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I am so kind – chapter 28

Condensing the essence, energy, and spirit within the human body into a pill and achieving the Holy Embryo is a process of complete transformation. Successfully forming the pill allows one to break free from the mundane cycle of the five grains, no longer relying on food to sustain life, but instead, drawing upon the spiritual energy of heaven and earth for survival, truly distinguishing oneself from ordinary people.

Yu Mi underwent a transformation, successfully formed her pill, and stepped into the “Golden Core Stage,” where both her soul and physical strength vastly surpassed those at the final stage of Foundation Building. It took her several hours to fly from Yun City to Xuantian Sect at the end of her Foundation Building stage, but now, with Bao Gu, flying from Xuantian Sect back to Yun City took merely the time of a single incense stick to burn.

Yu Mi, carrying Bao Gu, flew to a mountain range some distance from Yun City. After carefully ensuring no one was nearby, they landed. Yu Mi then took out some spirit stones and set up a simple concealment formation. She took out a gourd of top-quality Monkey Wine, divided it into three bamboo tubes, and stored them away.

Although Yu Mi did not detect the presence of the Duobao Spirit Monkey, she knew it must be following Bao Gu. Given the monkey’s habits, it would surely sneak into Yun City to steal spiritual herbs and fruits, potentially causing great trouble.

Yun City, unlike the sparsely populated Xuantian Sect, was crowded with cultivators and experts. Standing on the city wall and randomly throwing a stone into the crowd could likely hit a Nascent Soul cultivator. If the monkey caused trouble and revealed its tracks, the entire cultivation world would come after it. She said to Bao Gu, “The naughty monkey is nearby.”

Bao Gu looked around but saw no trace of the monkey. She shouted, “Little monkey, are you there? Come out!”

Yu Mi pointed behind Bao Gu and said, “There—”

Bao Gu turned and followed Yu Mi’s direction, seeing a monkey face the size of an egg emerge from a moss-covered ancient tree, its large, round eyes staring at her.

Yu Mi patted the wine gourd and said, “We’re going to the city to exchange Monkey Wine for spiritual herbs. Do you want to come with us?”

The Duobao Spirit Monkey emerged from the ancient tree and landed on Bao Gu’s shoulder. Its body quickly shrank to the size of two fingers, its golden fur turning pure black, instantly transforming into a pet monkey often kept by scholars and poets.

Bao Gu exclaimed in surprise, “Ah! You can even change your form! Little monkey, have you already cultivated to the Transformation Stage?”

Yu Mi glanced at Bao Gu and said, “Spirit beasts and demon beasts are different. Demon beasts acquire their magical powers through cultivation, while spirit beasts are born with theirs. This monkey once followed a great master, is highly intelligent, and has more experience and skills in the cultivation world than you.”

She handed Bao Gu a set of clothes and instructed, “Change out of your sect uniform.” Yu Mi then put on a snow-white, high-collared, wide-sleeved robe and slightly altered her appearance with a spell.

Bao Gu turned around, changed out of her sect uniform, and put on the wide-sleeved long dress Yu Mi gave her. The white, high-collared, wide-sleeved dress, embroidered with plum blossoms on dark green branches against pink flowers on shiny silk, looked fresh and elegant. The dress trailed on the ground, giving her an air of grace and freedom.

Yu Mi looked Bao Gu up and down, then gave her a pair of snow-white boots and several jade ornaments to wear.

They say clothes make the man, and Bao Gu, dressed in this attire, instantly transformed from a poor, shabby figure into a young noble.

Bao Gu looked down at her outfit and touched the jade ornaments on her head, saying, “Sister, won’t I get robbed dressed like this?” Even she could tell that her attire was no ordinary wear.

Yu Mi said, “No.” Seeing the doubt in Bao Gu’s eyes, she explained, “The dress you’re wearing is made from thousand-year-old spirit silk. Although expensive, it’s more for show than practical use, offering protection against water, fire, and attacks from cultivators below the Golden Core Stage.

It’s something those who don’t lack spirit stones wear for appearance. Your boots are a minor magical artifact, engraved with the Wind Riding Charm, allowing you to move faster. The jade hairpin on your head, the jade inlaid on your belt, the waist pendant, and the jade bracelets on your wrists are all defensive magical artifacts for the Golden Core Stage.”

Bao Gu exclaimed, “Me, a Qi Cultivation Stage cultivator, wearing a full set of Golden Core Stage master’s attire, isn’t that inviting robbery?”

Yu Mi chuckled and said, “You, a Qi Cultivation Stage third-level cultivator wearing a full set of Golden Core Stage treasures, what does that imply? Even true disciples of major cultivation sects wouldn’t have such treatment. Usually, only the direct descendants of major cultivation families or the beloved of some powerful figures in a major force would wear Golden Core Stage treasures like playthings.”

