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Criteria for choosing a wife – chapter 5

“How are you here?”

Xia Yuan exclaimed in surprise upon seeing Meng Xiyue, who was in the process of unlocking the door with a passcode, and awkwardly said, “So you live here.”

Meng Xiyue looked at Xia Yuan with a cold and indifferent expression, as if asking if there was anything else, “Hmm.”


An awkward silence ensued.

Xia Yuan remained silent, standing there with her head lowered, motionless, looking wronged and as if she had decided not to speak.

Meng Xiyue looked at the top of Xia Yuan’s dark, soft hair and thought to herself that although they were not close, considering the cooperation talks with the Xia Corporation tomorrow, she lowered her gaze, opened the door, and said, “Miss Xia, since we’ve met, come in for some tea.”

Hearing this, Xia Yuan lifted her head, grabbed her bag, and walked in with a proud demeanor, as if to show great respect to Meng Xiyue.

Meng Xiyue: “……”

As soon as Xia Yuan entered, she looked around the room. It was ordinary but comfortable. She made herself at home, sitting on the sofa as if she owned the place.

At this time, the housekeeper had already gone to bed. Meng Xiyue poured a glass of water for Xia Yuan and then relaxed on the sofa.

Truth be told, Meng Xiyue had been extremely busy lately. The company was at a critical juncture, and its future success hinged on the cooperation with the Xia Corporation tomorrow.

Xia Yuan sipped her water and glanced at Meng Xiyue, who was half-squinting her eyes. The light illuminated her face, making her look fair and beautiful, with a hint of laziness.

Xia Yuan put down her glass and subconsciously touched her own face, thinking contentedly that she was not bad-looking either. Then, she thought of her brother Li, who had been her unrequited love for so many years. And now, he seemed interested in the plain Ding Yaoyao. What was so good about that woman?

Thinking this, Xia Yuan’s suppressed anger flared up again.

Meng Xiyue, who was relaxing, suddenly heard, “What does Ding Yaoyao have that I don’t?”

Meng Xiyue, who had been half-closing her eyes, opened them and straightened up, looking at the fuming Xia Yuan in surprise, instantly understanding the situation.

To be honest, Meng Xiyue was not familiar with either Xia Yuan or Ding Yaoyao, so she couldn’t compare the two.

Moreover, Meng Xiyue didn’t think she was obliged to answer such a pointless question. After all, they were practically strangers.

“Sorry, Miss Xia, I’m not very familiar with the two of you.”

Xia Yuan regretted asking such a question out of the blue. After all, she had only met Meng Xiyue four times. However, upon hearing this, she muttered a few words, feeling that Meng Xiyue couldn’t say anything pleasing. If it were the people who usually followed her, they would definitely praise her to the skies.

She hesitated for a while before asking, “Ding Yaoyao is clearly not as pretty as me, so why does Brother Li like her and not me?”

She was really frustrated. The day before yesterday, Li Ting had made plans to dine with her, but he stood her up to accompany Ding Yaoyao instead.

What’s more, she found kiss marks on Ding Yaoyao, and as an adult, Xia Yuan knew exactly what that meant. She could only comfort herself desperately in her heart.

She wanted to be the last woman in Brother Li’s life.

But she just couldn’t get over that hurdle in her heart.

Originally, she had planned to have a serious talk with Li Ting today, but she was told that he hadn’t come back. Xia Yuan knew that Li Ting had left work early with Ding Yaoyao a long time ago.

It was late, and it was obvious where they had gone.

Feeling unbearably suffocated, she couldn’t help but scream, and then she ran into Meng Xiyue.

Meng Xiyue didn’t want to delve into Xia Yuan’s complicated feelings, but upon hearing her words, she subconsciously looked at her.

Xia Yuan was indeed very beautiful, with a charming and bold face, and a graceful figure, looking at her with a bit of pity and grievance.

She recalled the plot and the female lead, Ding Yaoyao, whom she had met a few times before. Ding Yaoyao couldn’t be considered pretty, just delicate.

She remembered that the book described the female lead’s stubborn and bright eyes multiple times. The male lead was attracted to her because her eyes resembled his first love.

