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I became a villainess and was pestered by beautiful girls – chapter 1

On the Nine Provinces continent, on Mount Wanxian.

“Evil Demoness, meet your end!”

A young girl wearing a colorful feather robe shouted, lifting the immortal sword “Seven Emotions” in her hand and charging forward.

She was the number one sword cultivator in Nine Provinces. From an unknown outer disciple, she had endured countless hardships in her cultivation journey to stand in the respected position she held today.

And if you were to ask who had created so many obstacles on her path of cultivation, it would undoubtedly be the woman before her named Tang Xin, the Evil Demoness.

Tang Xin was originally the chief senior sister of the Xuanling Sect. Cunning and treacherous, she committed all sorts of evil deeds. Relying on her superior status, she oppressed and harassed her at every turn. But because of her exceptional talent, she received recognition from the sect and was not subject to any punishment.

Endure, she must endure!

Finally, she had endured until today.

When one can no longer endure, there is no need to endure any longer!

“Hmph,” the Evil Demoness coldly snorted. “Just you? Since you set foot on the path of cultivation, I have insulted and trampled upon you at will. Who gave you the confidence to make me meet my end?”


Only to see the Evil Demoness raise both hands, thunder resounded in the sky, the earth shattered everywhere. An endless storm of spiritual energy seemed to completely shatter this space.

“I know you are strong,” the girl, who was shaken and coughing up blood, wiped the corner of her mouth and a victorious smile appeared on her face. “But you have offended too many people. You won’t live past today!”

“Come out, my sisters!”

In the sky, clusters of light suddenly appeared out of thin air, and from within, six enchanting, holy, and icy beautiful fairies walked out.

“It’s you…?”

The Evil Demoness’s face changed drastically.

“Surprised?” The sword goddess girl sneered. “When you insulted and tormented us, did you ever think that there would be a day like this? Did you ever think that we would become the most formidable beings in the world?”

“I said, this grudge will be avenged. The insults we suffered back then will be repaid a hundredfold!”

“Just a person who wasn’t even worthy of a second glance back then,” the Evil Demoness launched the first attack. “Don’t be too arrogant!”

“Sisters, unite the Seven Stars and vanquish the Demon Lord together!”


After a battle that couldn’t be described in 1.8 million words.


The female Demon Lord, Tang Xin, fell to the ground, reaching out to grab the hem of the sword-wielding girl’s clothes.

“I refuse to accept this!”


The female Demon Lord took her last breath.

Xuanling Sect, Xiaoyao Peak, inside a wooden house.

Tang Xin, the chief disciple, abruptly opened her eyes and sat up from the bed.

“Where’s my keyboard? Where’s the pentakill?”

She muttered to herself.

Wasn’t she supposed to be sitting in front of her computer, chasing after the fifth kill and trying to steal the pentakill from her teammates? How did she end up in bed?

Suddenly, a flood of memories rushed into her brain…

The chief disciple of Xuanling Sect, the wicked and despicable senior sister, the future Demon Lord, the ultimate villain that everyone must defeat…

She had transmigrated? And she had become the ultimate villain of the entire book?

Why on earth did she, a shut-in like herself, transmigrate into the role of the ultimate villain who couldn’t even survive for three years?

After confirming that she wasn’t dreaming, Tang Xin could only accept this reality.

He… no, now it’s she. She could only survive in the Nine Provinces continent with the identity of “Senior Sister Tang Xin of Xuanling Sect.”

Fortunately, the timing of this rebirth is not bad. She has not made enemies with those protagonists who will become the “Nine Provinces saviors” in the future. Everything still has a chance to be salvaged.

In the past, I had no choice, but now I want to be a good person.jpg

“Tang Senior Sister, Su Ling Junior Sister wants to see you. She said she’s here to apologize.”

Outside the room, a female disciple reported.

Su Ling, the shame of being a direct disciple of Xuanling Sect, was brought back by the seventh elder who was at the bottom of the realm. She has made no progress in the past three years and has remained at the fifth level of Qi Refining.

If it weren’t for the elder’s protection, she would have long been stripped of her status as a direct disciple.

However, no one in the entire sect knows that she possesses an extremely rare Hidden Yuan Sword Body. The true qi she has cultivated in the past three years has been absorbed by the sword body, which is why her realm has not made any progress.

Until the Hidden Yuan Sword Body awakened, she displayed astonishing talent. After that, she challenged higher realms, encountered treasures outside, gathered sisters, obtained divine artifacts, and finally defeated the main antagonist…

That’s right, she is the future number one sword cultivator of the Nine Provinces, the Hidden Yuan Sword God, Su Ling!


Tang Xin muttered to herself with some confusion.

“Don’t you remember, Senior Sister? It was because she contradicted you a few times that you fainted…”

The female disciple outside the door said nervously.

She remembered now, the cause of the incident was that she didn’t like a disciple who was close to Su Ling, so she deliberately found an excuse to reprimand her. Su Ling couldn’t bear to see her friend being humiliated, so she stood up for her. This made her so angry that she closed her eyes and fainted, and was carried back to the room.

Sigh, such a trivial matter, just a few arguments, and it can make someone faint. If it were Su Ling in her place, this person would have been infuriated to death?

Forget it, from now on, let’s build a good relationship with Su Ling. She doesn’t want to be pierced through by a divine sword at some point in the future.

“Let her in.”


Tang Xin got off the bed and tidied up her appearance in front of the mirror.