Bao Gu realized that Yu Mi was dressing her up to bolster her status for the task at hand.

Yu Mi continued, “Although Golden Core Stage treasures are valuable, they won’t attract envy and malice. No one would provoke a precious direct descendant of a major force for a few Golden Core Stage items, let alone Nascent Soul Stage magical treasures. This attire will make you appear noble without bringing you trouble.”

Suddenly, Bao Gu asked, “Sister, you’ve just entered the Golden Core Stage, how do you have so many Golden Core Stage treasures?” She had heard from her sister before that she had not shied away from looting; could these be stolen goods?

Yu Mi raised an eyebrow at Bao Gu and asked, “Don’t you know that our little aunt is the most famous artifact refining genius in our sect?” She handed Bao Gu the three bamboo tubes filled with Monkey Wine and gave her a bag of one hundred low-grade spirit stones plus ten mid-grade spirit stones, saying, “Monkey Wine can only be brewed by monkeys. Ordinary low-grade Monkey Wine is hard to find, and it can sell for five hundred low-grade spirit stones on the market. The Monkey Wine brewed by the Duobao Spirit Monkey is of the highest quality, rare and sought after. Those who can offer such top-quality Monkey Wine are either of significant background or have encountered great fortune. If it’s the former, others won’t dare to offend them; if it’s the latter, it will attract covetousness and bring trouble. The Duobao Spirit Monkey caused such a commotion in the sect, and Yun City has many of our sect members coming and going. If I were to sell this wine, it could bring big trouble.”

Bao Gu replied, “I understand. So, I’m to sell this wine, right? Sister, tell me where to sell it and what the minimum price is.”

Yu Mi said, “Where to sell it, you decide! You have three tubes of Monkey Wine here, the minimum price is three thousand top-grade spirit stones. Yun City is not far ahead; you can walk there.” With that, she collected the spirit stones used for the formation, dismantled the concealment formation, and left on her flying sword.

Bao Gu carefully stored the Monkey Wine and headed towards Yun City. The boots made her feel as light as a feather, doubling her speed. With a light leap, she could jump more than ten feet, leaving no trace on the ground and even walking on the tips of grass. She sped along the way and arrived at Yun City in less than half an hour.

Although Bao Gu had been to Yun City once before, that time she had merely flashed past on a flying sword, seeing nothing but a sea of heads. She had no idea what Yun City looked like.

After entering the city, she didn’t rush to find a place to sell the Monkey Wine but leisurely strolled the streets.

The streets and houses of Yun City were similar to those in Qing Shan County, with some differences being that some residences were more majestic than the imperial palace, with glowing shields above them. The street vendors sold a variety of strange items, including ores, spiritual herbs, seeds for spiritual herbs, storage magical treasures, and even demon beasts. Two-tailed foxes, winged leopards, golden eagles, and countless other spiritual creatures were for sale. The mounts of the passersby were all demon beasts, with not a single ordinary horse in sight.

After wandering the streets for over an hour and gaining a basic understanding of Yun City, Bao Gu spent two low-grade spirit stones at a general store to buy a map of Yun City and entered a very prestigious restaurant. She chose a seat by the window and ordered the most expensive tea in the restaurant, Dragon’s Saliva Tea, placing it on the table. She didn’t even glance at the thirty low-grade spirit stones per cup Dragon’s Saliva Tea, instead, she was interested in studying the map.

The Duobao Spirit Monkey, disguised as a pet monkey, jumped onto the table, lifted the tea lid, climbed onto the cup that was almost as big as itself, hung on the rim, and drank the tea.

Yu Mi, sitting diagonally across from them, was so angry she wanted to send a sword qi to scold Bao Gu. This wasteful girl had just arrived in Yun City and went to the most expensive restaurant, Qiongyu Tower, to buy ridiculously expensive tea for a monkey to drink! She had asked her to pretend to be a noble descendant of a powerful cultivation force, and she really took herself for one.

Bao Gu didn’t notice Yu Mi following her. After the little monkey had almost finished the tea, and she had looked over the map, she called the waiter over.

The waiter asked, “Miss, would you like to order anything else?”

Bao Gu looked at the waiter with a smile and asked, “How much do you earn in spirit stones a month?”

The waiter was taken aback, not understanding the purpose of Bao Gu’s question. A woman who seemed to be in charge, hearing Bao Gu’s question, came over and asked with a smile, “Miss, is there something you need?” She waved the waiter away to attend to other customers.

Bao Gu smiled and said, “Sister, it’s like this. I’m out for the first time and don’t know my way around. I’m looking for someone to show me the way.”

The woman smiled warmly and asked, “Don’t you have a map on your table?”

Bao Gu wrinkled her nose and said, “I’ve been looking at it for a long time and still don’t understand. I’m almost out of spirit stones and want to find a place to exchange some.”

The woman laughed and asked, “Did you sneak out by yourself?”