Then, there was a bunch of censored content, like “Little demon, come on top, move by yourself.”

And there were multiple instances of the male lead forcing the female lead, both physically and emotionally, yet the story still had a happy ending.

Thinking of this, Meng Xiyue’s face darkened. In her view, this book was simply full of wrong values, with everyone obsessed with love.

Hardly anyone was normal.

Meng Xiyue glanced at Xia Yuan, the so-called vicious female supporting character, whose values were even more bizarre, resorting to drugging or causing the female lead to miscarry, and shamelessly groveling at the male lead’s feet, only to end up with her family ruined and herself dead.

Completely irrational.

Thinking that if tomorrow’s collaboration with the Xia Corporation is successful, at the very least, their company and the Xia Corporation would be tightly bound together for a year, sharing both glory and loss.

Without emotion, he rationally told Xia Yuan, “A melon forced off its vine is not sweet.”

Hearing this, Xia Yuan immediately became unhappy. She wanted encouragement, she wanted to be praised and Ding Yaoyao to be belittened. She was like a chicken injected with adrenaline, suddenly standing up: “Just you wait and see, Brother Li will definitely be mine.”

She was waiting to take down that little bitch Ding Yaoyao.

Then she stormed off.

Watching the door close, Meng Xiyue felt no emotional stir, only hoping that the president of the Xia Corporation tomorrow would be a normal person.

Meng Xiyue prepared the collaboration materials, and along with Assistant Li and Secretary Gao, went to the Xia Corporation.

The meeting went smoothly. The president of the Xia Corporation, Xia Ke, was a very gentle and elegant man, not arrogant like Li Ting.

Overall, the first impression was very pleasant.

Xia Ke, listening to Meng Xiyue’s proposal, had to admit the excellence of the other party. This rising star in the business world, given time, who knows what heights she could reach.

At the same time, he thought of his own sister, Yuan’er, who had been spoiled by them since childhood, acting impulsively without considering the consequences. If she could be half as excellent as Meng Xiyue, he would be satisfied.

Meng Xiyue concluded the presentation: “President Xia, what do you think?”

Xia Ke was considering, and the managers of the Xia Corporation were also discussing in low voices.

Besides considering the company’s directors, Xia Ke also thought of Li Ting. He and Li Ting had grown up together, like brothers.

Meng Xiyue’s plan being rejected by Li Ting was also clear to him.

Li Ting was used to being domineering. If he knew that he was collaborating with N.S, he might be uncomfortable.

However, Xia Ke lowered his eyes.

He thought of his sister, who had liked to follow Li Ting since she was young, and as she grew up, she even declared she would marry him. But Li Ting always said he only saw Xia Yuan as a sister.

Yet, his attitude was somewhat ambiguous.

This was something Xia Ke has always been dissatisfied with.

However, the business world is like a battlefield. The Li family has dominated City S for so many years, and the Xia family is not without ambition. Meng Xiyue’s plan just hit the spot for Xia Ke.

He pondered for a while and made up his mind: “Miss Meng, please wait in the meeting room. I’ll hold a meeting and give you an answer within half an hour.”

Meng Xiyue knew there was an 80% chance of success, her face wearing a reserved smile, “Okay.”

As soon as Meng Xiyue left, Xia Ke instructed the senior management to convene a meeting.

Meanwhile, Meng Xiyue had just arrived at the reception room when she saw Xia Yuan again.

Meng Xiyue: “……”

But the other party didn’t greet her either, slightly lifting her chin, stepping on her high heels, she snorted coldly and walked past her.


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Criteria for choosing a spouse

Criteria for choosing a spouse

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Meng Xiyue unintentionally traveled into the book "Deep Love: The Delicate Wife Runs with the Ball," but fortunately, she was just a passerby. Watching the frustrating love between the male and female leads, Meng Xiyue set her standards for a partner: someone with correct principles, a sound mind, calm in situations, and preferably not obsessed with love. Then one day, Meng Xiyue encountered the vicious female supporting character from the book... Guide for consumption:
  1. A sweet story, approximately 180k words in total.
  2. The unemotional Meng Xi Yue × the imaginative drama king, Xia Yu An.
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