It must be said that her appearance is truly enchanting, with features as if they were naturally bestowed, and a figure that even in plain robes, without any embellishments, is enough to captivate people’s attention.

It’s obvious that I can live off my appearance, so why do I have to do those things that are beneath me?

Besides, my talent for cultivation is top-notch. If I change my “fierce and malicious” and “sly and cunning” habits, I’ll definitely be more popular than the protagonist, right?


The wooden door was pushed open, and a girl with a ponytail walked in stealthily from outside.

Her appearance was impeccable as well, with a delicate face and slender waist. Those pair of eyes could even make people fall into them if stared at for too long.

Such a good-looking girl, but because of her “bullying,” she gradually grew into a “wild and unrestrained” sword god.

“Senior Sister Tang…”

Su Ling whispered.

She opened her mouth, as if wanting to apologize, but hesitated and didn’t say the second half of the sentence.

If there was any “characteristic” of the future hidden yuan sword god at this time, it would be that she was quite arrogant, or rather, had a strong sense of self-esteem.

Sometimes, even if she knew that taking risks to save face would be dangerous, she would resolutely do it, and in the end, she always achieved good results.

Who made her the “protagonist”?

“Su Ling.”

Tang Xin looked her up and down, confirming that there was no difference from the person in her impression.

Alright, the next step is to establish a good relationship with her…

That’s what the “female demon” thought.

【Wishing you safety, system binding in progress…】

【System binding complete, generating options…】

Huh? A system? A cheat? It looks good, huh? But what does “wishing you safety” mean? Is it hoping that I can live peacefully without being pierced by a sword?

【Option 1: Push Su Ling down and engage in unspeakable activities afterwards.】

【Success rate of one percent, reward Talent Hidden Element Sword Body, failure results in being counter-killed.】

Wait, why can I obtain Su Ling’s Hidden Element Sword Body just by pushing her down?

Why would a Foundation Building cultivator like me be counter-killed by a Qi Refining fifth rank?

Why is the success rate only one percent?

What kind of nonsense option is this!

【Option 2: Slap Su Ling and angrily scold, “You useless trash, how dare you argue with me!”】

【Success rate of ninety percent, reward a secret manual for Foundation Building stage, failure results in no reward, with a ten percent chance of being slapped back.】

Sounds pretty good…

Who am I kidding, isn’t this exactly what Tang Xin did to Su Ling in my memories!

With this slap, it will definitely trigger the plot of “endure silently, I must endure silently”!

“Can I not choose this?”

Zi zi zi—

Tang Xin immediately felt a tingling sensation in her mind, as if being electrocuted.

【Refusing to choose will result in the deduction of all existing cultivation base!】

Damn, it’s useless, and the temper is quite big!

【Option 3: Tell Su Ling “You are a little pig”】

【Success rate of ninety-nine percent, reward a wooden stick, failure results in no reward, with a one percent chance of being spat on】


Why is there a chance of failure for this?

Could it be that I will be interrupted halfway through and then directly spat on?

“What about option four? Where did option four go?”

The system did not respond.

Well, let’s analyze calmly.

As a shut-in, I don’t have any special skills, but I have played countless games.

Those who play games know that risks and benefits coexist, and without trying, there will be no results.

Hmph, do you think this small problem can trap me?

Think about it, option one has a one percent chance of obtaining the Hidden Yuan Sword Body, and achieving the position of the Supreme Sword God in the future!

How many Sword Gods can there be in the Nine Provinces continent? Only one in the past five hundred years, right? How many people are willing to take the risk of a one percent chance of survival to explore the hidden realms, just for a secret manual?

One percent is not enough? Don’t be too greedy, okay?

Let’s do it, if we say we’ll do it, we’ll do it. Life is about taking risks!

[Choose option three]

“You are a little pig.”

Tang Xin hummed.


Su Ling had an expression of “What are you talking about?”

“I said you are a little pig,” Xuanling Sect’s chief disciple waved her hand. “Let’s go, I’m tired and want to sleep.”

“Senior Sister Tang…”

“Hurry up, if you don’t leave, I’ll scold you for being a little pig again…”

“Well,” Su Ling hesitated for a moment, and with a puzzled expression, she bowed and said, “Alright, I hope Senior Sister recovers soon.”

After saying that, she quietly retreated from the room, but before leaving, she couldn’t help but steal a few more glances…

What’s the point of fighting? Isn’t it better to live a good life? Our cultivation talent is not bad, why do stupid things? It’s better to live than to die!

I’m not scared, really not scared!

Okay, I’m really scared…

Tang Xin raised his hand and a wooden stick appeared out of thin air.

Just an ordinary wooden stick, not a precious treasure, nor a remarkable plot item.

So, this is what the “Wishing You Safety” system means… It turns out that every option has two sides!

“Goodbye, I’m going to challenge Sun Wukong…”

Tang Xin hit herself on the head with the wooden stick.

A Foundation Building cultivator won’t be killed by a single hit…

“Well,” the villainous senior sister touched the bump on her head, “Isn’t it just a beautiful female protagonist? Can she defeat me?”

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I became a villainess and was pestered by beautiful girls

I became a villainess and was pestered by beautiful girls

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Status: Ongoing Type: Native Language: chinese
After crossing over and becoming the Xuanling Sect's "badass" senior sister Tang Xin, she wanted to make a good relationship with the beautiful female protagonist, the future sword god of the Nine Provinces, Su Ling, but she was forced by the system to continue to be an "evil person"... ...Eh, something's wrong, why does she like me more the more when I scold her? Why are there more and more beautiful girls around me?!


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