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I am so kind full review and upcoming novel survey

Hi guys! I’ve recently fully completed reading this novel now reading ahead to make sure nothing is missed from the translation for you guys. I have also been checking to see if there were any plot holes or issues with the story down the track and suffice to say I am very happy with it. Now, I normally don’t translate novels I haven’t finished as I need to know if it’s a story I can be motivated to finish translating or not but sometimes I take a risk like with I am so kind.

This novel has truly met my expectations for a Xianxia Yuri romance/cultivation novel where there is fighting, cultivation, enemies to kill and friends to adore. The main couple of the story, Yu Mi and Bao Gu are of course a core part of the story and the ups and downs of their relationship will leave you constantly reading for sure!


Anyway, I also wanted to put it on notice than probably next week I will be introducing a survey for the next novel for premium readers. There will be 5 novels to choose from and all of the premium subscribers are welcome to choose whichever novel they would like. The highest voted novel will be the next novel for translation and our lovely premium readers will of course get first dibs. This will bring the current novel count of Lightnovelsai to 4 novels – 3 chapters each week for premium subscribers!~


Anywho, getting right into it translator san’s in-depth review below!

World: Truly one of the rare Xianxia novels to have a yuri element to it, this novel has definitely exceeded my expectations as to what and how a xianxia world is for these types of novels. I have read many Xianxia yuri novels but only a scarce few leave an impression. This one’s world left an impression simply because of how brutal it is – the MC has a scant few friends she can truly trust and has to consider being betrayed at anytime, this often leaves the MC at odds with the world and at odds with human greed, the title in this case is very telling as it shows how the cultivation world simply does not allow for “kind” people to exist, people will either fear you or suppress you in the dog eat dog world of cultivation.


Plot: The plot proceeds at a smooth pace, although the ending is a bit of a cliffhanger, to the author’s credit at least most loose ends have been tied up by then. If you are reading this for the part where MC gets together with FL, it happens a couple hundred chapters in which is quite early for this type of novel. There are some cute scenes, some x rated scenes but for a vast majority of the novel it is actually plot and how the MC keeps her friends and family safe regardless of any consequences. The MC gets into trouble and fights trouble often at the cost of her life and you can truly feel how desperate some of the situations can be. I won’t spoil it but there is definitely plenty of fighting in this novel.


Characters: Bao Gu and Yu Mi the titular characters are very cute together. Bao Gu is a kind girl brought into the cultivation world and forced to be brutal in order to combat the injustice and evil of the cultivation world where everyone fights for benefits. She only trusts a few people even at the end of the novel and it is clear that Yu Mi is #1 amongst these. Our little MC sacrifices a lot in the novel for her love with Yu Mi and to keep her safe and Yu Mi does the same, you can feel the depths of their feelings for each other despite there not being any of the typical “fluffy” scenes and it’s nice. Other characters are also well developed and have a personality, they all have their own sort of mini-plots and are explored decently well, be warned not all the characters MC meets are permanent and her relationships with others aside from Yu Mi is ever changing and constant.


Overall: I think this was quite a good novel to read if you want something fresh with the spice of fighting/combat and xianxia. For its length (572 chapters) it is worth a read. If you would like to read it in English you can read my translations. I do feel like the author could have wrapped it up better but it is what it is, at least they are together and happy.


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