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Criteria for choosing a wife – chapter 2

“President, the meeting time with Tianyu Group is approaching,” Meng Xiyue glanced at her watch. There was still half an hour left to the agreed time. She stopped her work, her delicate face showing little emotion: “I know.”

Following behind Meng Xiyue, Assistant Li felt nervous. Tianyu Group was a top-tier, deeply rooted family in City S. Although their company had made a name for itself in City S over the past few months, they were still insignificant in the eyes of Tianyu.

However, looking at the slender figure walking ahead, Assistant Li’s restless heart gradually calmed down. He had spent the most time with Meng Xiyue recently and had witnessed how she faced immense pressure and led them out of difficult situations, even taking them to new heights.

Sometimes, Meng Xiyue was too busy to eat, especially during several instances of working overtime until the early hours. The hard work was the foundation of their achievements today.

Truthfully, the company’s senior management had no confidence in this cooperation with Tianyu.

“I’m sorry, President Li is still in a meeting. Please wait a moment,” the secretary said.

They had arrived five minutes earlier than the scheduled time.

The secretary led Meng Xiyue and the other two into the reception room to rest. Not long after they sat down, the door was gently knocked, and a woman in work attire entered, placing down a cup of tea: “Please have some tea.”

Unfortunately, as she was placing the last cup, she accidentally knocked over the water cup, splashing some water on Meng Xiyue.

“I’m sorry, I’m sorry, I didn’t do it on purpose,” the woman quickly reached for a tissue to wipe Meng Xiyue.

Feeling a sense of déjà vu, Meng Xiyue stopped the woman’s hand, looking at her reddened eyes, “…It’s okay, I’ll go to the restroom.”

Without waiting for a response, she got up and left.

The woman left behind had even redder eyes and turned to say to Secretary Gao and Assistant Li, “I really didn’t do it on purpose.”

Secretary Gao smiled, “It’s okay, you can go now.”

The woman wanted to say more, but facing the two who clearly had nothing more to say, she could only leave reluctantly.

She had wanted to apologize properly.

Meng Xiyue adjusted her clothes in front of the restroom mirror, looking at her reflection. She hadn’t expected to have such a close encounter with the female lead.

Even though it wasn’t very pleasant.

After getting everything in order, Meng Xiyue had just stepped out when she encountered Xia Yuan, who was striding over in high heels with an imposing aura.

It was clear that Xia Yuan had also noticed Meng Xiyue.

Xia Yuan sized up the woman she had once warned with a sidelong glance. Dressed in a professional suit, she looked capable and attractive, making her legs appear long and straight. Instantly, Xia Yuan felt displeased, not expecting the other party to have actually made it this far, to work at Tianyu. It could be said that she held information on every single woman on this floor who was single.

Li Ting was firmly within her grasp.

Facing this unexpected development, especially from a woman who dared to openly encroach on her territory, she was not going to show a pleasant face. With her eyes widened and arms crossed, she huffed, “Hmph, you actually dare to come here?”

In response to this kind of villainous female character who didn’t know what to say right from the start, Meng Xiyue greeted her with a slight nod, maintaining her composure, and then walked away.

Xia Yuan, who had thought there would be a confrontation, was dumbfounded. The other party wasn’t following the script.

What was more infuriating was that she dared to ignore her. Xia Yuan quickly caught up to Meng Xiyue and grabbed her arm, “What’s wrong with you, I’m talking to you.”

Meng Xiyue glanced at the crease on her sleeve, frowning slightly, “Miss Xia, I think…”

Before Meng Xiyue could finish, Xia Yuan haughtily lifted her chin, “It’s good that you know who I am. You’d better leave Tianyu Group, or else you’ll regret it.”

Meng Xiyue: “…I think you’ve misunderstood, I…”

Xia Yuan interrupted Meng Xiyue again, continuing to speak her mind, “Hmph, I’ve seen many women like you, talking about misunderstandings, but actually, behind the scenes, you’re still trying to seduce my brother Li.”

“…” This time, Meng Xiyue simply couldn’t be bothered to speak. Under the incredulous gaze of the other party, she brushed off the hand that was grabbing her sleeve and was about to leave when Ding Yaoyao, the female lead who had just splashed her with quite a bit of water, hurried over, “Miss Meng, are you alright?”

Before Meng Xiyue could respond, Ding Yaoyao fearlessly stood in front of her, speaking righteously, “Miss Xia, please don’t bully Miss Meng.”

Xia Yuan exploded on the spot, “Who do you think you are, talking to me like that?”

Ding Yaoyao stood tall and unyielding, “Miss Meng is a guest of the company, and I will not let you harm her.”

From the first day Ding Yaoyao arrived, she had been bullied by Xia Yuan several times, yet that person always sided with Xia Yuan. Ding Yaoyao, hiding the sourness in her eyes, continued, “If the president finds out what you’re doing, he won’t be pleased.”

Mentioning Li Ting made Xia Yuan even more furious, “Ding Yaoyao, who do you think you are? I’m warning you, you’d better stay away from brother Li.”

Hearing the affectionate ‘brother Li’ from the other party, Ding Yaoyao felt an even stronger sourness in her heart, “I have nothing to do with President Li, we…”

Meanwhile, Meng Xiyue, who had inadvertently caused the dispute, had already left. Just then, the partner for this time’s collaboration came out from the meeting room, leaving Meng Xiyue no choice but to greet him, “President Li.”

The other party gave her a brief glance, taking large strides towards the place where Ding Yaoyao and Xia Yuan were arguing.

Meng Xiyue: “……”

“Ding Yaoyao, go get the documents from the office.” Li Ting stood next to Ding Yaoyao, his voice low and displeased, obviously having heard the “it doesn’t matter” Ding Yaoyao had just said.

Ding Yaoyao, noticing the desire in the other’s dim eyes, blushed and almost ran away.

Xia Yuan, however, didn’t notice this change. She was more pleased, thinking that Li Ting was helping her deal with Ding Yaoyao just now.

Li Ting looked at Xia Yuan’s triumphant appearance, a hint of disgust flashed in his eyes, but remembering that Xia Yuan’s brother was a good friend of his, he suppressed the displeasure in his heart: “Yuan, you go back first, let’s have dinner together later.”

Hearing that she could have a candlelight dinner with her crush, Xia Yuan’s heart thumped wildly, her face slightly flushed with a coy restraint, “Then I’ll wait for Brother Li’s call.”

Xia Yuan, ready to leave in high spirits, glared at Meng Xiyue for a moment before turning around and swaying away.

Meng Xiyue, at a loss for words: “……”

Criteria for choosing a spouse

Criteria for choosing a spouse

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Status: Ongoing Type: Native Language: chinese
Meng Xiyue unintentionally traveled into the book "Deep Love: The Delicate Wife Runs with the Ball," but fortunately, she was just a passerby. Watching the frustrating love between the male and female leads, Meng Xiyue set her standards for a partner: someone with correct principles, a sound mind, calm in situations, and preferably not obsessed with love. Then one day, Meng Xiyue encountered the vicious female supporting character from the book... Guide for consumption:
  1. A sweet story, approximately 180k words in total.
  2. The unemotional Meng Xi Yue × the imaginative drama king, Xia Yu An.
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