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After flirting with the male lead’s harem… I messed up – chapter 26

“But…” Song Cha hesitated to speak.

“There are no buts.” Wu Longyue looked at Song Cha seriously: “Sister Song Cha, you are just too kind, that’s why you treat your friends with such sincerity.”

Song Cha: “…”

Wu Longyue said she was too kind, that’s why she treated her friends with such sincerity?

After hearing what Wu Longyue said, Song Cha felt like she was about to lose her understanding of the words kindness and sincerity.

“I am only this good to Longyue.” Saying this, Song Cha looked at Wu Longyue: “Have you forgotten the magical artifact you gave me?”

“It’s not the same.” Wu Longyue was very serious: “Sister Song Cha, in friendship, it’s not about how much you give, but about how much what you give represents of what you own.”

Song Cha: “…”

Wu Longyue: “For example, Sister Song Cha, you invite me to meals, give me such beautiful clothes, clothes you don’t even have for yourself. So these are everything to you. But it’s different for me, the magical artifact and clothes I give you are just a small part of what I own.”

Song Cha: “…”

Wu Longyue looked at Song Cha tenderly: “So, Sister Song Cha, you have given so much for me, I need to give even more to make up for it.”

Wu Longyue’s point of view was truly toxic.

It was so toxic that when Song Cha heard this perspective, she was simply at a loss for words.

Back in the modern era, she had a friend who said something similar to her. But what that friend said was, Song Cha, you are so beautiful, and so many people like you, can you not let XX like you? After all, you still have many admirers.

The amount a person gives is not measured by how much they own.

However, people are selfish. Even when reasoning, they tend to lean towards themselves, towards directions that are beneficial to them.

Song Cha had never seen someone like Wu Longyue, who, despite giving more, still favored others.

But that’s not important.

What’s important is, since Wu Longyue is so biased towards others, then Song Cha will take advantage of this situation.

Song Cha lowered her head, seemingly a bit shy: “Longyue , it was you who gave more.”

“No, it’s Sister Song Cha who gave more.” Wu Longyue slightly curled her lips, revealing a smile.

“Thank you, Lunyue.” Song Cha’s voice was soft, and a hint of blush appeared on her face.

The sight of the beautiful and delicate girl blushing was truly captivating.

Wu Longyue couldn’t help but take another glance at Song Cha.

She felt that Song Cha was incredibly beautiful,

the most beautiful person she had ever seen.

Not only was she beautiful, but she was also delicate and adorable, blushing just from receiving a few pieces of clothing. This showed how pure she was in her everyday life.

Song Cha was unaware that at this moment, in Wu Longyue’s heart, she had been stamped as pure.

Song Cha, who had accepted clothes worth three hundred high-grade spirit stones, was in a very good mood.

Although Song Cha now possessed two thousand high-grade spirit stones and half a top-grade spirit stone, getting so many beautiful clothes without spending any money was still wonderful.

The feeling of getting something for free… was just exhilarating.

“Sister Song Cha, I’ve finished buying clothes and would like to look at other things,” said Wu Longyue.

Hearing Wu Longyue’s words, the always gentle and kind Song Cha naturally wouldn’t refuse her, “Okay.”

After Wu Longyue left the shop, she continued to pull Song Cha forward.

“Sister Song Cha, do you like elixirs?” Wu Longyue asked while walking alongside Song Cha.

Song Cha: “……”

Hearing Wu Longyue ask if she liked elixirs, Song Cha immediately understood that Wu Longyue wanted to gift her some.

Elixirs were something no one would dislike.

However, Song Cha, who had read this novel, was somewhat wary of elixirs.

As described in the later parts of the book, consuming too many elixirs can lead to the accumulation of elixir toxicity in the body. Under such circumstances, it becomes difficult to achieve a breakthrough.

Since Song Cha began her cultivation, she has only taken a few elixirs.

However… although elixirs carry the risk of toxicity, there is one type of elixir that does not have this drawback.

This type of elixir is known as a supreme-grade elixir.

If it were someone else, Song Cha would have taken the opportunity to express her dislike for elixirs. But this person was Wu Longyue, the holy maiden of the Wu Clan, Wu Longyue.

Song Cha’s long, thick eyelashes drooped, casting a faint shadow: “I… I only like supreme-grade elixirs.”

“Supreme-grade elixirs?” Wu Longyue echoed the phrase.

“Yes, supreme-grade elixirs,” Song Cha said, with a hint of dejection, “In the past, I read in miscellaneous books that ordinary elixirs contain toxicity, which can affect future cultivation breakthroughs, so I never dared to take them.”

Wu Longyue: “……”

Seeing that Wu Longyue was silent, Song Cha seemed to be struck by it, her eyes dimming as she looked at Wu Longyue: “Longyue, am I worrying too much? Despite not having spirit stones, I’m still so picky.”

Witch Longyue: “……”

Seeing Song Cha’s disheartened appearance, Wu Longyue felt a pang of distress. She hadn’t expected that merely pondering the question of whether consuming ordinary elixirs in excess could affect one’s realm breakthrough would make Song Cha so downcast.

“No, Sister Song Cha, of course not,” Wu Longyue immediately countered Song Cha’s words: “Sister Song Cha, you are so beautiful, and your cultivation is so high! Someone like you, only supreme-grade elixirs are worthy of you.”

