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Criteria for choosing a wife – chapter 16

Meng Xiyue found a well-lit sofa to sit on and casually picked up a fashion magazine from the table to flip through.

Xia Yuan quickly changed into a pair of slippers and turned around to see Meng Xiyue bathed in light.

Her eyelashes were long and thick, casting a small shadow on her fair face, giving her a look of breezy indifference.

It was clear that Meng Xiyue was very relaxed at the moment.

Xia Yuan took a seat next to Meng Xiyue. As Meng Xiyue was flipping through the magazine, she paused and slightly shifted her body.


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Criteria for choosing a spouse

Criteria for choosing a spouse

Score 9.2
Status: Ongoing Type: Native Language: chinese
Meng Xiyue unintentionally traveled into the book "Deep Love: The Delicate Wife Runs with the Ball," but fortunately, she was just a passerby. Watching the frustrating love between the male and female leads, Meng Xiyue set her standards for a partner: someone with correct principles, a sound mind, calm in situations, and preferably not obsessed with love. Then one day, Meng Xiyue encountered the vicious female supporting character from the book... Guide for consumption:
  1. A sweet story, approximately 180k words in total.
  2. The unemotional Meng Xi Yue × the imaginative drama king, Xia Yu An.
  3. 1V1


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