword god of the Nine Provinces, Su Ling, but she was forced by the system to continue to be an "evil person"... ...Eh, something's wrong, why does she like me more the more when I scold her? Why are there more and more beautiful girls around me?!


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