Bao Gu made a face and said, “I didn’t sneak out.”

The woman said, “If you want to exchange items below the Golden Core Stage for spirit stones, any shop will do. If it’s above the Golden Core Stage, you can go to several larger trading houses in the city; they can all handle it. If it’s even more valuable, you can try an auction house.”

Bao Gu said with difficulty, “There are several auction houses in Yun City; I don’t know which one to choose.”

The woman said, “The auction houses in the city are all run by powerful forces with strong reputations in the cultivation world. Little sister, haven’t you heard of them?”

Bao Gu muttered, “I know of one.” She smiled and said, “Sister, tell me about the auction houses in the city! Please sit down and talk.” She invited the woman to sit down.

The woman smiled and sat down opposite Bao Gu. She had noticed this young girl as soon as she entered. A Qi Cultivation third-level cultivator wearing a full set of Golden Core Stage magical treasures from head to toe, accompanied by a pet monkey that even she, a Golden Core Stage cultivator, couldn’t gauge the depth of its cultivation, clearly indicating it was at least in the late Golden Core Stage.

Her first impression was that this young girl came from a significant background. After getting closer, she faintly smelled the scent of spiritual herbs emanating from the girl’s skin. Looking at her pure and translucent skin, it was clear she had consumed a large amount of detoxifying and body-cleansing spiritual pills and treasures. Such treatment wouldn’t even be available to true disciples of powerful cultivation forces, only to direct descendants of cultivation families.

The cultivation world is full of swindlers, including those who pretend to be descendants of noble families or disciples of powerful forces to deceive and swindle others. However, it’s not difficult to discern whether someone comes from a noble family.

Without looking at their clothes or behavior, small details can reveal everything. This pet monkey alone indicated the young girl’s extraordinary background; someone with at least Nascent Soul Stage cultivation must be behind her. The woman had no doubt that if anyone dared to harm a hair on this young girl’s head, they would immediately provoke a powerful figure they couldn’t afford to offend, and they wouldn’t even know how they died.

The woman said, “If you have treasures to sell, any auction house will do. If you’re in a hurry to exchange for spirit stones, you might consider Jubao Pavilion; they have a big auction tonight.”

Bao Gu spread out the map in front of her, found Jubao Pavilion, and said, “Here!” She moved her finger on the map and said, “Up is south, down is north, left is east, right is west…”

The woman burst into laughter and said, “It’s left is west, right is east!” She thought to herself, “No wonder she said she couldn’t read the map!”

Bao Gu said, “Oh,” lifted the map into the air, and compared it, asking, “So, which way is Jubao Pavilion?”

The woman laughed again and asked, “How did you get to Yun City?” How could she not even distinguish directions?

Bao Gu said, “There’s a teleportation formation!” She looked pitifully at the woman and said, “Sister, could you send a waiter to take me to Jubao Pavilion?”

The woman waved her hand and said, “I’ll take you there!”

Bao Gu quickly thanked her.

The woman stood up and said, “Let’s go!” She couldn’t help but laugh, thinking it was quite naughty of such a silly girl to sneak out. She wondered how worried the powerful figures behind her must be. She led Bao Gu forward and said, “I haven’t asked for your esteemed name.”

Bao Gu frowned and said, “Can I not say it?”

The woman said, “There should be a way to address you, right? I’ll go first; my name is Su Yixin. And you?”

Bao Gu pursed her lips and remained silent.

Seeing that Bao Gu wouldn’t speak, Su Yixin didn’t press further and led Bao Gu out of the restaurant towards Jubao Pavilion.

Yu Mi settled the tea bill and followed Bao Gu from a distance towards Jubao Pavilion. She never expected Bao Gu to actually get the owner of Yun City’s largest restaurant, Qiongyu Tower, to show her the way. She had underestimated Bao Gu.

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I am so kind (GL)

I am so kind (GL)

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The country is plagued by demons and a three-year drought. Fairy Immortal Yu Mi passed by Qingshan country while killing demons and came across Bao Gu. She thought she had found a treasure and swiftly abducted Bao Gu. She didn't expect that Bao Gu, who was had a full spiritual root as measured by the spiritual stone, was actually a "five miscellaneous roots" type spiritual root. This was known as a waste talent in immortal cultivation! (Aiya, fell into a trap! Can I return it?)
Bao Gu on the other hand never thought the immortal sect that Fairy Yu Mi would bring her to would be a wild mountain! How about the promised Fairy Immortal? The promised jade buildings, tall mountains, spiritual herbs and immortal treasures?! Take care of yourself?! Free apprenticeship?? Food is all in the forest and you need to find it yourself??The sect master is missing?? What about my master?? Master is currently going through a life and death stage in cultivation don't you know?
Bao Gu and Yu Mi, two poor and bitter sisters walked the path of cultivation on their own...


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