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After flirting with the male lead’s harem… I messed up – chapter 16

Because she was a cultivator, Song Cha didn’t feel hungry even though she had only eaten a few greens.

She lay on the bed and decided to rest.

When she woke up again, it was already noon.

This time, Song Cha didn’t feel like eating. She wanted to check if her physical strength had increased and then start thinking about how to secure victory in the Foundation Building stage competition for cultivators.

Just as Song Cha was pushing the door open, wanting to find a place to practice, she saw someone coincidentally coming over with a food box.

It was Shao Yumiao.

Song Cha: “Beautiful sister.”

Seeing Song Cha, Shao Yumiao’s gaze softened, “Cha Cha.”

Song Cha’s eyes turned to the food box in Shao Yumiao’s hands: “Beautiful sister, is this for…”

“I’ve brought food for Cha Cha, have some,” Shao Yumiao’s voice was still cold, but it carried a hint of indulgence.

Song Cha: “…”

Being spoken to with such indulgence by Shao Yumiao made Song Cha feel a bit strange.

In the past, Song Cha had also deceived girls by pretending to be a green tea bitch.

But even if those girls brought her things, none of them spoke with such a tone.

“Thank you, beautiful sister.” Song Cha wouldn’t refuse a meal that was already prepared.

After all, the food was already made, and it couldn’t be sent back.

Seeing Song Cha’s gratitude, Shao Yumiao’s lips curved slightly: “Cha Cha, can I watch you eat?”

Song Cha: “…”

Watching her eat made Song Cha feel even weirder, but she couldn’t quite pinpoint what exactly was strange about it.

Song Cha nodded weakly, “I’ll listen to the beautiful sister.”

Listen to the beautiful sister?

Shao Yumiao wanted to ask if she would agree to eat an extra vegetable every meal, but after some thought, she decided not to ask.

She felt that asking directly might not achieve her desired outcome. It would be better to find opportunities to encourage Song Cha each time.

With that in mind, Shao Yumiao didn’t say anything more.

“Let’s eat.” Since Shao Yumiao had reached the Golden Core stage, she no longer needed to supplement her diet with food from the outside world. Moreover, the dishes were not prepared by Song Cha, so Shao Yumiao didn’t eat.

Shao Yumiao opened the food container and laid out ten full plates of vegetarian dishes on the table.

Song Cha: “……”

The moment Song Cha saw the dishes Shao Yumiao had laid out, she was stunned.

The vegetarian dishes looked exquisite and were clearly not simple.

But no matter how extraordinary, it couldn’t change the fact that they were all vegetarian dishes…

So… was this an entire table full of vegetarian dishes?

“Cha Cha, I know you like vegetarian food, so I ordered all vegetarian dishes for you this time.” Shao Yumiao handed the chopsticks to Song Cha: “Cha Cha, be good, come and eat.”

Song Cha: “……”

Looking at the full table of vegetarian dishes, Song Cha felt utterly disheartened.

What made her feel even more disheartened was that she inadvertently saw the mark of the Juxian Pavilion on the plates.

The Juxian Pavilion was the most famous restaurant in Qingfeng City and could even be said to be well-known throughout the entire cultivation world.

A single dish could buy several pieces of clothing.

With such an exorbitant price, if it were a meat dish, Song Cha could eat it to increase her cultivation. But it was a vegetarian dish…

If it had been before, Song Cha might have endured it because these dishes could enhance her cultivation.

But the current Song Cha no longer needed these.

Now, Song Cha still had the spiritual food ingredients given to her by Shao Yumiao, she had just eaten a Body-Building Pill, and she hadn’t yet consumed the Twelfth Grade Lotus given to her by Wu Longyue.

These things were much more nourishing than the vegetarian dishes.

“Pretty sister, come and eat with me,” Song Cha, unable to finish the vegetarian dish, hoped that Shao Yumiao would help her out.

But Shao Yumiao refused, looking at Song Cha: “You eat the dishes, Cha Cha, I’ll watch you eat.”

Song Cha: “……”

Seeing Shao Yumiao’s refusal, Song Cha did not ask again.

She reached out with her chopsticks and began to pick up the dish closest to her, stopping after picking up five stalks.

“Pretty sister, I’m full,” Song Cha said.

Shao Yumiao looked at Song Cha, “Cha Cha, I remember you ate six stalks this morning, why are you only eating five now?”

Song Cha: “……”

Hearing Shao Yumiao’s words, Song Cha couldn’t help but think back to the morning when Shao Yumiao had forced her to eat an extra stalk.

But now that it had come to this, Song Cha obviously couldn’t refuse any longer.

So Song Cha nodded, “Then, pretty sister, I’ll eat one more stalk.” Saying this, Song Cha picked up another stalk from the plate closest to her.

And Shao Yumiao just watched Song Cha eat, without speaking.

After Song Cha finished eating a stalk, she put down her chopsticks, ready to stop eating.

But then, Shao Yumiao spoke again: “Cha Cha, you ate one more stalk last time…”

“You need to eat more this time too.”

Song Cha: “……”

Song Cha was a bit stunned: “But I’ve already eaten one more than usual.”

Shao Yumiao: “What I mean is to eat one more than the last time, each time.”

Song Cha: “……”

Song Cha was flabbergasted.

Is Shao Yumiao a devil? Why would she say something like that?