Song Cha: “……”

It seemed that Wu Longyue’s words had amused her, and a smile finally returned to Song Cha’s previously somber face: “Lunyue, you always know how to cheer me up. Saying that only supreme-grade elixirs are worthy of me, with my spirit stones, I can’t even afford supreme-grade elixirs.”

Wu Longyue: “……”

Seeing Song Cha smile again, Wu Longyue finally breathed a sigh of relief in her heart.

As long as Sister Song Cha isn’t feeling down, that’s good.

She’s so wonderful, she should be smiling every day.

However… Sister Song Cha actually said she couldn’t afford top-grade elixirs.

Wu Longyue couldn’t accept this.

Sister Song Cha is clearly so good, why can’t she afford top-grade elixirs!

“Sister Song Cha, I just happen to want to go to the elixir store to buy some elixirs, why don’t you come with me and take a look?” Wu Longyue said.

“Okay.” The kind-hearted Song Cha naturally agreed to Wu Longyue’s request.

Since the two of them were currently in the city center of Qingfeng City, all kinds of commonly used items for cultivators were naturally available.

Wu Longyue and Song Cha quickly spotted a large elixir shop.

The two walked in.

The decoration of the elixir shop was even more luxurious than the ready-to-wear shops, with many defensive formations set up inside. Under each defensive formation, there were exquisitely crafted jade bottles.

Next to these jade bottles, there were signs indicating the types and effects of the elixirs.

Wu Longyue directly pulled Song Cha towards the area where the Golden Core stage elixirs were displayed.

The cultivation realms in the cultivation world are divided into: Qi Training, Foundation Building, Golden Core, Nascent Soul, Spirit Transformation, Transcending Tribulation, Mahayana, and Ascension.

Among these realms, Qi Training is just the beginning, Foundation Building is the backbone, Golden Core is considered a minor expert level. Nascent Soul is already a strong cultivator, while Spirit Transformation is the strong among the strong. Those in the Transcending Tribulation stage generally do not come out anymore, calmly waiting to overcome the tribulation, ready to step into the Mahayana realm, waiting for ascension.

Therefore, the elixirs displayed on the surface of this shop were only for Qi Training, Foundation Building, and Golden Core stages. If one needed Nascent Soul stage elixirs, they would have to directly find the shop owner, state the name of the elixir, and then the owner would help to find it.

Nascent Soul stage elixirs are very expensive, and losing even one is a great loss.

Thus, for Wu Longyue and Song Cha to look at Golden Core stage elixirs, to the people in the shop, they were considered big customers.

Upon seeing Wu Longyue and Song Cha arrive at the Golden Core stage elixir area, several shop assistants hurriedly came over to greet them and began to introduce their products attentively.

“Ladies, may I ask what type of elixirs you need?”

“I want something to replenish spiritual energy,” Wu Longyue said.

“To replenish spiritual energy, there are Yuan Supplement Pills, Spirit Supplement Pills, True Essence Pills…” The shop assistant began to introduce the various medicinal pills with an endless enthusiasm.

“Which is the best?” Wu Longyue interrupted the shop assistant’s introduction.

Hearing Wu Longyue ask which was the best, the shop assistant’s smile grew even more attentive: “Of course, the True Essence Pill is the best. Consuming one can replenish the spiritual energy needed at the peak of the Golden Core stage. It can be used both during regular cultivation and when spiritual energy is exhausted in battle.”

Hearing the shop assistant’s introduction, Wu Longyue was somewhat tempted.

“How much for one?”

“One high-grade spirit stone.”

“Is there a superior quality version of this pill?”

“Yes, yes, yes! But it costs ten high-grade spirit stones each.”

“Give me one hundred,” Wu Longyue said without hesitation.

After saying this, she continued to inquire, “Are there other types of medicinal pills with different functions?”

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After flirting with the male lead’s harem… I messed up

After flirting with the male lead’s harem… I messed up

Score 8.9
Status: Ongoing Type: Native Language: chinese
Song Cha was known as the "Queen of Green Tea". When Song Cha traveled through time. She finds herself in a stallion text where the male lead has a harem of 3000?! Regarding this, Song Cha says: As long as there is life, green tea women will never stop winning. She secretly sets two small goals for herself:
  1. Make the male lead fall for her green tea scent.
  2. Turn all the male lead's harem into cannon fodder!
The first small goal is completed very smoothly, more than half of the plot has also passed, and through green tea woman's emotional skills, she gained numerous good feelings from the male lead, and also successfully became besties with the female leads. Song Cha felt that she has simply reached the pinnacle of life. Just when she thought her future days could go on this smoothly, something unexpected happened. Female Lead: "Cha Cha, what do you think about being with me?" Male Lead's True Love: "Cha Cha, sister has never liked anyone, but today she fell for you." Song Cha panicked: "Don't come over! I really have no feelings for you!"   Green Tea in this context refers to a woman who presents herself as innocent, sweet, and kind in order to approach guys who she finds useful, potentially in the sense of money, power, or purely fulfilling. (This is the green tea part). This type of woman is actually calculating and all her good qualities are fake merely in order to appeal to other people both men and women~


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