“Pretty sister……” Song Cha looked at Shao Yumiao with pleading eyes, somewhat eagerly, hoping Shao Yumiao would change her mind. She didn’t want to have to eat one more vegetable every meal.

“Cha Cha, be good.” Shao Yumiao was completely unmoved by Song Cha’s plea: “Eating more vegetables is good for your health.”

Song Cha: “……”

Shao Yumiao looked at Song Cha: “Just one more this time.”

Song Cha: “……”

Listening to Shao Yumiao’s words, Song Cha felt a bit sulky.

What does she mean by just one more this time? According to Shao Yumiao’s logic, there would be a next time, and a time after that…!

But despite feeling gloomy, Song Cha still couldn’t change the fact.

She remained a ‘well-behaved and obedient’ beautiful girl, not yet ready to argue with Shao Yumiao.

With this thought, Song Cha nodded her head.

Seeing Song Cha nod, Shao Yumiao was finally satisfied.

She personally picked up the chopsticks and selected the biggest one from the dish that Song Cha had been eating from, and fed it into Song Cha’s mouth.

Song Cha: “……”

Song Cha gritted her teeth inwardly as she was being fed the largest vegetable, but she still maintained a fragile smile on her face, “Thank you, beautiful sister.”

Shao Yumiao nodded, a hint of a smile also appearing in her eyes, “It’s good that Cha Cha likes it.”

Song Cha: “……”

She didn’t like it at all.

After feeding Song Cha her lunch, Shao Yumiao felt that her task was completed and left, leaving Song Cha in the cave dwelling staring at the ten dishes.

These ten dishes were all delivered from the Juxian Tower, and they looked very expensive.

And most importantly, out of these ten dishes, she hadn’t touched nine of them.

To just throw away such dishes, wasting them, was something Song Cha couldn’t accept.

Considering the design and ingredients of these dishes, they must cost dozens of top-grade spirit stones. That would be enough to cover Song Cha’s resources for several years.

So… what should she do now if she doesn’t throw them away?

There’s no need to doubt, the idiom “borrow flowers to offer to Buddha” immediately came to Song Cha’s mind.

But even “borrow flowers to offer to Buddha” needs to be done properly.

These dishes were sent by the beautiful sister, so it’s definitely not okay to give them directly back to her.

So now, there were only three candidates left.

Long Aotian, Wu Longyue, and Lan Hongwen.

Song Cha decided to use the process of elimination to choose the person she really wanted to give them to.

Firstly, the person Song Cha eliminated was Lan Hongwen.

To Song Cha, Lan Hongwen was always just a backup, hanging there. With Long Aotian, the protagonist blessed with great fortune, it was impossible for Song Cha to be with him.

Moreover, Lan Hongwen, although at the peak of the Golden Core stage, is quite poor. Song Cha has been stringing him along for so long without spending even a few dozen top-grade spirit stones on him. To directly give him a dish worth dozens of top-grade spirit stones would be a huge loss.

The second person Song Cha ruled out was Long Aotian.

At this stage, Long Aotian was only at the Qi Refining phase and has never contributed anything of value to her.

Song Cha is quite principled; without receiving any benefits, investing a few spirit stones in vegetarian dishes for Long Aotian is already enough, let alone dozens of top-grade spirit stones.

Therefore, the only one left, and the one who satisfies Song Cha the most, is Wu Lonyue.

Although she doesn’t know why, Wu Lonyue has a good impression of her, but Song Cha still wants to seize this favor.

Wu Lonyue is wealthy and generous, making her Song Cha’s favorite candidate for friendship.

Even though they might become enemies over Long Aotian in the future, this doesn’t prevent Song Cha from taking advantage of the situation now.

Coincidentally, Wu Lonyue had just given her a twelfth-grade lotus last time.

To repay her with a dish from Juxian Pavillion this time would also be a nice gesture.

Even though compared to a twelfth-grade lotus, dozens of top-grade spirit stones are hardly worth mentioning.

But… the thought is priceless, Song Cha seriously considered.

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After flirting with the male lead’s harem… I messed up

After flirting with the male lead’s harem… I messed up

Score 8.9
Status: Ongoing Type: Native Language: chinese
Song Cha was known as the "Queen of Green Tea". When Song Cha traveled through time. She finds herself in a stallion text where the male lead has a harem of 3000?! Regarding this, Song Cha says: As long as there is life, green tea women will never stop winning. She secretly sets two small goals for herself:
  1. Make the male lead fall for her green tea scent.
  2. Turn all the male lead's harem into cannon fodder!
The first small goal is completed very smoothly, more than half of the plot has also passed, and through green tea woman's emotional skills, she gained numerous good feelings from the male lead, and also successfully became besties with the female leads. Song Cha felt that she has simply reached the pinnacle of life. Just when she thought her future days could go on this smoothly, something unexpected happened. Female Lead: "Cha Cha, what do you think about being with me?" Male Lead's True Love: "Cha Cha, sister has never liked anyone, but today she fell for you." Song Cha panicked: "Don't come over! I really have no feelings for you!"   Green Tea in this context refers to a woman who presents herself as innocent, sweet, and kind in order to approach guys who she finds useful, potentially in the sense of money, power, or purely fulfilling. (This is the green tea part). This type of woman is actually calculating and all her good qualities are fake merely in order to appeal to other people both men and women~


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